Moving to the USA: 5 Best Places to Live in the USA


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The USA or the United States of America has always been a popular destination for families looking for jobs and growth opportunities. As the USA is a big country, here you will find many cities that offer affordable living, a better lifestyle, availability of basic and refined amenities, an extensive environment, and a friendly neighborhood. Here you’ll find ample options to rejuvenate yourself at regular intervals.

According to a report by a well-published survey platform, around 150 cities in America have passed all the parameters required by the best places to settle in the USA. These parameters include:

  • Cost of living
  • Job Market
  • Quality of life
  • Desirability
  • Net migration

The rankings of different places in the United States make it easy for people to select a desirable location to relocate within the country. After doing a thorough assessment of the parameters, you can choose the best city to work and settle.

Factors affecting the ranking of the cities in the USA

  • Cost of living Grade
  • Housing Grade
  • Higher education rate
  • Diversity Grade
  • Health & Fitness grade
  • Jobs Grade
  • Public schools grade
  • Family grade
  • Crime & Safety Grade
  • Weather grade
  • Outdoor Activities Grade
  • Shortest commute Grade
  • Walkability Grade
  • Nightlife Grade

Top 5 best cities to settle in the USA in 2021

Here is the list of the top 5 best cities to live in the USA.

1. Boulder, Colorado

The first one to come up on the list of best places to settle in the USA is Boulder. In the USA, it comes in first place in the list of 150 metro cities. It reached its highest population in the year 2020-2021. Its terms of desirability, it has a pretty good reputation among the residents, offering a wide range of amazing education opportunities which helps high school students to gain the top spot in San Jose. A good standard of living is enjoyed by the residents of this city with people enjoying an average annual salary of $65,000. The city is surrounded by mountains and has picturesque beauty.

Cost of living

Just like any other good city with all the facilities, Boulder is also a little bit on the expensive side. The demand for property is always increasing. As the rural land and open spaces are making the construction of new properties difficult there is a limited number of properties to buy. The leaders of the city are trying to come up with the solution hence, increasing the rates of the properties.

Weather conditions

The weather in Boulder is very pleasant to stay in. It is blessed with sunny days and clear skies. The late spring and early autumn seasons make it even more beautiful. During summer you can take a day out for biking or do some mountain climbing. As it is situated against the foothills, the winter season gets a bit dry, with mountains covered with snow.


One of the common means of transport to get around the city is a car. Extensive networks of bike paths are also available. The trustworthy public transport system makes commutation easier for people in Boulder. People also use cycles to move around the city here.

Adventure/ recreational activities

Boulder County is house to more than 150 hiking trails and 60 parks. You’ll find many climbing crags that are the fastest route to the high county. It is here that you’ll find Eldora Mountain Resort which is famous for snowboarding and skiing. You can also visit Rocky Mountain National Park which is a famous ski resort in Colorado. Shops, street performers, and restaurants in Downtown Boulder.

2. Denver, Colorado

It was in the 1800s, that a gold mine was discovered in Denver, Colorado. Now it has come a long way to become a gold mining hub. Due to its elevation of 5,280 ft, it is famous by the name of Mile High City. It is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains makes it a fabulous location for outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

Cost of living

The increase in the population in Denver has caused a hike in the cost of living. This has led to a drastic surge in housing costs. Looking at the national median costs, the median house cost in Denver is quite high comparatively.

Weather conditions

Talking about the weather conditions in Denver it is usually sunny and dry. Even then the city witnesses some of the heavy snow, rain, hail, and lighting due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountain. Denver experiences snow with clear blue skies in winter. So, no matter what the season, the weather of the city can be enjoyed in all seasons.


You’ll find residents of Denver quite eco-friendly but when it comes to choosing their mode of transport they go for cars. The percentage of the population using cars is very high as thus the highways are often crowded with them. Even then you’ll find most neighborhoods walkable.

The bike is another mode of transportation preferred by the residents of Denver. More than 85 miles of paved trails can be found for cyclists in the metro parts of the city. An above-the-ground tramway, The Regional Transportation District light rail is another popular means to commute here.

Adventure/ recreational activities

Having more than 5,000 acres of golf courses, parks, playgrounds, trails, Denver is home to multiple recreational activities. As it is close to the Rocky Mountains, multiple opportunities open up for people who are adventure lovers. Apart from that growing demand for music and arts culture makes this place stand out.

3. Austin Texas

The metro area of Austin was established in the year 1839 and since then it has developed into one of the finest cities to live in America. Located alongside the Colorado river, it is set on the edge of Hill County. It is famous for its local bands and variety of music places and hence, it is often referred to as the Live Music Capital of the World. Earlier, in the 1990s, it was named Silicon Hills for being one of the top areas for venture monetary investment in America. It is noted that every day more than 150 people travel to Austin to make a career in this land of music and cultural activities.

Cost of living

Known as one of the most rapidly growing cities in the USA, the average cost of a house for a single-family is higher than the national median. Here, residents enjoy the advantage of a low state and local tax rate with no personal or corporate income tax. This and much more makes the cost of living in Austin very much affordable in comparison to housing and median household income of other similar metro cities.

Weather conditions

Summers in Austin are all about blazing heat with high temperatures. Other seasons witness a mild temperature wherein winters the temperature may drop sometimes.


