Top 10 Packers and Movers in Solapur with Price

Looking for reliable and affordable packers and movers in Solapur, Maharashtra? Do you want to plan your move with one of the trusted movers and packers in Solapur that can efficiently and safely handle your belongings? If so, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a list of the top 10 packers and movers in Solapur. This list will help you request quotes from them and plan your move accordingly. That’s not all. We will also let you know the approximate packers and movers charges in Solapur so that you don’t get overcharged by any moving company in Solapur. We will share with you the packers and movers in Solapur price chart so that you can know the ballpark figures of the rates for shifting services. Alternatively, you can calculate shifting charges on your own by using our β€œonline packers and movers cost calculator”.

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List of Top 10 Best Movers and Packers in Solapur, Maharashtra

To help you pick the best packers and movers in Solapur, we have curated a list of the top 10 packers and movers in Solapur. 

🚚 1. Shree Ganesh Packers and Mover

Contact Information: Pune, Lonavala, Ratnagiri, and Solapur, Maharashtra

πŸ›» 2. Shivganga Packers and Movers, Solapur

Contact Information: 1/35 A Hande Plot, Near Mukhyadhyapak Bhavan, Old Puna Naka, Murarji Peth, Solapur (Maharashtra) – 413001

πŸš› 3. DSS Transport

Contact Information: Saggam Nagar, Municipal Corporation, Mulegaon Road, Solapur North, Mulegaon, Solapur - 413006 

β›Ÿ 4. New Galaxy Packers & Movers India (Pvt. Ltd.)

Contact Information: 110, Hundekary Plot, Railway Lines, Near Fish Market Forest, Solapur, Maharashtra 413001

🚚 5. Geonex Packers and Movers, Solapur

Contact Information: Modi Khana, Shop No. 2, Chinmay Apartment, 133, Solapur, Maharashtra 413001

πŸ›» 6. Dosti Packers and Movers Solapur

Contact Information: Plot No 1/35 A, Hande Plot, Near Old Puna Naka, Solapur, Maharashtra 413001.

πŸš› 7. Pravin Packers and Movers

Contact Information: T1-12 Raje Ganpati, Vasant Vihar Sector 3, Near Juna Puna Naka, Solapur, Maharashtra 413001

πŸ›» 8. SSTC Logistics Packers and Movers, Solapur

Contact Information: Plot No, 1, Akkalkot Rd, near Niwas Spinning Mill, Rajiv Nagar, MIDC, Solapur, Maharashtra 413006

🚚 9. Vaishnavi Packers and Movers

Contact Information: Old Employment Chowk, Solapur, Maharashtra 413002

πŸš› 10. Shyam Packers and Movers

Contact Information: Shop No 9A, Ground Floor, Shashwat Heights, Near Foujdar Chawadi, Shukrawar Peth, Solapur, Maharashtra 413007

About Top-Rated Packers and Movers in Solapur and Their Services


Solapur is a major city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. There are many packers and movers companies in this city that can help you with your relocation needs. Top-rated moving companies in Solapur offer a wide range of servicesβ€”packing, loading, unloading, transportation, and unpacking. Some companies also offer services for bike transportation, car transportation, warehousing and storage, and commercial goods shifting. 

When choosing a moving company in Solapur, you must compare quotes from multiple companies. Getting quotes from many companies and comparing their services and prices is crucial to finding the right and most affordable moving services. You can contact the packers and movers listed on this website and request free quotes. Alternatively, you can share your requirements with us. We will give you the best quotations from the top 3 best-matched nearby movers and packers in Solapur. 

Services of the Top Movers and Packers Companies in Solapur, Maharashtra

Professional packing and moving companies in Solapur offer a wide range of services catering to the different relocation needs of individuals and businesses. Whether you want to shift your household belongings or commercial goods, the best mover and packer will make your move easy and hassle-free. That’s not all. They offer their services not only for local shifting but also for intercity (domestic) shifting. This means you can transfer your household belongings or commercial goods from Solapur to anywhere in the country. The most common services offered by the top-rated packers and movers companies in Solapur are as follows:

  • Household Goods Shifting: packing, furniture disassembly, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking, furniture reassembly, and on-demand storage. 
  • Commercial Goods Shifting: packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, transporting, disassembly & reassembly, shop shifting, office shifting, and more. 
  • Warehousing and storage: self-storage units for household goods, large warehousing space for business storage, document storage, and vehicle storage
  • Bike transportation: safe and secure transportation of your bike from Solapur to your desired location, anywhere in the country. 

