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Car Transportation Services in Patna, Bihar

Hire the best car transporter in Patna from Moving Solutions at affordable rates. Connect with top-notch car transport companies in Patna and check their ratings, reviews, and previous track records on our portal. Share your requirements with us and get free quotes from reliable companies. Compare and choose the most suited one. Save up to 25% on car transportation services in Patna.

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Car Transport in Patna

List of Top Car Transport Companies in Patna

Moving Solutions partners with top-notch car transport companies in Patna that are licensed, registered, experienced, and reputed. These legitimate moving companies offer affordable services for transporting a vehicle from one city to another. Check out the list of the top packers and movers in Patna who also offer services for car transportation.

Skylake Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Skylake Solution Pvt. Ltd.

East Indra Nagar, Road No.4, Near Bypass Road, Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar - 800020

4.8 Rated Based on 8 Reviews

Skylake Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is one of our esteemed partners. The company has been associated with Moving Solutions for more than a decade and offers secure and reliable car transport services in the city. They have a corporate office in Patna and a branch office in other cities and towns in India. They also deal in residential, commercial, corporate, and luggage-shifting services in Patna and other towns in Bihar. You can rely on them for all types of shifting requirements.

Recent Reviews by Mohan Prasad

I booked this company through Moving Solutions for relocating my car from Patna to Ahmedabad. I had the best experience. The packers and movers were very professional and shifted my car on time without any damage.

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Euro Packers & Movers Patna

Euro Packers & Movers

House No. E/1, Suchit Singh Path, Anand Vihar Colony, Bhoothnath Road, Opp.-Bypass Road, Mahindra Showroom, Patna - 800026

4.8 Rated Based on 4 Reviews

Euro Packers & Movers is a renowned relocation company in Patna that offers top-notch services. The company has been associated with Moving Solutions for five years and has served thousands of customers in their shifting process. They offer excellent car transportation, bike transportation, house shifting, office shifting, and luggage shifting services in Patna. They have become a trusted name among our customers.

Recent Reviews by Ranjan Jha

I was looking for a reliable company to move my car from Patna to Delhi. I came across moving solutions and booked euro packers and movers. They provided me with the best quotes and my car was delivered in good condition. Though it took a little more time, I am happy with their service.

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Guide to Hiring a Reliable Car Transport Company in Patna

Car transport in Patna

If you are planning to move your car from Patna to other cities and looking for a trusted car transporter then Moving Solutions is here to help you. We are partnered with top-notch car shipping companies that are known for their quality services. We have verified them on various parameters.
Our team checks their licenses, GST certificates, and market reputation before enlisting them on our portal. If you choose any one of our car transporters in Patna, you will get the most reliable service from them.
You can book car carrier services in Patna, Bihar from Moving Solutions by following a 3-step process. Check them below.

  • Register Your Request: Fill in the inquiry form given on the Moving Solutions portal to share your requirements with us. Fill out your name, contact number, origin and destination of the move, your car’s model, and the shifting date. You can also call us at the toll-free number or reach us via e-mail and WhatsApp chat.
  • Get Quotes from Verified Companies: As we receive your request, we will recommend our top 3 car shipping companies in Patna that match your requirements. Within minutes, they will contact you and provide you with quotes free of cost.  You will get their details such as their names, contact details, and company profile links via text message and e-mail.
  • Compare and Choose: After getting quotes, compare the charges and services and analyze their ratings and reviews. Make an informed decision to choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Moving Solutions is committed to providing the best car transportation services in Patna under your budget. Your car will be safely transported and delivered in pristine condition. Your personal information is also safe with us as we respect our customer’s privacy and do not sell any data to any company.

How to Choose the Best Car Transport Company in Patna?

Moving your car to another city can be stressful. You might be worried about the safety of your car. Moreover, you require a reliable car shipping company that can safely transport your car. There are many car shipping companies in the market but identifying the right one can be a tricky task. Follow the tips below to learn how you can choose the best car transport company in Patna.

Research and Shortlist Car Shipping Companies in Patna

Look for car transport companies on Google that suit your needs. You can also take references from your friends and family. Their first-hand experience will help you know better about their service quality and professionalism. Shortlist the companies and save their names, addresses, and contact numbers.

Check Their Licenses

Once you have shortlisted, verify their licenses and GSTIN. You can find them on their websites or ask them to provide you with the same. Make sure they have the necessary permits to do the job. Only certified car transporters in Patna can provide you with the best service.

Obtain Multiple Quotes

Now contact each company one by one and ask them to provide you with quotes based on your car shifting details. If you have any special requirements, inform them so that they can accordingly provide you with quotes.

