9 Important Vastu Rules to Know Before Moving into a New House


Vastu Shastra is the ancient study of designing spaces to bring peace, love, luck, success, and affluence into our lives. When you move into a new house after house shifting, make sure that the house is Vastu-compliant. Here are the 9 most important Vastu Shastra rules to know before moving into a new house:

1. Plan the interiors right

When you shift into your new house, you need to make sure that the aspects that are under your control should be planned right. So, decide the colours of the walls and the upholstery with great care. The colours of the interior affect the family members residing within the house. Choose pastel shades in pink, blue, cream, and mint. You can go for bright colours like yellow and orange. Again, you can keep it minimalistic yet classy with white, grey, and beige. Stay away from colours like black, navy blue, and dark brown. Dark colours make the rooms look dark, and smaller and attract negative energy.

2. Main gate and main door

According to Vastu Shastra or Vastu Rules, the main gate of your compound should not be more than two-thirds the height of your house. The main gate should have two panels instead of one. The most preferred colour for the compound gate wall is sky blue, golden, or silver. As you head from the compound main gate to the main door of the house, the path should be clear.

The main door of your house should be the biggest in the house. It should be in the North, East, or Northeast direction. Avoid opting for houses with doors in the South, Southeast, or Southwest direction. The main door should open in a clockwise direction inside the house. The best-suited colours for the main door are wood colour, white, light blue, yellow, silver, and golden. The front of the main door should be clutter-free and clean. This helps in inviting positive energy and success through the main door of the house. Check for the direction of the main door before moving into your new house.

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3. Mandir

The Mandir is the place of worship in the house. The placement of the mandir is a major concern in Vastu Shastra. It should be rightly placed in the Northeast direction of the house. But if you cannot find space to place your mandir in the Northeast, you can place it in the East or the North. So, when you consider house shifting, check for the available space for the mandir before moving into a new house. If you cannot dedicate an entire room for the mandir, combine the room as a study room and workstation.

After you move in and set up the mandir in the right direction, the mandir should be cleaned every day. There should be yellow lights to lighten up the area. The idols of the Gods and Goddesses should be cleaned and worshipped. You should light a lamp and incense sticks and camphor to evoke positivity.

4. Living area

The living area should be in the centre of the house adjacent to the North side. The pieces of furniture that you keep in the living area should not clutter up the space. The centre of the living room also called “Brahmasthan” should be vacant. The seating arrangement in the living room should be done in such a manner that the family members face each other while sitting together. Add a water fountain or an aquarium in the Northern direction of the living room. This will elevate positive vibrations in the house.

5. Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where all the food we consume throughout the day gets cooked. So, the right direction of the kitchen plays a vital role in the lives of the family members in the house. When you look for a new house during house shifting, you should check the direction of the kitchen. The ideal direction of the kitchen according to Vastu Shastra is the Southeast. The other alternative is the northwest direction. Make sure that the kitchen is not located in the Southwest or northeast direction.

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6. Bathroom

Just like the kitchen, the direction of the bathroom matters a lot in determining the health and prosperity of the family members. The bathroom should be in the West or the South. Be careful that the bathroom should never be located in the Northeast direction. Otherwise, there can be fatal accidents or even the untimely death of a family member.

7. Bedrooms

There is often more than one bedroom in your house if you are moving into a 2BHK. There is a master bedroom and there is a guest bedroom. If you are moving into a 3 BHK, you have another room for your child’s bedroom. Your master bedroom should be in the Southwest. The guest bedroom can be in the Northeast and the kid’s room can be in the West. You should place the bed in such a way that your head faces the South or the East while sleeping. If you have a dresser in your bedroom, make sure that the mirror is not directly opposite the bed. The mirror should be placed against the North or the East wall.

8. Best time to move

Vastu Shastra recommends that new movers move into new houses during auspicious time slots. These auspicious time slots are called “Shubh muhurats.” The best way to find out these favourable and lucky timings is by checking the “Panchang.” You can find the best time of the day of your arrival into your new house after a house shifting. When you step into your new house during these lucky times, you get a blessed and peaceful experience as you stay.

9. Auspicious rituals

According to Vastu Rules, there are certain auspicious rituals that you need to perform as you move into your new house. While entering the house, you should break a whole coconut on the doorstep of the main entrance. Keep the right foot first as you enter the house. Bring in the idols of Laxmi and Ganesha with you as you enter the house for the first time. You need to perform a “havan,” which is the ritual to purify the aura of the house using fire energy.


House shifting is a chaotic episode. But when you look for a house after you relocate, make sure that the house is Vastu-compliant. If your new house abides by the rules of Vastu Shastra, the lives of your family members will be harmonious and successful. Follow the above-mentioned 9 most important Vastu Shastra rules to know before moving into a new house. I wish you a blessed move!

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