Car transportation: safe, secure, and timely transportation of your four-wheeler vehicle from Solapur to anywhere in the country

Packers and Movers Charges in Solapur, Maharashtra


Packers and Movers Charges in Solapur refer to the prices that relocating companies in Solapur charge their clients for their services. Typically, movers and packers charges in Solapur  include packing household or office goods, loading them into trucks, transporting them to the new location, and unloading and unpacking them at the destination. 

Solapur packers and movers charges may vary based on factors, such as:

  • The distance between the original and new locations
  • The volume and weight of items being moved
  • The type and quality of packing materials required for packaging
  • The type and size of truck needed for transporting your goods
  • The reputation and experience of the moving company
  • Any additional services requested, such as disassembly/reassembly and storage

The bottom line is that the cost of hiring packers and movers is not fixed. And, it cannot be predicted without knowing your actual requirements and circumstances. But you don’t need to worry about this. Here we have prepared price charts that show you the estimated costs of movers and packers in Solapur, Maharashtra. Please refer to the following price chart to know the approximate movers and packers rates in Solapur, Maharashtra. 

Local House Shifting Rates in Solapur

Shifting TypesCharges Up to 12 KmCharges for 13 – 30 KmCharges for 31+ Km
1 BHKRs 3,920 – 6,860Rs 5,880 – 9,800Rs 6,860 – 10,780
2 BHKRs 6,370 – 9,800Rs 7,840 – 13,720Rs 9,800 – 15,680
3 BHKRs 9,800 – 13,720Rs 12,740 – 17,640Rs 14,700 – 19,600
4 or 5 BHKRs 11,760 – 17,640Rs 13,720 – 19,600Rs 17,640 – 24,500

Domestic Home Relocation Charges from Solapur

Distance Covered1 BHK Shifting Charges2 BHK Shifting Charges3 BHK Shifting Charges4 BHK Shifting Charges
100 – 350 kmRs. 10,780 – 20,580Rs. 14,700 – 24,500Rs. 17,640 – 29,400Rs. 22,050 – 33,810
350 – 750 kmRs. 13,230 – 22,050Rs. 17,150 – 27,930Rs. 20,580 – 33,320Rs. 25,480 – 38,220
750 – 1200 kmRs. 15,190 – 24,990Rs. 19,600 – 30,380Rs. 22,930 – 37,240Rs. 28,420 – 44,100
1200 – 1700 kmRs. 18,130 – 26,460Rs. 22,540 – 35,280Rs. 26,950 – 41,160Rs. 33,320 – 46,550
1700 – 2300 kmRs. 20,580 – 29,400Rs. 26,460 – 39,200Rs. 31,360 – 46,560Rs. 37,240 – 53,900
2300 – 3000 kmRs. 23,030 – 35,966Rs. 28,614 – 45,080Rs. 34,300 – 54,390Rs. 40,180 – 58,800

Car Transportation from Solapur Rates and Charges

Service Type100 – 350 km350 – 750 km750 – 1200 km1200 – 1700 km1700 – 2300 km2300 – 3000 km
Hatchback car transportation priceRs. 5500 – 11000Rs. 7,500 – 14,000Rs. 9000 – 17000Rs. 11000 – 13000Rs. 13000 – 23000Rs. 15000 – 26000
Sedan transportation priceRs. 7,000 – 10000Rs. 10000 – 15000Rs. 13000 – 18000Rs. 15000 – 20000Rs. 18000 – 24000Rs. 21000 – 27000
SUV car transportation priceRs. 13000 – 15000Rs. 15000 – 19000Rs. 18000 – 22000Rs. 21000 – 24000Rs. 23000 – 27000Rs. 25000 – 30000
Luxury car transportation priceRs. 17000 – 21000Rs. 20000 – 25000Rs. 23000 – 27000Rs. 26000 – 31000Rs. 29000 – 35000Rs. 31000 – 40000
Sports car transportation priceRs. 20000 – 24000Rs. 24000 – 28000Rs. 27000 – 31000Rs. 30000 – 35000Rs. 33000 – 40000Rs. 35000 – 45000

