The Ultimate Guide for the Perfect House Painting


Searching for perfect paint for your house can be very confusing at times. Remember visiting the paint shop for your new house with your spouse? Surrounded by all the color cards, shade cards, texture booklet, and so many other things to consider you most probably left after some time asking for time to consider.

It can be a bit confusing but at the same time, it can cause a thrill for people as well. If you find it troublesome, then have a read of this piece. First, start with the type of wall of paint you want to paint your house with.

Types of wall paints for home

There are two types of paints that can be used to color your house.

1. Water-based paint

Water-based paints are used primarily to paint structures, spaces, and homes. They are solvents that are made of water and release lesser VOCs into the atmosphere. So, they are considered to be one of the best paints for the health of people and the environment. It is classified into two categories namely Latex and Acrylic. They both have their own purpose to fulfill thus, making both important for different types of work. Some of the advantages of water-based painting are:

Advantages of water-based painting

  • You don’t require pre-treatment for water-based
  • Compatible for all types of surfaces
  • It does not fade in sunlight
  • Dries very quickly

Disadvantages of water-based painting

  • The paint can be washed off from the surface easily
  • You can’t get a rich look from the water-based painting
  • It is not long-lasting

2. Oil-based paint

If you want your painting work to last for a long time then you must go for oil-based paints. They make any surface last longer if you are not planning to change the color often. They can withstand routine contact and very durable. The viscosity of the paint is brought about by the addition of white spirit and turpentine instead of water. This gives them a glossiness and doesn’t allow the dirt to settle on the surface easily.

Even with the advantage over the environment, many people prefer oil paint over water paint now a day. It is because oil-painted walls are low maintenance and look attractive. They come in attractive colors and one can go for texture paintings on the wall.

Advantages of oil-based painting

  • It gives a perfectly glossy finish to the walls
  • Leveling can be done easily
  • It works fine even on high moisture walls
  • Provides durability to the walls

Disadvantages of oil-based painting

  • The process is very messy
  • The paint can’t be washed off easily
  • It takes a lot of time to dry off

Types of wall textures

This is an era of texture painting. People are coming one step over the normal paints. It is not because they are bored of glossy or matte finished look but texture painting gives a depth to the room. With texture painting, you can provide a bigger look to your small room, or make your simple room look exciting.

With this type of painting, you can make your house look exclusive. There are many varieties available in the market. As you talk to the paint company executive, they will show you, models, to select from. Here are a few varieties that you can use according to the setting of your room.

Mosaic texture

You must have witnessed checked lines that give out a tile-like experience. With mosaic texture, you can bring that experience home. The paint can be used to give a tile-like unique style to the room. Those wavy lines, zigzags, swirls, and check boards make your wall look gorgeous and supreme pretty giving it an appealing feel. These geometrical lines are said to make even a compact place look big and broad.

Brick texture

Recently there is a wave of getting brick designs at home. Bricks have always been an indispensable part of property creation. Now people are bringing this up to make it a part of wall décor. Bright red brick highlighted with sharp lines makes your wall give the feel of an older home. It imparts a loft or industrial vibe. Apart from providing a character to the room, it also enhances the overall look.

Rustic texture

It would be more appropriate to call it the sand effect, which is created using marble dust and chips. This texture gives out a raindrop effect. If you have flat-surfaced drywall, with this texture you can add dimension and depth to an otherwise boring wall. It can be successfully used to create a range of faux touches and cover imperfections on your wall.

Marble texture

Marble textures are used to give out a rich look to your house. For a long time, we have seen marble as a part of home decoration and laying floor but now it can be used to transform the look of your room completely. With a marble texture, you can add glamour to your room giving it a Victorian look. There are different varieties of marble textures to choose from and convert your otherwise boring room into a beautiful piece of art.

Tips to choose the perfect paint for your house

If you are confused with all the flashcards the executive has been showing you about paints and textures here are some tips to get you prepared for the task ahead.