Confirm the Mode of Transportation

Ask them about the type of transportation they use for transporting cars. Some companies move cars in open trailers and some in enclosed containers while some offer both modes. Choose a company that provides your required services. If you are moving your car to long distances, you must choose a company that will ship it in an enclosed container. This ensures the safety of your car during transportation.

Check Insurance Services

You must also select a car carrier company in Patna that offers transit insurance services to its customers. This will cover your car for any loss or damage. This will also save you from financial losses if any unforeseen incident happens during transportation.

Understand the Terms and Conditions

Do not sign the agreement blindly. Know their payment terms, cancellation, and refund policies before finalizing the deal. Make sure that the services you are taking are mentioned in the contract.  This will save you from last-minute disputes.

Read Online Reviews

You can also know about a car shipping company’s reliability and professionalism by reading its reviews on Google and other social media platforms. This will give you an insight into their service quality and work ethics. Choose a company that has maximum positive reviews.

Take Written Estimates

Once you have finalized a car shipping company in Patna, ask them to provide you with quotes in writing. Written quotes are proof of the agreement between you and the car shipping company. Some companies offer lower quotes to attract customers and later increase the charges. Written price quotes will save you from being overcharged in the end. Do not rely on verbal quotes.

We hope that by considering the above factors, you can choose the best car carrier company in Patna, Bihar. If you do not have time to research and verify, contact us at Moving Solutions and we will help you get quotes from our top car transporters in Patna.

Benefits of Hiring a Car Transport Company in Patna from Moving Solutions.

If you are thinking of self-driving your car to your destination city then please give it a second thought. Driving cars for extended time is practically impossible until and unless you have prior experience. Besides this, there are various other challenges involved in self-driving. You will get various benefits by hiring a professional car transport company in Patna from Moving Solutions. Have a look at them.

Ensures the Safety of Your Vehicle

When you hire a reliable car shipping company in Patna from us, your car will be safely delivered to its destination. Our partner car transporters are experienced, reliable, and have a well-trained staff that will handle the job with expertise and ease. They make sure that everything remains safe while loading and unloading.

Saves You Money

Our car transport companies in Patna are affordable. If you move your car yourself, you will have to pay for the fuel, food, accommodation, tolls, and other expenses on the way which will increase the overall cost. On the contrary, if you hire a professional car shipping company, you will just have to pay once for the services and they will do the rest.

Saves You Time and Effort

When you ship your car yourself, it will take you 2-3 days or even a week depending on the distance as you cannot drive continuously for long hours and will have to take rest stops in between. Taking leave from your job or work will cost you more than hiring a professional car transporter in Patna. Also, our listed car shifting companies will handle all the tasks related to car shipping. You will not have to do anything on your own.

Coverage from Damages

Moving Solutions auto transport companies in Patna, Bihar offer transit insurance facilities. You can claim insurance if any damage occurs to your car while in transit. You do not have to worry about financial losses.

Door to Door Services

Our car transport service providers will also pick up your car from your doorstep and deliver it safely to your desired destination. You do not have to take the trouble of picking up or dropping off your car to and from the container’s location.

Things You Should Do Before Car Transportation

Your car is your valuable possession and it is important to prepare it before transportation to ensure its safe delivery. Check out the tips below.

Wash Your Car Properly

Before handing over your car to the transporter, wash it thoroughly. Remove all the dust and dirt from the tires so that they do not get damaged during transportation. Clean it from the inside too. This will help you detect any dents or scratches on its body. It will also be easier for the car transporter in Patna to move a clean car.

Remove all the Accessories

Take out all accessories and your belongings from the car. Remove the music and GPS systems, speakers, and other fixtures inside the car. Do not keep them inside as there is always a risk of damage or theft. It will also make it a little lighter.

Empty Fuel Tank

Fill the tank to its 1/4th capacity as you need fuel only to drive it to and from the terminal. Overfilled tanks can lead to fire hazards.

Lock the Doors and Windows

Once your car is loaded in the container, there is no need to open it. Lock the doors and windows of your car properly to ensure that everything is safe inside.

Check the Engine, Tires, and Battery

Make sure your car is working properly. Check the condition of the engine. Ensure the battery is fully charged. See if the tires are properly inflated. Overinflated or underinflated tires can be damaged during transportation

Take a Photo of the Odometer

Before transportation, take a photo of your car’s odometer. This will help you know if your car is driven on the way. However, reliable car transport service providers in Patna do not indulge in such practices.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can prepare your car for transportation. This will ensure that your car will remain safe in transit and will be delivered in good condition.

Why Choose Moving Solutions for Car Transportation in Patna?

There are various car transport service providers available online but what sets us apart from other portals? You must choose Moving Solutions for the following reasons.

