The Best Feng Shui Tips for House Moving


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Feng Shui tips for house moving will bring good fortune, prosperity, and happiness to your new place. In this article, I am going to discuss some important feng shui tips for a new house.

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Moving to a new home is a major event for everyone. A new home signifies the beginning of a new chapter with your family. When moving to a new home, you will get into a new community and meet new friends and neighbors. You will also enjoy a new environment and everything in the surrounding is going to look fresh and new.

Once you start your day-to-day routine in your new home, you would expect your new home filled with auspiciousness and prosperity. Hence, it is always best to engage yourself to follow some traditions that can bring good luck, happiness, and prosperity to your new home. If you believe in Chinese traditions, then you must follow some feng shui tips for moving into a new home for prosperity and good fortune. It is always beneficial to look for feng shui lucky dates for moving into new home.

The Taoist Theory of Yin and Yang in Feng Shui

Taiosim - Taoist-Theory-of-Yin-and-Yang

It is believed that to maintain a harmonious flow of chi (energy) into life, yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) should be in complete balance. Since these two energies are absolutely opposite to each other according to this Taoist theory, they are to be placed in the perfect equilibrium to achieve the desirable state.

The conflict arises when one principle overpowers the other, so a balance is inevitable through the five elements including earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. These very five elements fuse with one another in different ways that can be either constructive or destructive.

You must also know that Feng Shui besides all these five elements, works well with the Bagua, special “cures” & solutions, and perfect placement of furniture and other space arrangements.

For a happier and wealthier life, here are some of the essential and effective Feng Shui tips for house moving to follow and change your life for the better.

Location of the New House and Neighbors According to Feng Shui


The location plays a pivotal role in Feng Shui because it affects the quality of energy that enters your home. It becomes certain to let your house attract positive & good energy from all the sides. The streets of the new house should be clean, neighbors should be friendly and there should be no sloping land behind your home.

Since your home should receive good sunlight and the rooms must be breathing, try to opt for a home where the backyard is more spacious than the front yard. Better to avoid buying/renting homes in a cul-de-sac, because it limits the entry of energy into the house. A place that is open from all sides must be preferred, as it will attract energies from all around.

Feng Shui Tips for New House


Here are some feng shui tips for house moving that you should follow.

Use the only front door

According to Feng Shui, you should use only your front door to enter and exit. Parking your car in the garage and then entering the home through the back door might seem convenient to you but avoid it. The entry door decides how chi (energy) enters your home and when you use the back door for it, it limits the opportunities and good energy.

To develop the habit of using the front door, you should often look for chances and events to open and close it, like when you are taking your pet for a stroll or going out to water the plants, etc.

Keep the bathroom door closed

Feng Shui relates water to wealth and the bathroom is one such corner of the house from where the water goes out. It is like money being flushed out from the house and of course, you would not want to.

Since you cannot restrict the water in the bathroom that goes out but you can limit its effect by putting the toilet seat cover down after every use and keeping the bathroom door closed always.

Fix crying doors

Do your doors make a squeaking sound whenever they are opened and closed? If yes then you must fix them now. Since it is the first and last thing that you bump into, it should give you only positive vibes.

But with the squeaking sound, all you will get is only negative vibes. You don’t even realize it because you have become accustomed to that noise, but note that it has the power to affect your mood and overall well-being. So, it is better to oil all your door hinges and have noise-free living.

Place plants in the kitchen

Even if you already have a kitchen garden, consider putting plants above your kitchen cabinets. According to Feng Shui, it is good not to have empty space above your kitchen cabinets, as it then attracts only dirt & dust that sprawl negative energy around.

But if you have much space then the best Feng Shui adjustment for you would be to place the plants above the cabinets. Add some lighting to this area and you may place live or realistic-looking plants.

Cover the bedroom TV

A bedroom is a place that should be the quietest and the most calming corner of the entire house. But, do you know that television can hinder your peaceful sleep? The electronic aspect of the television and the energy coming out of it can be highly disturbing.

So, it is suggested that you must cover the TV when it is not being used, especially when you are about to sleep. Take a soft scarf or any other fabric to cover it properly, keeping the aesthetic sense of it intact.

Keep windows clean

The moment you enter into a new house, keep a check on the windows. Feng Shui symbolizes windows as your eyes to the world. It is through windows that you are able to see and experience the outer world.

So, this view has to be clean at all hours. Brighten your space by grabbing the old newspaper, solution of vinegar & water and clean the windows thoroughly.

Place Feng Shui fountain

Since Feng Shui symbolizes water as wealth, it is important to place a fountain in your home. But, where to keep this Feng Shui fountain?

The best place to place the water element is near the entry of your home. You can choose to place it either inside of the home or just outside of the entry door.

Wherever you are placing it, just make sure that the water is flowing facing towards the center of your home, representing wealth pouring in your house.

Place the bed right

Feng Shui rules state that all the important furniture items of the home should be placed in the commanding position. In order to place your bed in the commanding position, just make sure that you face the door while you are lying and not are in line with it.