  • Try and pick your favorite color while finding the best color for the walls, exteriors, and interiors of your home.
  • Willing to revamp and decorate your home, one thing you can do is to match your furniture with the color tones.
  • It will be best to select the color depending upon the size of the room. For a smaller room you can opt for darker shades whereas, for bigger space, lighter shades will do them justice.
  • Take time to select a color using a shade card. They come in handy when you know which color shade you want to have your room painted.
  • Using different samples of color will be the best thing to find the perfect color for your space.
  • You must take care of the lighting of the place as your color selection will be greatly affected by the type of lighting you are having in a room.
  • It is best to decide on the overall color theme of the house. This will help you in determining the color of every wall of every room in the house.

Best paint color ideas room-wise

Living room

The living room should have a warm and welcoming feeling. To make it so, you can choose from a full array of colors. You can mix and match or go for cool colors with extraordinary tones. Some of the colors in the trend now are earthy and neutral shades. You can opt for aqua mint, French vanilla, white, or emerald green.

In case you are not in a mood to experiment with any new colors in the living room, it is best to stick to the classics. These include blue, gray, and beige. You can also go for texture painting with a marble texture. You can add a few strokes of black which will have a perfect look for the room. The living area is the first place that catches people’s attention and makes the first impression. So, try and make it look unique and supremely thoughtful.

Dining room

If you want your dining area to be inviting you to need to use some warmer tones. Shades of red and yellow will have a cozy effect on the dining room exuding the feel of being compact and cozy. In case your dining place is small you can make it look better and bigger by using purple, green, or yellow tones. Touching it up with quirky drapes and metallic wallpapers will make it shine.

Study room

A study room should always be made such that the student staying there to study must feel the calmness to open his or her mind. Finding a perfect hue for your study is not very tough. Just remember to color the room such that it improves the focus and concentration of the kid. Shades of green, silver, gray, and such other colors can be used to do some experiments. These tones help in enhancing one’s creative skills and power of focus without distracting them.

Colors such as orange and yellow can also be used to make students super alert. Try to stay away from dark colors for the study room, as they distract the readers and allows their minds to wonder. So, pay extra attention to the painting of the study room for the kid’s academic excellence.

Children’s room

You may want to put in all the exciting and energetic colors in the room of the kids. But will that be a good idea? The answer is a simple “no”. Children’s rooms shouldn’t be used for experimenting. A small mistake and you’ll have to re-do the painting. A kid’s room should be colored in such a way that they find comfort and could find it easy to accept it. Try to get some enthusiastic colors while keeping the tone a notch down.

Pink. Light yellow, blue is some of the common colors that kids’ rooms are associated with. You can also try butterscotch or olive green with a shade of sky blue. These soothing colors will help kids in coming in sync with the room quickly. Once you have got the painting of the room done, don’t forget to decorate it accordingly. Remember, kids are ever-energetic, you need something to calm them down or else they will stay awake all night. You would simply want that.


Bedroom, your sole respite. A place where you can go back re-energize yourself completely. It is for this reason that it is one of the essential parts of a house, a place where you sleep. It is for this reason that you want it to be a calm and relaxing place. For this, you can use softer tones of colors such as lavender, gray, green, pink, and blue. These colors will ensure that your bedroom exudes a soothing effect giving you some mental peace when you come down to spend some time here to rest. If you want you can always experiment with the colors.


Most of us have a special image in our minds for our bathrooms. Some of us may have a small bathroom whereas lucky ones may end up enjoying a bigger space. To create a stress-free and relaxing area, it is important to paint it down using some soothing colors of white and gray. You can also use softer hues of blue, white, and green color as well. If you want to go with a safe color without conducting any shocking experiments, then you should go with pistachio green, which is one of the favorite options for most people.


The kitchen, the powerhouse of your house should exude a lot of positive vibes to maintain a peaceful and prosperous environment in the house. Keeping this part of your home positive will attract lots of happiness and fortune. Make sure you take the right decision while selecting the right colors for your kitchen. “Warmer tones will help in stimulating appetite”, remembering this quote will help you a long way.

You can combine hot chili with orange color to make your kitchen a great place to spend time in. Most paint company executives suggest going with gray, green, yellow, and white when it comes to painting the kitchen.

The Bottom Line

Before starting the process of painting you may have to move your things away. You can call any packers and movers for specific services when you decide which color to paint your house with. The painting will require a lot of strategizing, in which a moving company can help you deal with a few things. So, just decide on the colors you want for different rooms and get things packed and moved to someplace safe so that, you can bring some color in your house.

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