One thing is very much common in Austin, and that is traffic congestion. The public transport system of this metro area, Capital Metro, operates a 32-mile railway line and 80 bus routes. Only a few miles away from Austin Downtown you’ll find Austin Bergstrom International Airport, which is very convenient.

Adventure/ recreational activities

The formula One Race hosted at Circuit of The Americas takes place in the metro area. During weekends the residents like to get away from the bustling city lifestyle, to do hiking, kayaking, bicycle rides, canoe rides, and fun activities in the parks. The city also offers a variety of live music concerts. For fine dining experiences, you will find food trucks, eateries, and restaurants in Austin.

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

New settlements are coming up for people wanting to settle in Colorado Springs. These settlements are coming up alongside schools, parks, and cultural places attracting families to buy properties. The metro city is sure to attract students, military people, and professionals as it has many nationally ranked colleges, and several military bases.

The distance between Colorado Springs and Denver is very short and takes a maximum of 1 hour. The world-class ski resort Vail and Aspen are also located nearby. The culture and economy of the city are influenced by the people into military jobs but it is not hard to find jobs in other fields such as medical innovation and technology.

The city is known for its low unemployment rate, several recreations, entertainment activities, and most importantly, lower cost of living. It is for all these reasons and much more that people get easily attracted to settle down in Colorado Springs.

Cost of living

Calculating the total cost of living in Colorado, it is very expensive, even though the basic cost of living is low. Compared to the national average, the residents of this city don’t spend much on groceries, transportation, and utilities of other cities. It’s the cost of housing that is more in Colorado Springs than in other cities. Whereas, the average income of the residents is at par with the national income of the United States of America.

Weather conditions

The city of Colorado Springs enjoys milder yet sunny weather. In early spring or late winter, the city is often hit by a blizzard which is a common weather phenomenon. All in all, the city has pleasant weather conditions for one to settle in.


Just like other best cities in America, cars are the favorite means of transport for people living in Colorado Springs. The Mountain Metro Transit is the city’s public bus system which is very popular in the downtown area. The bike lanes of this city are one of the fastest-growing networks in the USA. A municipal airport in Colorado Springs connects Denver to other international as well as national locations.

Adventure/ recreational activities

The picturesque beauty of the city is one of the attractive features of Colorado Springs. It has multiple options for a variety of outdoor activities. You can go on hiking and biking with your friends that run for miles in open spaces. It also has an opportunity for snowboarding and skiing activities. It is here one can visit the US Olympic Training Centre where experts get prepared for the Olympics. People also take out time to visit Old Colorado City for its historic background, art galleries, and pioneer-style buildings.

5. Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins area has come a long way from being a popular mountain ski town to selling some of the expensive properties in America. It may not be as expensive as those in Denver and Boulder but that is the reason why more and more people are finding it convenient. This city can give you a feel of a small town and great satisfaction. Here one can find popular recreational activities to spend some quality time and generate better income. It is here that the Colorado State University is situated.

If you were told that this is Napa Valley you would be able to recognize it as one of the best winemakers in the World. This is what the famous New Belgium Brewing Co. calls its home. Being close to the Rocky Mountains is what attracts people from near and far, making a good income for the city economy.

Cost of living

Looking at the total cost of living in America, this area has a low cost of living compared to other states. Still, as people are getting interested in the area, the prices of the property may increase gradually. Here, people are likely to pay lower property taxes as compared to Boulder and Denver.

The cost of living in Fort Collins is equivalent to a national average of groceries. It is even lesser than the national average for utilities and transportation.

Weather conditions

As it is situated close to the Rocky Mountains, it has very pleasant weather. Summers can be dry and hot occasionally with thunderstorms now and then. Still, it receives good sunshine. It may be difficult to predict the arrival of Autumn or Spring as rains may unpredictably transform into snowfall. The city also witnesses hail as summer comes to an end. tornadoes are a rare occurrence in the north and east parts of the city. Looking at the bigger picture, the weather is quite beautiful whether it is summer or springtime.


Lanes and bike trails can be found in Fort Collins which eases the means of transportation. Convenient bus services are another mode of transport that makes it easy for the residents to travel across the city. It only takes one hour to reach Denver International Airport from Fort Collins. All in all, this city has a very smooth commutation arrangement.

Adventure/recreational activities

Outdoor activities are one of the main means of generating a great income in this city. In Fort Collins, you will find Rocky Mountain National Park, where people come to hike and camp in the lap of nature. It is also famous for bars, a variety of opportunities for entertainment and arts, music venues, and shopping areas. People coming here don’t return without buying wine bottles.

Museum of Discovery is where children can be taken to witness digital theatre and children’s museums. People staying here or nearby don’t miss the famous Colorado Brewer’s Festival and Bohemian Nights Music Festival which takes place in summer.

Final Word

The cities mentioned above are just a glimpse of places where you will be settling a piece of cake. With the growth in demand for better properties located in beautiful cities, these places are one of the hot spots for real estate companies. Some other best places to stay in the USA are:

  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Des Moines, Lowa
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Portland, Oregon
  • San Francisco, California, and so on.

The above information will help you find and compare some of the best places to live in the USA. So, without any further ado book yourself a professional moving company in the USA and start writing a new chapter in your life.

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