The perfect position would be to remain diagonal of your door but if this is not possible then you can just place the mirror in a way that the door is visible to you.

Clear up the space

It is important to do the space clearing. Note that a home carries the imprints of the energies that are emitted from an individual. Clear it up and to get rid of the old and negative energy, you can burn Palo Santo sticks with white sage.

Palo Santo can be used every day and is considered great to ward off evil energies. You can also use orange essential oil with water for the same purpose.

Choose the right location for the staircase

The structure of the staircase should be in a clockwise motion and it must not face the front door. Make sure not to place a bathroom right under the staircase because Feng Shui experts believe that the element of water tend to harm the second generation of the house. With this, you should also choose wood and not metal for the construction of your staircase.

Feng Shui Taboos Related to House Moving

  • Do not embellish your bedroom with plain colors such as white, peach, and similar kinds. Avoid hanging white curtains and using white sheets on the bed. Better to go with active and festive colors like red, yellow, and others in order to augment the fortune of your family.
  • Avoid entering into the new home empty-handed. Since you are taking your energy to the new place, it has to be positive and not empty. Hold any of your valuables in your hand or some living goods at the time of entering. Make sure not to look back while entering.
  • Ensure to host a housewarming party and invite as many friends, family, and neighbors as you can. It is good to have more number of people in order to ward off the evil energies better.
  • Do not lose your temper on the day of your moving into the new house. Even if you are annoyed with your children or feeling angry, just keep your emotions in control. You will enter the new house with the same energy of the emotion that you are in. Better to stay calm and poised.
  • Avoid taking a nap on moving day. Feng Shui believes that sleeping in the afternoon will lead to illness. And when the night arrives, lie down on your bed just for a few minutes initially and get up again. It symbolizes getting up after sleeping. Yes, you can then sleep later.
  • Do not move with a pregnant lady or a new-born child. However, if the move is unavoidable then make sure the lady must wear a Buddha figure and must worship at an auspicious hour after entering into the new home. Ensure that her worship is done with boiling water followed by cooking.

Relevance of the Colors of Feng Shui When Moving to New House

By now, you must have known that what Feng Shui is. Now I am going to discuss the colors of feng shui. Colors play a vital role in the practice of this traditional art and science. The choice of color in a house can significantly influence your living there. Ensure that the color you choose for your new house should have a positive impact on your well-being, relationships, and productivity.

Colors are mainly related to five basic elements of feng shui — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each of the five basic elements of feng shui has its own colors, with the elements generating positive and negative energy; or chi.

  • Fire: Red
  • Water: Dark Blue, Black
  • Wood: Blue, Green
  • Metal: White, Silver, Beige
  • Earth: Yellow

Colors to Choose as the Main Color in Feng Shui

The best colors in Feng Shui are considered to be ivory, white, and milk-white. These are the colors that radiate positive energy and soothe the optic nerve of people. Also, the sunlight belongs to the series of white and is a symbol of hope and newness.

So, you can always go with white furniture, white flower vases, and other light-colored décor items. In fact, you can also choose to have burlywood shade because it is counted as the color that leads to intelligence and inspiration.

Colors to Avoid as the Main Color in Feng Shui

If you are moving to a new house and want to color your new home then consider these feng shui tips for house moving.

Green color for house

If your house is in green color then you might live in depression. Your house will turn lifeless. They say that our eyes should witness more of green but it is in the context of the green nature and not the artificial green. So, avoid painting walls in green and embroidering home with green décor.

Red color for house

The color red can be highly irritating to the eyes. The sight of this shade will not be relaxing and will not calm your nerves. Instead of using it as the primary color, you better use it as a blending or matching color.

Pink color for house

This is not a good color for Feng Shui your home. The pink color can lead to quarrels and annoyance between the family members. If you are a newlywed then you might find the color pink to be the significance of romance and love. But note that you are sure to get irritated with it over time, which will only bring conflicts between both of you.

Yellow as house main color

The shade yellow might sound life-giving but it must not be used as the primary shade for any corner of the house. With this color, the members of the family are likely to become maddened, depressed, and unhappy. You might also experience multilayer illusions, which in turn will lead to mental instability.

Orange as house main color

When it comes to the color orange then you better not use it as the main color in the house décor. Even though this color adds warmth and vitality to the house, but it still has a tendency to make your feel tired.

Purple as house main color

Though purple is the color of majesty and freedom but according to Feng Shui, it can make the living quite helpless. This is because the color red present in it affects the vibes that this shade reflects.

With this, you should also avoid using garish colors-bright and showy. Applying too many colors on your walls and the other corners of your home is likely to keep the family ambiguous in their lives.

In addition, such garish colors may also result in adverse consequences like the owner of the house will not be able to save money but will only spend it like water. There is a possibility of the owner falling into an extramarital affair and disloyalty. They might also get brain diseases like inattention, dizziness, etc.  Thus, it becomes inevitable to follow feng shui tips for house moving.

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