  • A Network of Top-Notch Car Transporters Across the Country: Moving Solutions has a wide network of excellent car transporters in the country, you can safely move your car from Patna to Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, or any other town in India with the help of our expert professionals.
  • Complete Solutions for Your Car Transportation: Our car shipping companies will handle all the car transportation tasks from beginning to end. Everything from loading to unloading, transportation, and insurance coverage will be looked after by them. You will get end-to-end solutions for your car transportation.
  • Transparent Pricing: At Moving Solutions, you will get genuine quotes for car transport services. Our partner companies do not believe in providing lower quotes and later increasing the charges.  They inform everything in detail to their customers.
  • Commitment to Safety and Security: Our car transport companies take utmost care to provide you with safe transportation. They will use the best techniques to safeguard your car from damage during transit. Their trained staff will take extreme care while loading and unloading.
  • Round-the-Clock Customer Assistance: Moving Solutions keeps the needs of its customers above everything. We have a dedicated support team to assist our customers throughout the process. They will help you with your complaints and grievances.

How Moving Solutions Addresses Your Concerns?

Moving Solutions is always there at your service. We are inclined to provide you with the best car carrier services in Patna, Bihar. If you encounter any problem during the process, we will make all efforts to provide you with a solution. This is how Moving Solutions addresses your concerns.

  • Tell us about your issues and concerns via e-mail or simply call the customer care number.
  • Our customer care representative will listen to your concerns and try to sort out your issues. If required they will also speak with the movers on your behalf.
  • If our recommended vendor does not provide you with a solution, you can file a formal complaint about them. We will provide you with their details and credentials.
  • We take strict actions and immediately blacklist such companies that indulge in treacherous activities with their customers.

Approximate Cost of Car Transportation in Patna

Car transportation charges in Patna are not fixed. They may vary based on various factors. Different companies also charge differently depending on their service quality. Our price chart below will help you to understand the cost of hiring car transport services in Patna.

Service Type 100 – 350 km 350 – 750 km 750 – 1200 km 1200 – 1700 km 1700 – 2300 km 2300 – 3000 km
Hatchback car transportation price Rs. 5500 – 11000 Rs. 7,500 – 14,000 Rs. 9000 – 17000 Rs. 11000 – 13000 Rs. 13000 – 23000 Rs. 15000 – 26000
Sedan transportation price Rs. 7,000 – 10000 Rs. 10000 – 15000 Rs. 13000 – 18000 Rs. 15000 – 20000 Rs. 18000 – 24000 Rs. 21000 – 27000
SUV car transportation price Rs. 13000 – 15000 Rs. 15000 – 19000 Rs. 18000 – 22000 Rs. 21000 – 24000 Rs. 23000 – 27000 Rs. 25000 – 30000
Luxury car transportation price Rs. 17000 – 21000 Rs. 20000 – 25000 Rs. 23000 – 27000 Rs. 26000 – 31000 Rs. 29000 – 35000 Rs. 31000 – 40000
Sports car transportation price Rs. 20000 – 24000 Rs. 24000 – 28000 Rs. 27000 – 31000 Rs. 30000 – 35000 Rs. 33000 – 40000 Rs. 35000 – 45000

What Factors Influence the Car Transportation Charges in Patna?

Relocating your car from one place to another can be expensive. Various factors affect the cost of car shifting in Patna. You can set your budget easily if you know about these factors in detail. Have a look at them.

  1. Type of Car: Your car’s model and weight play an important role in determining car transportation charges. The cost of moving a small family car is cheaper than moving a luxury or a larger car as your service provider will require more resources to move it.
  2. Distance to be Covered: Another important factor that affects your car shifting charges in Patna is the distance. The cost of moving a car from Patna to Kolkata will be less than moving it from Patna to Mumbai due to the greater distance between these cities. The longer the distance, the higher the cost will be.
  3. Mode of Transportation: Car shipping companies in Patna will provide you with two options. You can choose to move your car through open trailers or enclosed ones according to your budget and convenience. The mode of transportation you choose to move your car also affects the charges.
  4. Insurance Services: Car carrier companies in Patna offer insurance coverage so that your car is covered for any loss or damage during transit. The insurance amount will also affect the car shipping charges. We recommend taking these services to save yourself from financial losses.
  5. Additional Services: If you opt for additional services like expedited delivery, online tracking, or storage services for your car, then it will add up to the final cost. These services are charged additionally.
  6. The reputation of the Company: The brand value of the car transportation company in Patna will influence the charges. If you choose a mediocre company, the cost will be less but you may get poor service. Brand car transport companies charge higher prices as they provide high-quality services.

We hope that the above factors will help you set your budget and get the best deals on booking car transport in Patna. You can also reach us at Moving Solutions and obtain quotes from our verified vendors. They offer the best car transportation services at affordable prices.

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