How to Pack a Washing Machine for Moving?

Packing a washing machine and making it ready for a move can be challenging. If you don’t know the right techniques to pack a washing machine, then your appliance may get damaged in transit. Therefore, it is crucial to learn the right packing techniques so that you can ensure the correct packing of your washing machine.

Whether you want to pack a top-loading or a front-loading washing machine, you must take care of your appliance while packing it for moving. If you learn and know the right packing tips, then you can easily pack your appliance and make it ready for moving. Here are a few tips that might help you accomplish the goal of packing a washing machine for moving.

Tips for Packing a Washing Machine

  • First, accumulate all the required packaging supplies, such as packaging tape, boxes, bubble wraps, plastic sheets, and large cushioning pads.
  • Finish all laundry works if you have to do it before a couple of days of your move.
  • Empty your washing machine and drain all water from the washer.
  • Drain out the remaining water from the water hose.
  • Thoroughly clean the interior of the appliance with cotton clothes or towels.
  • Read the user manual thoroughly to know and learn the instructions on handling before you start packing a washing machine.
  • Take out all the fittings and accessories from the machine.
  • It is always best to take snaps of cords and connections.
  • Place all the accessories and fittings in a zippered plastic bag and pack them in a box.
  • Appropriately tag and label the box.
  • Stuff towels between washing machine sides and tubs. This will stop the rotation of the tub while in transit.
  • Also stuff the basket of the washing machine with clothes, towels, and linens.
  • Place a baking soda pouch inside the washing machine to remove the mildew and odor.
  • Tape the lid and electrical cord.
  • Wrap a plastic wrap around the machine and tape it.
  • Then, wrap bubble wraps around and secure them with pieces of tape.
  • Slide the washing machine carefully inside the box. Close the box and seal it.
  • If you don’t have a large box, wrap around the large cushioning pad for protection.

By the way, if you don’t find yourself comfortable in packing a washing machine for your move, consider hiring professional packers and movers. These professionals will efficiently pack your washing machine and move them safely to your destination.