Low Budget Small House Interior Design Ideas


Do you have a small house low-budget plan on your bucket list? Do not worry! Read the best low-budget small house interior design ideas and make the most of your small space.

I know how difficult it is to design a small house when you are on a tight budget. But, this doesn’t mean you will have to sacrifice your style. You can still go for the best home interior design ideas for small houses on a low budget. Your home should be attractive and functional, regardless of its size. So, here are the best ideas for tiny house interiors.

Best Interior Designs Ideas for Small Homes on Low Budget

If you think decorating a small home is expensive then you are wrong. There are plenty of low-budget small home decorating ideas that can make your home look bigger. You have to be creative with the existing decors as well as new ones. And, you will have a beautiful and more functional home. If you are on a tight budget then follow these creative small house interior design ideas.

Do you know why people hire home interior designers in India? Because they know how to utilize the space and embellish it well. Inspired by some best interior designers for home, here are some low-budget small houses interior design ideas.

Self-Adhesive Wallpapers for Small House Interior Design

The best living room decoration idea is to change the wall colour. The beautiful hues will complement your home interior. Interior painting beautifies and protects the walls. However, buying wall paint colours for small homes can be expensive due to budget constraints. Self-adhesive wallpapers provide the same result. So, instead of painting the walls, use self-adhesive wallpapers for your small home.

Until you have a good budget to undertake an expensive renovation, Self-adhesive wallpaper is the best option. Such wall stickers are best to hide any spots on the wall and change the look of a room. So, buy some good peel-and-stick wallpaper on Amazon. Several plain, 3D, and printed wallpapers are available on the internet. Use them to enhance your small house interior.

Before buying, take measurements of the walls and surface. This way you will know the number of wallpapers you need to buy. Before applying stickers on the wall or floor, clean it. Ensure the surface is even and dust-free.

Decorative Mirrors for Small House Interiors

Mirrors indeed are one of the best home décor items. And making a space look bigger with mirrors is a trick of interior design. Mirrors are a great way to make any small space look larger. It’s because of the way it reflects lights and colours. Also, they are good to make your home look brighter and open. You will not feel squeezed into a small room if use mirrors in a creative way. The best part is that mirrors come in an array of shapes and sizes. And, they fit any budget.

Here are the best ways to use mirrors to make enlarge your space: –

  • Hang a large mirror in the centre of your bedroom. The small bedroom can look bigger when mirrors act as the focal point. It makes the illusion of a larger space.
  • For a small home living room interior, prop a larger framed mirror against the wall. Expert home interior designers suggest using a mirror large mirror that makes the ceiling appear higher.
  • Place a mirror opposite the window. The mirror will reflect the light and outdoor view of the window. This will give the illusion of having another window. Also, make the room look brighter and bigger. 

Low-budget Small House Interior Lighting Ideas

Lightings are the most underrated part of home interior design. But, this minor change can make a huge difference in your small house interior. The darker the room, the closer they will appear to be. It is the reason, why most living room décor ideas include white paint in it. This makes an illusion of brighter homes.

For low-budget small house interior design, one has to be creative with lighting. Brighten and lighten up your hall, bedroom, and kitchen, to make your home look bigger. And, the part is that you don’t have to spend too much. Do the following things and you’re done!

  • Place your mirror in such a way that it will reflect the natural light to the darkest area of the room. Mirrors bounce lights. So, you can place them in front of lights or a window.
  • Like mirrors, shiny surfaces can reflect light. Add more stainless steel appliances or white cabinets in the kitchen. Use stainless steel and mirror accents on shelves and tables close to windows for the living room.
  • Use light-coloured wall paint. White, baby pink, and yellow are some bright colours that will make your home look brighter.

Get Bespoke Multifunctional Furniture for Small Space

A lot of furniture designs are available in the market. But, finding furniture for small apartments is challenging. You know that you want that piece but don’t know if it all fits.

If you are moving into a new house or constructing a new one, get bespoke multifunctional furniture. This way you can get the right fit for your home. If you are thinking getting personalized furniture is expensive, then think about the ones that won’t fit in your home or complement the interior. Home interior design experts say choosing the right furniture for your small home is important.

The best way to make the most of the space is by getting furniture with storage. Professional interior designers for new homes suggest getting furniture with double function. For ex- Get a coffee table with storage. Or, buy a bed that lifts and has storage underneath.

Here are the top furniture ideas for small house interior

  • Get a corner sofa or chaise sofa. This maximizes every inch of the space and offers inviting options without compromising on style.
  • For the bathroom, go for slimline or wall-mounted units. With this, your bathroom will be incredibly efficient.
  • Add a banquet seat to your kitchen if you don’t have a separate dining room. You don’t need to extend the kitchen. Have a seating arrangement with storage that provides a place to gather and also storage beneath.  
  • If you cannot buy a new bed, just add a storage bench at the end of your bed. This will be a helpful small bedroom storage idea.

Hanging Plants for Small Houses Interior Designs

One of the best low-budget living room interior design ideas is to add greenery to your home. But, this can be challenging for tiny homes. So, use hanging plants. You will add greenery to your house by hanging the plants from the ceiling. This means, adding lush green without using the surface space. You will still have your space to use for furniture and other home décors.

Add a Dramatic Effect to Windows to Widen the Space

Adding curtains is one of the best low-budget home interior design ideas. But, when it comes to small spaces, curtains can make the space look even more compact. So, what to do to contend this, is raise the curtains a bit. Do not go for the traditional look of side-by-side hanging the curtain. Instead, move the curtain rod up to just below the ceiling. Spread out the curtains outward. This will add a dramatic effect and gives an illusion of a large space.

Invest in Wall-Shelves Units to Open Up Your Floor Space

You can make the most of your floor by adding wall shelves. These wall shelves are great space-saving furniture ideas. You can place anything on these shelves from small home decor to books and other items. Besides, being multipurpose, they look stylish and modern. It complements the overall décor of your small home interior. So, invest in wall shelves when you’re furnishing your compact home.

Seek Expert Advice

No matter how easy it seems to be, decorating a small house can be challenging. Therefore, it is suggested to get experts’ help. There are some interior designers for homes, who provide services at affordable prices. You don’t have to spend too much on home interior designers. Just consult them and get some expert advice on low-budget small homes interior design ideas.

Challenges of decorating a small space

  • You will get enough space to incorporate a lot of good home interior design ideas.
  • No matter how hard you would try, some goods can make your small house look packed.
  • You might get confused about what to do in a small space.
  • Getting more functionality out of less space is a challenging task.
  • Not having a modular kitchen can make your small kitchen look very cluttered. 
  • Making your floor breathe can be an issue if you have lots of furniture pieces.

And, these situations call for the professionals’ help. Of course, they will charge a consultation fee but that would make the task a lot easier for you. They will do a complete makeover of your house that too on a low budget. Just contact the right service provider.


We have seen all the aspects of low-budget small house interior design ideas. How you can do it yourself, and why you should hire an interior designer for your home. But, low-budget home interior design ideas are effective. You just have to be creative while implementing all the home interior design ideas discussed above.

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