Bike Transportation Packers and Movers from Solapur Charges

Engine Power/TypesUp to 400 Km400 – 800 Km800 – 1300 Km1300 – 1900 Km
100cc - 150cc BikeRs. 2,000 - 3,500Rs. 3,000-4,000Rs. 3,500-4,500Rs. 4,000-5,000
150cc - 200cc BikeRs. 2,400-3,600Rs. 3,400-4,100Rs. 3,900-4,600Rs. 4,400-4,900
200cc - 250cc BikeRs. 2,700-3,900Rs. 3,700-4,400Rs. 4,200-4,900Rs. 4,700-5,000
250cc - 350cc BikeRs. 2,800-3,800Rs. 3,800-4,300Rs. 4,300-4,800Rs. 4,800-5,000
350cc - 500cc BikeRs. 2,800-3,800Rs. 3,800-4,300Rs. 4,300-4,800Rs. 4,800-5,000
Sports BikeRs. 4,500-7,000Rs. 6,000-9,000Rs. 8,000-12,000Rs. 11,000-15,000
Cruiser Sports BikeRs. 5,000-8,500Rs. 7,000-10,500Rs. 9,000-13,500Rs. 12,000-16,500
Off Road Sports BikeRs. 6,000-9,000Rs. 7,500-11,500Rs. 10,000-14,500Rs. 13,000-17,500

Top Reasons to Hire Movers and Packers in Solapur at Moving Solutions

At Moving Solutions, we provide a seamless platform to enhance your moving experience. We will connect you with reliable movers and packers in Solapur. All you need to compare the rates and pick the best-suited one. Top reasons why you should rely on Moving Solutions to hire packing and moving company in Solapur are as follows:

1. Pre-Verified and Licensed Packers and Movers in Solapur

  • Recommendation of pre-verifeid movers and packers
  • Fully verified, licensed, and background-checked
  • Systematic verification process
  • Verification of office with office ownership or rental/lease agreement
  • Documents verified for authenticity (GST, Aadhaar, and PAN)
  • Past performance history considered

2. Solapur’s Top-Rated Packers and Movers Under One Roof

  • Access to extensive list of top-rated moving companies of Solapur
  • Easy selection based on charges, services, and qualities
  • Can be contacted directly
  • All localities of Solapur are serviciable

3. No-Obligation Quotes from the Top 3 Verified Movers

  • Simple quote form submission for requirements
  • Referral of 3 top-performing movers and packers of Solapur
  • Direct contact and proce esetimates 
  • Pre-move survey for accurate price-lists

4. Ongoing Review of Packers & Movers in Solapur

  • Ongoing thorough document checks like licence, GST, etc.  
  • Performance monitoring and reputation check in the market
  • Feedback collection from customers
  • Recognition for good performers
  • Prompt action against unprofessional behaviour
  • Blacklist movers if they don’t meet our parameters

5. Help and Support

  • Excellent customer service
  • Assistance with alternative service providers if unsatisfied
  • Help with issues, delays, and grievance redressal

FAQs - Solapur Packing and Moving Companies

Q: How can I book the best packers and movers in Solapur, Maharashtra?

It is very simple. Simply log on to the Moving Solutions website, fill out and submit the enquiry form, get free quotes from the top 3 nearby movers, compare rates, and select the best-suited one. 

Q: Are packers and movers recommended by Moving Solutions trustworthy?

Yes, 100%. Moving Solutions only recommends packers and movers who are reliable, professional, licensed, and experienced. You can trust this portal because we strictly verify movers beforehand. 

Q: What are the charges for moving companies in Solapur for local house shifting?

Local house shifting charges by packers and movers firms in Solapur are as follows:

  • Shifting charges up to 12 km: Rs 3,920 to 17,640
  • Shifting charges for 13 – 30 Km: Rs 5,880 – 19,600
  • Shifting charges for 31+ Km: Rs 6,860 –  24,500

Q: What are the average rates for domestic home relocation services offered by packers and movers in Solapur?

The standard rates for domestic home shifting services offered by Solapur movers and packers are as follows:

  • 1 BHK shifting rates: Rs. 10,500 onwards
  • 2 BHK shifting prices: Rs. 14,500 onwards
  • 3 BHK shifting charges: Rs. 17,500 onwards
  • 4 BHK shifting costs: Rs. 20,000 onwards