Things to Know About Luggage Transport Services for Students, Defense Personnel & Families


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Know everything about luggage transport services in India. Simplify your life by availing the professional luggage delivery and courier services in India.

Are you relocating to another city? Wondering “how to transport your extra luggage”? Then you don’t need to worry at all. Now you can simply book a professional luggage transport service and simplify your life. There are a number of professional packers and movers companies in Indian cities that can transport your household belongings. But what about your excess luggage including your personal belongings like garments, books, etc?

Let me share a story with you. Saurav, the son of my friend Mr. Ajit Gupta, recently completed his engineering preparation coaching in Kota, a city in Rajasthan. He managed his admission to one of the renowned engineering colleges in Bangalore.

So, he had to shift from Kota to Bangalore with his all bags and baggage. He contacted several professional packers and movers companies in Kota so that he can manage the seamless logistic of their belongings from Kota to Bangalore.

But unfortunately, movers and packers refused to shift their belongings because of fewer items to pack and move. Finally, he read somewhere about professional luggage transport companies that deal with transporting and safe delivery of luggage and fewer items. He hired this service and managed to transport his luggage from Kota to Bangalore.

Professional packers and movers may refuse to transport your excess luggage like personal belongings, garments, or books. Students usually have fewer items to shift. In the case of students moving, many packers and movers refuse to provide packing and moving services due to fewer items to shift. So, the only option to shift fewer items or excess luggage is hiring a professional luggage shifting service.

Count on luggage transporters for safe and express delivery of your luggage

There are many professional luggage transport companies in Indian cities that provide services for luggage transport from one city to another. This specialized service has been a boon for students, and even families who want to shift fewer items from one city to another. In fact, luggage transport service is for everyone who wants to enjoy safe and seamless delivery of their belongings from one city to another. Whether you are a student, a family, a senior citizen, Indian defense personnel, or a person with physical disabilities, transporting your bags and luggage can be a whole lot easier, safer, and hassle-free with a professional luggage delivery service.

If you rely on a professional luggage courier and delivery service then you will not have to handle your bags and baggage. You won’t have to carry heavy loads with you during your travel. Your luggage will be available at your destination when you arrive there. Before transporting your luggage from one city to another, experts will pack them using premium quality packaging supplies. You must know the fact that proper packing ensures the safety of your belongings against any damages in transit.

Your travel from one city to another should be tension-free. You should not have to handle heavy loads of luggage in transit especially when you are a student and traveling by train or flight. But a professional luggage transport service can take care of this for you. Door to door luggage delivery service will allow you to focus on preparing for your trip. You won’t’ have to face the hassle of wrangling your luggage. So, hiring a luggage transport service is a better idea to travel light and transport excess baggage safely from one city to another.

Students’ luggage transport and delivery service

In the case of luggage transfer of students from one city to another, most luggage transport companies provide the best assistance in packing their belongings. They provide a specialized box with a capacity of 20 kg. Student luggage transport service provides proper packaging of luggage, pick-up from the student’ hostel or dorm room, and delivery of luggage at their homes or wherever they want to shift.

Some renowned luggage transport companies also provide free insurance with limited liability to cover the loss, if a package or consignment is lost in transit. In addition, they provide complete packing and documentation assistance with their door to door luggage delivery service.

And hence, professional luggage courier and delivery service is indeed a great help for those students who want to shift their belongings from one city to another. Whether students want to move back to their homes or want to shift from one city to another for higher education, they can avail of this service for seamless and tension-free logistics of their belongings.

Luggage courier and delivery services for Indian defense personnel

Indian defense personnel often have to move from one city to another due to their job nature. They have to travel a lot individually or with family members. No need to mention, only every travel they also have to carry their entire luggage and baggage along with them in trunks. I can understand very well that this would not have an enjoyable experience for them. Traveling with heavy trunks from one city to another is not a fun chore at all. But they have to deal with this circumstance.

With the purpose of helping Indian defense personnel, many luggage transport companies have designed specific luggage transport and delivery service. They provide complete assistance in transporting their trunks filled with their baggage safely from one city to another. Luggage shifting service for Indian defense personnel includes free packing, convenient pickups, safe & express logistic, and on-time delivery of luggage.

How to book luggage transport service in India

There is no dearth of luggage transport companies in major cities and towns of India. You can hire a luggage delivery service from any luggage transport company. But make sure that your luggage transporter should be reliable, licensed, and experienced. Only then you can expect safe, express, hassle-free, and seamless transportation of your belongings from one place to another. Here is a guide to hiring the best and reliable luggage transport company in your city.

  • Collect information about top-notch luggage transport companies in your city. Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues about luggage transport companies if they know. Search online to gather more information about the luggage transport service.
  • Verify the credibility of luggage transport companies and the authenticity of their service. Make sure your shortlisted luggage transport service provider is licensed, registered, and experienced.
  • Ask for free quotations from at least the top 3 luggage delivery service providers. Compare the quotations to hire the right and best-match baggage delivery service.
  • If the above steps do not work, then count on one of the relevant portals like or Through these portals, you will get free quotations from top-notch pre-verified logistic companies offering luggage transport service for students, families, and Indian defense personnel. Compare the quotes and hire the best luggage delivery service at affordable price.

In Conclusion

If you are in a situation like Saurav then you don’t need to take tension at all. Professional luggage transport service is for you that will ensure for seamless logistic of your belongings. If you need your luggage delivered to your destination but you don’t want to do it yourself then hiring a professional luggage shifting service makes sense. Whether you are a student, defense personnel, a family, or a person with physical disabilities, you must consider hiring a professional luggage transport service to enjoy seamless transportation of your baggage. It is advised to hire a professional luggage shifting service from a reliable, registered, licensed, and experienced luggage transport company. Especially, if you are moving to another city and have to shift fewer items.

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