The Most Definitive Guide to Vet the Genuineness of Packers and Movers


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Moving home is stressful. This is the bitter truth. No matter how well your preparation is you will face some stresses on your move.

But it does not mean that you don’t make efforts to turn your move into an easy-going and smooth affair. There are certain things that you need to do to make your move hassle-free.

Hiring genuine packers and movers is one of the best things you can do to have a hassle-free moving experience.

Luckily, you have many professional packers and movers in your neighborhood or city. Consider choosing the right and genuine one to schedule your move with.

How will you select genuine packers and movers? How will you vet the genuineness of moving service providers?

“Genuine people don’t come around too often.  If you find somebody real enough to stay true, keep them close.” — Anonymous

This statement goes well and very relevant when it comes to hiring a genuine house moving company. There can be some duplicitous and dubious movers in your city that can give you a painful relocation experience.

So, vetting the credentials and genuineness of movers and packers before hiring their services is imperative. Here are some tips that will help you verify the moving companies’ credibility and genuineness.

Proven Ways to Select Genuine Packers and Movers

Take the written quotes

There are so many relocation companies in the market to choose from. The costs of hiring relocation services range from low to high. If you with movers giving you low cost, make sure there are no hidden costs.

Sometimes packers and movers may give you a low-cost estimate in the beginning but once you hire them; they will add extra charges for different services.

This is why you should not stick to a moving company that you meet first. Shortlist at least 3-4 companies. Talk to them and ask for the written estimates for the complete relocation.

If you find any moving company trying to settle the deal over phone calls, it is best to avoid them. Whenever you are dealing with any packing and moving company, you need to have a talk with the person face to face. Only agree with the written estimates and ignore any quotes sent through mails or phone calls derived without conducting any survey.

Don’t Hurry. Take Time to Decide

There is so much saturation in the market, you may choose the first moving company that falls in your line of sight.

Can you trust any random person with your bag?

Then how can you trust any random packing and moving service provider with your complete personal belongings?

Conduct proper and thorough research before hiring any one of them. Shortlist any 3-4 moving companies to come and run a survey of all your belongings. Check their ratings and reviews, run background checks, ask for references and also look into the years of experience of any packers and movers in the city.

Don’t ignore complaints from past customers. They can be a mine of information if you read them carefully. We must make sure that our goods are in safe hands and do that don’t hurry to find the perfect moving company. Even if you find a small complaint about the company inspects about it. In this Google can be very helpful.

Avoid the Low-ball Estimates

When you go out to hire packers and movers, you’ll find all varieties of them. What you need to do is avoid packers and movers with quoting exceptionally low prices. Hiring the one with cheaper rates may seem like good luck. But it is far from that.

You might get confused as to why different packing and moving companies charge different prices for the same amount of shifting. Having a professional moving company may charge you a little less but once they get the order, they start making excuses. The company will also keep adding the amount to the bill for every service they provide. You’ll end up paying extra eventually.

So, to avoid unnecessary stress at the last moment, choose the straight path of hiring a responsible mover. This will assure safe and timely shifting, without you worrying about it.

Check Movers and Packers’ License

Blindly following any company can be very troublesome in the later stage. One way to ensure the authenticity of any packing and moving company is by inspecting their license to work. Believe that one sheet of paper that has a government stamp on it.

For proper verification, you can visit the company office once and ask them about the license to work. It can be time-consuming but to ensure the safety of your belongings you must go through the crocked ways.

Some of the packers post their letter of authenticity on their website for their customers. You may want to re-check those to make sure it’s not a farce. So, go on and ask the company if they are licensed or not.

Go Through Complaint History

You have seen the website and you’re very impressed with all the get-ups. Open the Google search and type down the name of the company. you’ll be surprised as to how many people have commented about the company. You can see stars too for ratings.

You need to focus on the negative comments. One out of five people may have a bitter experience. That is normal. Most of them having the same experience can be a warning bell. Go for an in-depth search about the good points and check for any significant grievances on Google. This will help you when you are interviewing your packer and mover during the selection process.

The concluding point is if you want to find a better company you’ll have to drive down to find the one.

Ask Questions

Asking questions shows how aware you are of the market. Ask the right questions at right time to make a positive impression on the person dealing with you. He will take you seriously and won’t try to fool you with false claims.

You should know like any other market, logistics also has good and bad dealers. Instead of judging the book by its cover, try to read the contents. Ask simple questions to determine their worth.

Here, are some of the questions to put forth while talking to your packer and mover.

  • Years of experience in the field of packing and moving
  • How is the team trained to safely shift the belongings?
  • Do you have your transportation facility? Is it suitable for transporting your belongings safely?
  • What kind of insurance is offered by the company?
  • What are the payment options open with the company?
  • When will my belongings finally get delivered?
  • Do you have any other charges, that can come up, while shifting things?

These questions can help you find how the packing and moving company works. With this, you can be on the top of the game.

Take Reviews and Ratings Seriously

The best thing about Google is you get all the answers to your question with just one click of the button. Professional packers and movers work towards delivering their best when it comes to satisfying customers. To help you better understand the company you can visit the website and check on the list of satisfied customers.

The satisfaction of the client reflects on the ratings and reviews. This can act as a guide to pick the best out of the rest. You can also take the help of a reference company like Moving solutions where you can find genuine reviews and ratings about packers and movers. You can also take the help of social media like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc. for a clear knowledge about the company.

Read Paperwork Thoroughly

All the essential documents must be thoroughly read before signing any. To complete the relocation in a stress-free way you need to check them properly. If you come across any intricate term or is not making proper sense to you, you can always ask the movers or the company personnel who is dealing with you.

Reading the paperwork will up your game. If you ask things that you don’t understand, this shows that you are aware of your consumer rights. What does this document contain?

These documents are handed over to you after the survey is done. It will include the order of services offered, moving quotes, inventory list, and bill, and other categories. It will be better if you won’t sign any forms, blank paper, cheques that are to be filled in your absence.

Insurance Facility

The hectic job of moving doesn’t with you hiring a suitable packer and mover. You think you are done, but you are far away from it.

You should check some of the things after hiring a mover for the household shifting. One of them is “insurance”. Don’t forget to check with your company if they are providing any insurance services or not. If you miss it can prove to be a big loss.

The bottom line

Moving can be risky sometimes. You may have damaged or scratched items delivered to the new destination. It can be due to any reason. If you’ve insurance for your belongings, you can claim that amount from the packing and moving service providing company. an unknown accident, bad weather, or even fire can make things go ugly. If you have an insurance facility these things will reach safely to their new address or you ask for reimbursement or claim the insurance money. It’s a win-win situation.

The above-mentioned points can help you skim through all packers and movers available in the market and find the best one of them all. You need to act smartly and keep your poise maintained. If you are lucky you can negotiate the price and get a discount on the services.

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