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Indico Pest control

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Address: D1/88, Top Floor, Dwarka Mor, Block C, Mansa Ram Park, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, 110059


Open Now: 24 Hrs

Nature of Business: Service Provider

Company Overview

No of employees: 20

Servicable City: Delhi, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Noida

Payment Mode: Cash, Bank Transfer

Services offered

General Pest Control, Residential Pest Control, Commercial Pest Control, Termite Treatment

About Company

Indico Pest Control emerges as a preeminent entity in the realm of pest control in Delhi, renowned for its superlative prowess in addressing a myriad of pest-related challenges. Demonstrating proficiency in mitigating nuisances ranging from cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, to termites and beyond, the establishment has solidified its standing as a dependable and efficacious solution facilitator in the domain of pest oversight.

What distinguishes Indico Pest Control is its unwavering commitment to deploying government-sanctioned compounds in its treatment modalities. This commitment not only guarantees the effectiveness of the interventions but also underscores a steadfast adherence to safety protocols and regulatory standards. The organization's dedication to utilizing authorized substances underscores its conscientious approach to environmental stewardship and the welfare of its clientele.

In recognition of the diverse requisites of its patronage, Indico Pest Control goes the extra mile by extending 100% organic or botanical pest control interventions, tailored to customer preferences. This adaptive methodology mirrors the company's client-centric ethos, acknowledging the burgeoning inclination towards environmentally friendly alternatives in the sphere of pest control. This eco-conscious alternative aligns seamlessly with the organization's vision of providing sustainable resolutions without compromising on efficacy.

A hallmark of distinction for Indico Pest Control lies in its affordability quotient. The establishment prides itself on delivering pest control solutions of the utmost caliber at genuinely equitable rates. This commitment to fiscal accessibility serves as a testament to its mission of democratizing pest control access to a broader demographic while upholding the zenith of service standards.

In an industry where dependability, efficacy, and safety reign supreme, Indico Pest Control has etched a distinctive niche for itself. Through its diverse array of services, steadfast adherence to governmental benchmarks, adaptability in treatment alternatives, and commitment to economic accessibility, the organization stands as a paragon of excellence in the pest control landscape of Delhi. Clients can repose their trust in Indico Pest Control for adept and comprehensive pest oversight services that prioritize both their well-being and the sustenance of the environment.


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