DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas: How to Decorate Home for Christmas


Are you looking for some awesome Christmas decoration ideas? If yes, then your search ends here. In this article, you will learn some fantastic DIY Christmas decoration ideas. By using these DIY decor ideas, you can decorate your home amazingly this Christmas. You can also use these tips for New Year Eve decorations.

The holiday season is fast approaching. Everybody loves to decorate their home for Christmas therefore, we are here with some amazing Christmas decoration ideas that will help you deck your house inside to out.

If you were already looking for Christmas decoration tips and ideas then you have reached the right place. The DIY Christmas decoration ideas you will read here to spruce up your front door, deck up the hall, etc. will surely fill you with Christmas cheer and level up your festival spirit. Christmas gives you an opportunity to shine out your creativity.

Get ready to use flowers and ornaments to design an elegant wreath for Christmas and other things to make your home ready for the Christmas party 2021.

From traditional home décor to creative DIY Christmas decorations here, you will get it all to bring the beauty of the holiday season to your home. Have a quick look at these tips and ideas for decorating homes for x-mas to make your space look more warm and charming.

Front Door Decoration Ideas for Christmas

The exterior of your house is the best place to start your Christmas decorations. You can make a strong first impression by sprucing up your front door and windows. We have compiled some amazing Christmas door and windows décor ideas that will put everyone into the holiday spirit. To decorate your front door, you will have to be a little creative. But don’t worry as we have got your back. You can go with red, green, and white combinations for decoratives, garlands, cushions, gift miniatures, plants, and wreaths. Here’re the top beautiful decorating ideas that will make your home look mesmerizing.

Ornament Wreath

Although wreath making is not a fun process that’s why people get it from the market. But today, we are going to share the best ornament wreath-making ideas for your front door. Just get the required supplies – a wreath form, floral wire, ornaments, scissors, garlands, and door hangers. Use floral wires to make the wreath. Select various sizes of ornaments and string them together. Use tinsel garlands to fill the gaps. Lastly, use door hangers to hang the wreath on your front door.

Bulb Wreath

Instead of using ornaments, you can have a vintage bulb wreath. Not only this is easy-to-make but also it gives more of a festive touch to your home. You know when it comes to Christmas decorations, you can never overdo it. Hence, select colorful bulbs and make a wreath. Add glitters to get a more beautiful look.

Triple Wreath with LED Lights

Not one or two, instead hang three wreaths on your front door. The bright triple wreath will make your entryway stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guests’ minds. It doesn’t require too much effort. You can reuse the old wreath. Just wrap LED lights through, around, under, and over the ornaments, and you are done.

Jingle Bell Wreath

Going traditional is everyone’s pick for the Christmas celebration. A jingle bell wreath is easy to make and also shows your festive spirit. For this, you only need a handful of bells, a sturdy wire, and ribbons. Only five minutes of effort and you will get a traditional jingle bell wreath for your front door. String all the bells together on wire and a large bow made with ribbon on the top.

Green Flowery Garland

Not only a wreath but also a thick green flowery garland will make your entryway beautiful. Décor your door with a green thick garland. use a complementary wreath in the mid of the door to finish the look.

Lawn or Front Yard Christmas Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Christmas decorations are sometimes overdone by people, which makes it look cheesy. Well, you can make your lawn and pathway look classy and elegant with the list of thoughtful lawn Christmas decoration ideas.

LED Sparkle Christmas Snowman

When we think about the wintry December then immediately the image of snowmen flashes in our minds. You can buy the snowmen sculptures available at both online and offline markets. If you don’t want to spend money then it’s okay, just be creative to make Christmas snowmen sculptures on your own. Use cardboard, thermocol, and LED lights to make snowmen.

Gift Box Sculptures

Christmas is all about sharing gifts and happiness. This is also a good idea to decorate your lawn and the entryway on Christmas 2021. Get variant sizes of gift boxes from large to small and decorate them with ribbons and LED lights.

Xmas Trees

One can never miss Xmas trees to decorate his home on Christmas. This Christmas’s eve, decorate your pathways with snow-flocked Christmas trees. Make 2 feet Xmas trees and flock them with artificial snow. Also, you can use ornaments, artificial pine cones, berries, and tinsel garlands to embellish them. These will give a classy touch to your pathways.

