8 Invaluable Tips for Moving with Elderly Parents


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Embracing Change: 8 Vital Tips for House Shifting with Your Beloved Elderly Parents!

When you plan to conduct house shifting with elderly parents, you need to be considerate about the issue. Most of our parents are not so welcoming of changes in their life and lifestyle. After a certain age, nobody likes to go out of their comfort zone. It is as if we like to build our cocoon so that we can reside in it for the rest of our life as we age. Even if there is a chance of flying out like a butterfly, elderly people don't like to break free of the cocoon.

But if you have to move out of your home in search of better employment opportunities and you are inseparable from your parents, you are bound to move with them. In this article, we will discuss the 10 useful tips for conducting house shifting with elderly parents: 

1. Break the news in advance

Shifting houses is one of the most stressful and exhausting activities in the world. Even more so as our parents do not perceive changes in a very positive way in their life, you should be tactful while breaking the news to them. Your parents may be delighted and disappointed at the same time listening to the news of the move. They will be delighted about your career achievement but disappointed about leaving behind their home, neighbours, relatives, and acquaintances. Make sure that you tell them about the shifting way ahead of the day of the move. They will need time to mull over the matter and adjust themselves to it.

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2. Take the charge

When you were a kid and there were instances when your parents had to shift houses according to their job requirements. They took the charge of the entire situation and you followed them around even if you didn’t like to leave your classmates and playmates behind. This time, the tables have turned and you have to shift your base while your parents have to come along with you even if they are not very happy about it.

You have to be patient and calm as your parents may get cranky and start a heated argument. But you have to act maturely and convince them that whatever is happening is happening for a better future. Take the charge of the house shifting and fix a moving day and a moving budget.

3. Show them the place before shifting

When you consider conducting a house shifting with elderly parents, you have to take up the matter slowly and steadily. If you show them the house you are planning to move to, they may feel less stressed. They may even contribute to making plans with you about the layout and interiors of the new house.

If you are shifting to a local area, you can take them to the new house before shifting. But if you are shifting to a distant location, you should go to the location and put them on a video call to show them the new place. If you are unable to go there, you can ask the property dealer to either place a video call or send pictures of the new house.

4. Prepare for the house shifting

After you plan the house shifting by deciding the date and the budget for the move, you should not waste your time anymore. You should jump into the preparations for the house shifting. As you are moving with your parents, you should pay heed to their choices regarding the move. If you do not make the plans in writing, you will be in deep waters. So, create a moving checklist. Enlist all the tasks that you need to do to make the house shifting successful. Make sure that you complete the task within the allotted period. Do not pile up the tasks for the last day if you want to avoid a hasty and chaotic situation.

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5. Appoint a moving company

Whenever you are planning to shift your house from one place to another, you should consider getting professional help. Look for a reliable and genuine packers and movers service provider in your area. You can ask your friends, colleagues, and neighbours if they can recommend you the names of some reputed packers and movers nearby. You should check the internet for the moving companies near you and read the online reviews by their customers. Knowing pros and cons of hiring professional packers and movers will help you make an informed decision.

You should also ask the experts in the moving industry to send your professional recommendations. They will send you the pre-verified details of the three best moving companies in your area. Call them up to get their estimated quotes for the move. Compare their prices and choose the most affordable option.

6. Downsize the household goods

When you are moving with your elderly parents, you should carry only those household items that are necessary. Do not overburden your move. It will increase the moving charges. So, consider downsizing or decluttering your home. As you prepare for the move, you should pick out the inessentials in the house and keep them aside. If there are pieces of old furniture and obsolete home appliances that you want to get rid of, you can sell them on a second-hand website. Donate the old clothes, books, magazines, shoes, and decor items that you don't want anymore. When you find any damaged or useless items in the house, you should toss them away.

7. Pack the valuables with care

When you consider moving to a new house with your elderly parents, you have to understand their emotional point of view at many points in time. You need to pack those items by yourself which hold a special place in their heart. Apart from those items that hold sentimental value, you have to pack all the important items carefully that have material value.

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Precious pieces of jewellery, expensive watches, compact gadgets, and confidential documents and credentials are some of those valuable items. Pack these items in a bag and move them with you. Do not let the packers and movers know about this bag and do not carry this bag in the moving truck.

8. Perform a thorough medical check-up before the move

Before the commencement of the house shifting, you should take your parents to the family doctor or the local pharmacy. Get them to undergo a thorough check-up and get CBC, KFT, lipid profile, thyroid, and their weight and blood pressure checked. Get the reports and keep them safe in a separate folder along with the other valuables.

The Conclusion

When you move with your parents, you just shift the address and the belongings. Hire competent packers and movers for a hassle-free move. The best part about shifting with your parents is that you move into a home and not a house as parents make your house a home in every sense. Follow the 8 useful tips for conducting house shifting with elderly parents and have a smooth and sorted move. Good luck folks!

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