Car Transport from Pune to Ranchi

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Hire Best Car Transport Service from Pune to Ranchi at Best Price

If you have to transport your car from Pune to Ranchi then consider hiring the best car transporter to accomplish a hassle-free experience.

There are lots of benefits that you will get if you hire the best service for car transportation from Pune to Ranchi. Before we let you know the benefits, we would like to share the experience of Mr. Arora.

Last year, Mr. Arora had to shift from Pune to Ranchi. He was a minimalistic person. Hence, he had not much stuff to shift with him. For this reason, he decided to sell all his stuff. But he had a car that he wanted to bring along with him.

On the suggestion of his friend, Mr. Arora hired a moving company for transporting his car from Pune to Ranchi. On the day of transportation, the crew of the moving company came to his place to pick up the car. The car transport service provider promised him to deliver the car in 2 days.

Mr. Arora booked his travel ticket and reached his new home in Ranchi. 2 days were gone. But still, the car was not delivered. Worryingly, Mr. Arora made a phone call to the car transporter service provider. The car transport service provider told him that his car will be delivered 1 day later because of some problems in transit. Mr. Arora agreed to the same.

3 more days have been passed. But Mr. Arora did not get his car. After many phone calls, then he got his car delivered 7 days later. He also found his car dented and scratched. The transporter refused to listen to anything.

Where did Mr. Arora make mistake?

Actually, he had made several mistakes. He didn’t verify the credentials and reputation of the car moving company. He did not get any contract in writing.

You should never make the mistakes that Mr. Arora had made. You need to make sure that your car transport service provider is not only affordable but also licensed, registered, and experienced. Take time to research and verity background and market reputation of movers before hiring the required services. In addition, check the original copy of company’s credentials such as license, registration, GSTIN, Pan, and Aadhar.

In brief, you should always plan car transport from Pune to Ranchi with a reputable company. If you plan your car transportation from Pune to Ranchi with one of the best packers and movers or transport companies then you will have peace of mind. You will have to do nothing. Experts will pick up your vehicle from your current place in Pune and transfer it safely to Ranchi.

Finding the right and perfect car transport service can be sometimes a big concern. But you don’t need to worry at all. Now you can book the best car transporter from Pune to Ranchi effortlessly.

We at Moving Solutions are partnered with top-rated packers and movers and independent car transporters in Pune. Our every partner is licensed, registered, experience, and credible. We have personally verified the background, market reputation and several other credentials of moving companies that will be handling your move. So, it makes a sense to use this portal whenever you need to hire the services for a bike or car transportation from Pune to Ranchi.

Here, we will provide you free quotations from our top 3 verified and qualified packers and movers or independent car transporters. Only thing you need to do is comparing the prices and choose the best service provider that matches your needs and budget. That’s all.

Estimated Costs of Car Transportation from Pune to Ranchi

What amount you will have to pay if you employ a moving company to transport your car from Pune to Ranchi? What are the estimated costs of car transportation from Pune to Ranchi? These are the questions that might strike your mind if you are using professional aid on transporting your car from Pune to Ranchi.

To be very honest, there is no fixed charges for transporting a vehicle from one city to another. Basically, there are different factors which can influence the final costs of transportation from Pune Ranchi. One of the main factors is the distance.

The distance between Pune and Ranchi is approximately 1585 km via NH53.  Most moving companies or car transporters will estimate the costs of vehicle transportation services based on the distance to be covered in the transit. To give you a clear idea about the approximate charges for transporting a car from one city to another, we are providing you a price char below.

Car and Bike Transportation Rate Chart

Distance Car Transport Charges Bike Transport Charges
100 - 400 Km Rs 4,000 – 7,000 Rs 2,500 – 4,500
400 – 700 Km Rs 5,500 – 9,500 Rs 3,000 – 5,400
700 – 1100 Km Rs 6,000 – 10,800 Rs 3,500 – 6,000
1100 – 1500 Km Rs 8,000 – 13,000 Rs 4,500 – 9,000
1500 – 2100 Km Rs 9,500 – 15,000 Rs 5,200 – 10,000
2100 – 2700 Km Rs 10,500 – 20,500 Rs 5,500 – 15,000

According to the above price, the costs of car transportation from Pune to Ranchi will be in the range of Rs 9,500 – 15,000. If you need to transport your bike from Pune to Ranchi, then the costs will be in the range of Rs 5,200 – 10,000. The actual rates may vary based on several other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of car transportation from Pune to Ranchi?

The car transport from Pune to Ranchi cost will range from Rs 9,500 – 15,000. The actual price may vary depending on various factors.

Q. What is the cost of bike transport from Pune to Ranchi?

The cost of bike transportation from Pune to Ranchi will range from Rs 5,200 – 10,000. The final price may vary because of various cost-affecting factors.

Q. What type of truck will be used to transport my car?

They are two types of car carriers used in transporting car from one city to another. They are open car carriers and enclosed car carriers. Your car will be placed on a car carrier depending upon your choice. If you choose enclosed car carrier to transport your car then the cost will be higher than open car carrier. Enclosed car carriers range in size and capacity and generally used to transport exotic, vintage and valuable cars.

Q. How long will it take to transport my car?

Transport time will totally depend upon from which city to which city of India you want to transport your car. It will also affect the cost of car transportation service. Traffic, weathers and truck breakdowns may delay the car transport time.

Q. When should I hire car transport service?

It is strongly recommended that you should book car transport service at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to your desired pick-up dates. This will help receive the services at affordable price. In urgency, professional packers and movers or car transport companies may demand for extra charges.

Q. Do I need to do anything to prepare my car for transport?

Yes, there are certain things you should take into consideration before the pick-up day. Make sure that your car is fully operational. Also, check out certain things such as tires, brakes and engine. Make sure these are operational. Also make sure that there is some fuel in the car it is because in certain case it needs to be driven. Remove personal belongings from your car. Transport companies will not take responsibility of personal belongings in your car. You should also remove any loose items or objects from the car. Don’t forget to take not of any dents/damages on the car.

Q. What if there is damage to my vehicle during auto transportation?

Professional car transport companies or packers and movers do their best and take all necessary measures to transport your car safely. In case of damage, you need to inform the car transporter as soon as possible. Keep your car insurance policy ready. It is strongly recommended that you must have your car insured during the transportation process.

Q. How do I find car transport services at affordable price?

Different car transport companies may have different pricing. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you should get estimates from multiple car transporters or moving companies. By comparing multiple “car moving” estimates you can receive the car transportation service at affordable price.

Q. How can I hire car transport service from

You can book the cheap and best car transporter or packers and movers in very easy and simple way using Moving Solutions’ platform. Only you need to fill a quick and simple enquiry form. You will receive free quotes from multiple pre-verified packers and movers or specialized car transporters. Compare the quotes and hire the affordable car transportation service.

Q. Why should I hire car transport service from

We at Moving Solutions are partnered with top rated packers and movers and independent car transport companies. Each of our member transport companies are fully licensed and experienced. We have verified their different credentials including background and market reputation. Our member companies have at least 3 years’ experience. By using this portal, you can also save time and money.

Q. Are GST charges included in charges for vehicle shipping from Pune to Ranchi?

It will depend upon company policy. Generally, GST charges are extra. But some companies may also offer you flat rates for shipping your car from Pune to Ranchi. So, make it clear when you hire the services.

Q. Is there any online tool to calculate the cost of auto transport services?

Yes. We have developed an innovative and distinctive tool namely Car Transport Cost Calculator India (CTCCI). You can use this tool to know more precise estimates for car shipping services.