Christmas Lights

Any festive decoration is incomplete without lights. Create the magical Christmas look this year by illuminating your front yard with decorative lights and lanterns. This is the easiest way to deck up your lawn, wrap your house, bushes, trees, and fence in string lights.

Snowflakes Lights

If you live in a tropical country like India but still want to create that wintry scene on your lawn then we suggest you decorate the lawn with big snowflake lights. You can use them as pathway lights, or you can make a few to hang on the porch. You can make snowflake lights with popsicle sticks and wrap them in string lights.

Christmas Window Decoration Ideas

We often forget to decorate our windows, when in reality decorating the windows can make our house look more festive ready. Decorated windows can create a nice and magic environment. From green, white, and red wreaths to aromatic candles, artificial snowflake lights, bells, etc. can be used to deck up the windows. With the following Christmaseve decoration ideas 2021you can embellish your windows.

Hang a Wreath with Ribbon

We have already discussed how you can make ornaments or flowery wreaths. But for windows make a light-weighted wreath and hang it on your window using a ribbon. Make a large bow for an extra eye-catchy look and hang it on the window.

White with Pops of Green and Red

How about creating that snowy scene inside your house. If your wall paints are not white then this trick is definitely gonna work. Hand long white feathery curtain on your window and decorate with lush green garlands and topped off with some large red bows.

LED Light Wreath

Instead of going with a traditional Xmas wreath go for a LED light wreath. Use a few ornaments and artificial pine cones, and tinsel garlands, wrap it in a string of LED lights. And you will get a beautiful wreath to decorate your windows on Christmas.

Merry Christmas or a Leaf Banner

Go for a lightweight banner to dress your windows. Using a bright red and green color make a “Merry Christmas” banner for your window. And if you want to do something unique then hang a DIY leaf Christmas garland on your window as a banner.

Mini Christmas Trees

Place mini Christmas trees by the side of your windows. DIY Christmas trees with paper and decorate them with candies instead of using ornaments and other decorative.

Do Not Forget Other Rooms

While decking up the main entrance and hallways, you must forget the other spaces in your house that are also important. You can involve your kids too in decorating the home on Christmas 2021. They may decorate their rooms and show their creativity.

You will be celebrating Christmas and New Year Party with your friends, family, and neighbors in your living room. Hence, your living room is the center of the action. We will see how you should decorate the living area along with other rooms including the kitchen and stairway for Christmas.

Christmas Living Room Decorating Ideas

Your living room is not only the place for all your gatherings with friends and family but also the place for the Xmas tree. Accessorize it with ornaments, snowflakes, ribbons, and garlands. Add magic to the living space by illuminating it with some LED lights. Complement your house by dressing up the fireplace. 

Dining Area Decorating Ideas for Christmas

If you are going to host a dinner party then your kitchen or dining area is important to decorate. Especially your dining table would be the main focal point of this time. Deck up the table with a mixed print tablecloth and napkins. Also, place a Christmas centerpiece that can be made with different elements. See a few DIY tutorials for this. Decorate the table with artificial pines, original season flowers, candles, and lights.

Staircase Decoration Ideas for Christmas

If you have stairs then decorate them too to create a fantastic look in your home for Christmas. Also,  this gives an impression you have decorated upstairs too. Stairs can be decorated with simple wreaths, green garlands, and also string ornaments. You will have to be a bit creative here.

Balcony Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Most balcony lovers go with string lights with ornaments and banners for Christmas decorations. So, you can also opt for the same to adorn your balcony. And if your balcony allows some space then we can put a Xmas tree with a seat, add a few candles, and a blanket. Also, you can embellish the railing with lush green garland topped off with red bows.

We are positive, these Christmas home decorating ideas will help you deck up your home in a unique way. Although decorating houses and sharing gifts with loved ones are the main customs of Christmas, Merry Christmas is a bit more than this.


This year, just forget about all your concerns and just enjoy the holiday season with your family. Whether you want to go out for a Christmas dinner with your loved ones, on a vacation, or simply have fun with friends at home watching a Christmas movie, celebrate Christmas the way you want to.

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