9 Feng Shui Tips to Bring Luck and Prosperity in a New House


You have moved into a new home! Congratulations! This is a new beginning. But before you can enjoy all the new things this house has to offer; you need to make sure you have some Feng Shui tips to help you get started. After moving into your new home, if you design it according to the principles of Feng Shui, you will have the chance to transform your new home into a positive, lucky place. That’s not all. This will also ensure the good fortune and prosperity of your entire family in the new house.  

If you have not heard of Feng Shui, it is a Chinese belief that everything in your life is governed by a combination of the five elements: wood, earth, fire, water, and metal. It is the ancient study of geomancy for living spaces. It helps in eradicating negative energy and elevating the positive energy of a place. Also, it recommends the correction of “Chi,” which is the energy or vital life force that runs through all living beings. By putting some items in your home facing the five Feng Shui elements, you can improvise the Chi. A home with balanced Chi promotes prosperity in life and keeps relationships peaceful. The ultimate goal of Feng Shui is to make your home a place of harmony and balance.

9 Feng Shui Tips to Make Your New House a Lucky Place

Here are the nine best Feng Shui tips for bringing luck and prosperity to your new house.

1. Declutter your new house

When you consider moving into your new house, you need to declutter your house. It is one of the tasks that you should be doing beforehand. If you declutter your house, the volume of your goods will decrease. The packers and movers will charge less. But even if you didn’t toss out the unnecessary things from your household before the move, you better do it right away. Make sure that your house does not have any broken, rusty, or defunct objects.

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Mark, if your wardrobes are full of old, faded clothes or your shelves are overflowing with items that you don’t need anymore. It means that you are holding on to things that are pointless and not making space for new opportunities in life. Always steer clear of household items that are of no use to you. Also, make sure that the space beneath your bed is empty.

2. Abundant inflow of fresh air and sunlight

When you move into your new house, ensure that there is an abundant inflow of fresh air and sunlight. Fresh air and light are extremely important to balance the Chi of the residents of the house. Make sure that there is enough scope for cross-ventilation. The windows should be placed in such a manner that there is direct sunlight for a few hours in some of the rooms.

3. Keep the centre of the house empty

Keep the centre of the house empty. Even if it is not stark bare, make sure that there is no heavy or bulky furniture right in the centre of the house. It is the area of the earth element and should be kept free to attract blessings and auspiciousness from the forefathers.

4. Place the bed rightly

When you place the bed in your bedroom, you should do it right. The bed should be placed in the centre of the room. The headboard can be against a wall, but there should be a gap of a few inches between them. Make sure that there is no window behind the headboard. This will prevent the positive energy from draining out while you are sleeping.

5. Add plants to invite positive energy

If you are not fond of gardening, you may be missing out on one of the most intriguing hobbies in your life. Gardening can uplift your mood, make you compassionate, and help you understand life from a different perspective. If you add plants to your balcony or roof-top garden, you will be able to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables. When you add indoor plants inside your house, you will attract positive energy. Moreover, some indoor plants can help you improve indoor air quality. The Feng Shui recommended air-purifying indoor plants are lucky bamboo, snake plant, Pothos, Aglaonema, dumb cane, Chinese money plant, and jade plant.

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6. Keep the entrance clutter-free

Make sure that the entrance of your house is clutter-free. The main door invites luck and prosperity inside the house. Keeping any sort of clutter in front of the entrance can cause hindrance in your abundance. There should be no dump yard or dustbin near or opposite the entrance of your house. The entrance of your house should have the widest door in the entire house. The door should open inward in a clockwise direction. There should not be any obstacles in front of the main door. If you want to keep plants, keep them on the sides so that there is no clutter in the way.

7. Correct placement of mirrors

Mirrors play an important role in uplifting the Chi of your house. They can create the illusion of larger spaces by doubling the size of your room. They help reflect the natural light. Place the mirrors opposite the direction of natural light. After house shifting, you should invest in purchasing apt-sized mirrors for your rooms to elevate the space.

8. Clean the surfaces

Getting all the necessary items to attract luck and prosperity will only work if you clean them from time to time. Don’t let household items get smeared with dust, grime, and cobwebs. Otherwise, it will attract negative energy, causing scarcity, failure, and misfortune. Moreover, dirty homes attract pests that carry dangerous pathogens that cause diseases. Therefore, clean your house every day to let the Feng Shui tips work their magic. Dusting, grooming, mopping, and vacuum cleaning are some of the ways to clean your household belongings. 

9. Keep an aquarium or fountain

Keep a steady flowing source of water in the house. It can either be an aquarium or a fountain. Constantly flowing water ensures a steady flow of love, luck, and wealth in the family. If you are keen on keeping fish, be careful about the species of fish that you are bringing into your house. You can get arrowhead fish, goldfish, koi fish, or angel fish to attract luck in your house. If you have a roof-top water lily or lotus tub, you can keep Molly fishes or guppies. These fishes not only add life and colour to the tub, but they also feed on mosquito eggs and algae, thereby keeping the water clean.

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As you have recently completed your house shifting episode, you must be busy unpacking and arranging your household items. This is the right time to incorporate the depictions of Feng Shui in your new house. Follow the above-mentioned nine best Feng Shui tips for new movers to attract luck and prosperity to your new home. Within a few weeks, you will be able to feel the difference in Chi in your family members in a positive way. I wish you love, luck, and prosperity forever.

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