How to Pack a Refrigerator When Moving Home

Tips on Packing a Refrigerator for Moving

It is more likely that you have a refrigerator that you want to shift to your new home when moving. Packing a refrigerator and making it ready for the move can be a challenging and tricky task for you. However, it can be a fairly easy process if you know the right techniques to pack it. Hence, it is crucial to learn the right methods beforehand so that you can pack your refrigerator correctly and make it ready for a safe transfer.

Before you proceed to pack your refrigerator, accumulate all the required packing supplies. Heavy-duty packaging tape, bubble wrap, rope, and large cushioning pads are the essential packing supplies that you will need to pack your refrigerator for moving.

The right methods to packing a refrigerator are as follows:

  • First, remove all the contents from your refrigerator including freezer items.
  • Use, discard or give away if you have stored perishable items in the refrigerator.
  • Remove all the shelves and drawers from the refrigerator.
  • Clean all drawers and shelves properly and pack them separately in bubble wraps.
  • Unplug and defrost the refrigerator at least 24 hours before the moving day.
  • Ensure that you unplug the power cable and disconnect the icemaker water line.
  • Coli the cable loosely and tape it to the refrigerator’s backside to keep it secure.
  • Then, make empty the drainage pan. Also, drain out the automatic icemaker.
  • Then, clean the refrigerator with a cotton cloth properly.
  • Place baking soda pouch inside the refrigerator to remove bad odors.
  • Go through the user manual thoroughly and learn the recommended precaution measures.
  • Tie a large cushioning pad around the refrigerator for protection.
  • Then, use bubble wrap or a plastic sheet around the refrigerator.
  • Use the right appliance dolly to move the bulky refrigerator from one place to another.

Your refrigerator is now packed and ready for a safe move. By packing your refrigerator by yourself, you can minimize the relocation cost to a significant extent.