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A complete guide to packers and movers costs from Delhi to Pune

Are you moving from Delhi to Pune? Want to employ someone who can help you move your household belongings? Wanna know the costs of hiring movers and packers from Delhi to Pune? If so, we have you covered.

In this article, you will know the approximate packers and movers charges from Delhi to Pune. You will also learn some good hacks to get the best quality intercity relocation service at an affordable price.

Moving to Pune from Delhi? Whether you want to move to Pune permanently or for a few years, you need to hire professional packers and movers to shift your belongings. Hiring professional packers and movers from Delhi to Pune will be a wonderful decision. It will ensure the safety of the belongings that you want to shift. You will also have peace of mind.

But hiring packing and moving services for a long-distance relocation would be an expensive affair. Therefore, you must think about the fees for relocation services. You need to know how much it costs to hire packers and movers from Delhi to Pune. If you are truly interested in knowing the approximate packers and movers charges from Delhi to Pune, then read on.

Know Delhi to Pune Relocation Charges

Pune is one of the most sought-after cities in India, especially among engineers and IT professionals. Therefore, it remains always one of the most popular cities to move to. You will be jubilant with your decision to move to Pune because the city is one of the best cities in the country in terms of quality of life. It is also one of developing business centers and one of nine emerging cities around the world with the citation “Hosts IT and automotive companies.”

The costs of packers and movers from Delhi to Pune depend on several factors. Broadly, the total distance and the total volume & weight of items are the two primary factors that influence the costs. But several other factors can also influence the costs of relocation services. The quality of packing materials, season of relocation, shifting timing, floor of the building, and truck type are among them.

This guide on ‘Packers and Movers Costs from Delhi to Pune’ will give you an idea of the approximate costs of packing and moving services for relocation to Pune. You will also learn about different factors that influence the costs. In addition, you will also learn about the additional charges applicable to your move.

Packers and Movers Delhi to Pune Price Chart for 2021 [Updated]

Household goods shifting rates to Pune from Delhi

The household goods shifting rates listed here are based on the contents of an average Delhi property and include delivery to Pune. The distance between Delhi and Pune (1455 km) and the size of the move have been considered to estimate the average charges. See the price chart below.

Move SizeTotal Charges Figures in INRPacking Charges Figures in INRLabor Costs Figures in INRTransport Rates Figures in INR
Few Goods/1RK10,000 – 16,0002,200 – 2,6501,600 – 1,9006,200 – 11,450
Studio Apartment10,000 – 16,0002,200 – 2,6501,600 – 1,9006,200 – 11,450
1 BHK Apartment16,000 – 25,0003,600 – 5,0502,600 – 3,6009,800 – 16,350
2 BHK Apartment20,000 – 33,0004,600 – 6,5003,300 – 4,60012,100 – 21,900
3 BHK Apartment24,000 – 39,0005,500 – 7,5004,000 – 5,30014,500 – 26,200
Bike/Scooter5,000 – 9,0001,200 – 2,000850 – 1,4002,950 – 5,600
Car9,000 – 13,0002,200 – 2,6501,500 – 1,9505,300 – 8,400

NB: The packers and movers costs from Delhi to Pune listed above are approximate moving costs to Pune. For more accurate prices, please contact Moving Solutions for free quotes.

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What factors affect the total cost of moving from Delhi to Pune?

You might have this question in your mind. You have learned about the average costs of moving household items from Delhi to Pune. Now, you will learn what are the primary factors that can influence the total cost of Delhi to Pune relocation services.

The size of your home

Moving a 5 BHK home from Delhi to Pune is going to cost more than moving a studio apartment. I well understood it. When you contact any movers, they will ask how many bedrooms you are moving or how much stuff you have to shift. On that basis, they will give you a quote. And it is obvious that a 5 BHK apartment will have more belongings than a studio apartment.

The distance to be travelled

The distance between one city and another is one of the primary factors that influence the costs of relocation services. Since you are moving from Delhi to Pune, the distance is can be easily calculated. The approximate distance between the two cities is 1455 km. Hence, your moving cost will be estimated at this distance.

Floor of Building

This can also be a factor. For example, if you live in an apartment in Delhi with many stairs without a lift facility, it may charge you an extra fee. Living on a higher floor can increase the cost of moving.

Lack of Parking Near Your Home

Not all cities have streets wide enough for entering a truck. If there is no parking near your home, you may have to pay the additional fee.

Packing Materials

The quality of packing materials is a key factor that always influences the costs of moving. If you are moving from Delhi to Pune in the rainy season, then movers will do waterproof packing. And it will add to cost for sure.

Season of Relocation

In what season are you moving from Delhi to Pune? Moving in summer or any peak season can be expensive. Even moving on weekends can add to your cost. 

Specialty Items

If you need to shift specialty or fragile items from Delhi to Pune, the movers will levy higher charges as they need to make careful packing and extra efforts.

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