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Delhi City Information : The Largest Metropolitan City of India

New Delhi, the capital of India and one of the union territories is sprawled over an area of 1,484 square kilometers. The city is bordered by Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, with a population of more than 11 million as per the record of 2011 census. But after the urban area of the city has extended to the regions of Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon, which is together called as Central National Capital Region (CNCR), the total population is around 26 million according to the records of the year 2016.

Delhi’s history has been epic, with a number of rulers and kings ruling over it. Though the city has been ransacked and built a number of times over the decades, its glory is still intact.

Climate of the Capital

Delhi is known to have humid subtropical climate with hottest months lasting from March to June while the coldest months include November to February. Unlike any other city, the temperature of Delhi runs on extremes, hot months will have scorching heat while the colder months are freezing. When it comes to monsoon, the average annual rainfall is around 886 mm and the main monsoon seasons here are July and August. 29th July is the average date when the monsoon begins.

Delhi (Union territory)
Capital New Delhi
Districts 11
Demonym(s) Delhiite
Union territory 1,484.0 km2
Water 18 km2
PIN Code 1100xx
Website delhi.gov.in

Top 5 tourist attractions in Delhi

  • The Red Fort- Built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan in the year 1648 is the highly popular monument in Delhi. The red sandstone walls and entire structure is sprawled in an area of more than 2 kilometers. The main entrance of the fort is from Lahore Gate that faces towards Lahore, Pakistan while Delhi Gate was exploited for all the ceremonial processions. Also, the Chhatta Chowk here sells various items including gems, silverware, jewelry and silk. In addition to this, the light and sound show at the fort at the evening is highly mesmerizing. It will take you to the old Mughal times when emperor used to rule the nation.
  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib- This gurudwara was built in the 18th Century and is nestled amidst the busy Connaught Place. It has a flagpole and gold dome with a large art gallery inside the premises. For 24 hours, the gurudwara holds ‘langar’ for everybody irrespective of any religion. One can have proper meal here without paying anything. All you have to do is ‘sewa’, keep your head covered and remove your shoes outside the gurudwara.
  • The Lotus Temple- If you need peace of mind and soul then this place is the best. The temple is of Bahai religion, which is followed by only a handful of people in India. This religion believes in transforming the humankind and instilling in it more spirituality and patience. The temple does not possess any idol or photo of any god, as it believes in improving one’s own self, introspect and improve.
  • India Gate- This is one of the very popular historic places in India. If you have every visited famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris then you will find India Gate. to be its look alike. India Gate in Delhi was built in the memory of the Indian Soldiers who lost their lives in the World War I. you will see the names of more than 90,000 soldiers engraved on the wall of the gate and an eternal flame present right beneath it. The place remains flooded with people especially in the evenings, as the structure looks more attractive with lit fountains nearby.
  • Qutub Minar- It is India’s largest mosque which was built in the 12th century. It is a five story tower that has inscriptions on it from the Quran. To add on, the entire structure is made with different stones, the first three levels are with red sandstone and the rest two are constructed with marble and sandstone. There is another mosque at the base named as Quwwat-ul-Islam Masjid, which has tombs of Alauddin Khilji, Altamish and Imam Zamin.

Transport facility in Delhi

The best part about Delhi is that it is well connected with the transport system. Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the busiest airport of the country and the Terminal 3 of it handles around 37 million passengers per year. Surrounding the areas of Delhi. Meerut also has an airport and Delhi earlier also had Safdurjung Airport, which was closed after the 9/11 attacks in New York. When it comes to the road transport, the road density of the city is high. The entire road network is supervised by New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), Public Works Department (PWD), Delhi Development Authority, Delhi Cantonment Board and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). In addition to this, the buses form a major part of the transport system and fulfills the 60% demand of the people. The highlighting part is that all these buses run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), as per the rule made by the Supreme Court in the year 1998. This aids to a greater extent in decreasing the pollution of the capital. The important roads in the city comprise of the Outer Ring Road, Inner Ring Road, Delhi Faridabad Skyway, Delhi Gurgaon Skyway, Delhi Noida Direct Flyway and others. As far as national highways are concerned, the major ones are NH 8, NH 9, NH 44, NH 2, NH 24 and others.

Moreover, Delhi has the facility of Metro. Delhi Metro has bridged the gap between the people and places with its expansion throughout the city. Today, the metro route has expanded to Noida, Dwarka, Gurgaon and Faridabad as well. It has made commuting highly convenient for the people of Delhi. The best part is that the tickets of metro are highly nominal, which does not make a burning hole in the pocket of anybody. With this, the capital has Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTP) that makes it convenient for the people to travel from NCR cities to Delhi. The main corridors include Delhi to Meerut that runs via Ghaziabad and is around 92 kilometers long, Delhi to Alwar through Gurugram that is of 180 kilometers and the third one is Delhi to Panipat that goes via Sonipat and is 111 kilometers long. There are other corridors as well that are yet to be accomplished.

Moving to Delhi

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