Vastu Shastra Tips for Shop and Showroom You Must Follow


So, you have decided to open an own shop or showroom. Starting an own business is one of the best things you can do for the betterment of your family’s future. If you truly have made your mind for starting a business like opening a shop or showroom then it is more likely that you will want to reach a new height of a successful and prosperous business. You will like to see your business is thriving well and everything is going as planned and smooth way.

For a successful business, you need to do hard work and execute planned things in systematic and timely manner. You cannot expect for a successful business without involving yourself in that business. In addition, you also need to consider for vastu for your shop or office. The importance of Vastu Shastra in architecture of home, shop, showroom and office is well known among Indian people. People have great faith in Vastu Shastra – the science of architecture.  Hence, there is no harm in setting up a home, a business, an office or a shop/showroom according to the concept of Vastu Shastra.

An own shop or showroom is a dream of many people. It is the place that gives you bread and butter to your family members. Just like a happy home, you will also like to see your shop or showroom flourishing and successful. Vastu for business (shop or showroom) may increase the chances of success. Here, I am going to providing you some fantastic vastu tips for shops and showrooms so that your business can flourish well, and you can ensure success in the business with your hard work.

Vastu Tips for Shop or Showroom

Main Entrance of Shop or Showroom

According to Vastu Shastra, the main entrance of a shop or showroom ought to be facing East and North direction. The benefit associated with it is it attracts positivity and prosperity. Shops and showrooms that face South and West may also do well in the business. But, if you can manage your shop or showroom with East or North facing entrance then it would the better option.

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According to Vastu Shastra, cleanliness is important. It suggests that the entrance of your shop or showroom must be neat and clean. You should ensure that there is no direct and clutter at the entrance of your shop or showroom. It is because it is the welcoming point for the customers. If your entrance is not neat and clean then customers may not come inside.

Vastu also says that there should not be any obstacles in or in the front of entrance. You should not place any decorative trees, status, or anything else at the entrance. In addition, your shop or showroom should not face any drain. It is because it leads to loss of wealth. In addition, make sure that no stagnant water accumulate in front of your shop or showroom. Make sure there is no any slop towards the entrance of the shop or showroom. Vastu considers it inauspicious.

Shape of Shop or Showroom

Vastu Shastra focuses on design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry of an architecture. Hence, the shape of your shop or showroom matters a lot according to vastu. It plays a vital role in making your business successful. It helps you make correct decisions in your business.

Vastu Shastra recommends for having a rectangular or square shaped shop or showroom. It is the most ideal choice. If you are going to find a rented shop or showroom then make sure it is rectangular and square shaped. You should never go with a shop or showroom that is triangular or other irregular shapes. According to vastu, having a shop or showroom with irregular shape can cause mental stress and irregularity in incomes. So, avoid opening a shop or showroom in such irregular places. In addition, keep the front of your shop or showroom wider than its back. According to Vastu Shastra, it is good for better productivity.

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Counter of Shop or Showroom

Vastu Shastra states that that counter of a shop or showroom should but square, rectangular or angular in shape. Having a circular counter at a shop or showroom can lead to financial losses. So, keep these things about the shape of the counter at your shop or showroom. In addition, your counter should be placed in the South East or South West direction. It helps in bring prosperity in the business. Moreover, cleanliness is important. Hence, keep the counter of your shop or showroom neat and clean. Keep the counter full of space to foster profits and prosperity in the business.

Cash Counter of Shop or Showroom

Vastu Shastra states that your cash counter of shop or showroom should be placed in the north direction. It is considered as auspicious for business. It helps in bringing profits and prosperity in the business. The religious region behind it is the north is the residing location of Lord Kuber, the God of Prosperity. Hence, having the cash counter in north direction may bring financial prosperity in the shop or showroom. In addition, you should never keep your cash counter empty of cash. If your shop or showroom has a locker room then make sure it is in the South West direction with it opening to the North direction.

Heavy Furniture and Showcases at Shop or Showroom

According to Vastu Shastra, the most suitable direction to keep showcases and heavy furniture is South West direction. It is good for prosperity in the business. On the other hand, having heavy furniture or showcases in the North East direction can leads to losses in the business.

Location of the Shop / Showroom Owner

Vastu Shastra also states about the location of the shop or showroom owner. According to the vastu guidelines, a shop or showroom owner should has their seat facing the north or East direction. As a shop or showroom owner, you should not sit facing the south or west direction. Not following vastu guidelines can lead to losses and other problems in the business. In addition, the cashier of a shop or showroom should sit in the South East direction.

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Miscellaneous Vastu Tips for Shops and Showrooms

  • Keep computer, television, electronic equipment and appliances in the South East corner of the shop.
  • Keep a temple in the shop in the North East Zone.
  • Place a copper vessel filled with Ganga Jal.
  • Keep this area neat and clean.
  • Don’t keep the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to the right of the North East direction.
  • Use South, West and South West area for the storage.
  • Prefer wooden or marble flooring in your shop or showroom.
  • Keep mirrors in a shop or showroom in North, West or North East direction.
  • Place mannequins in the North West and North of north direction.
  • Make sure the main door and other doors of your shop or showroom must not make noise.
  • Choose North West direction for sale promotion techniques such as display boards, banners and announcements.

In Conclusion

Opening a shop or showroom is a big investment in the life of a person. It brings bread and butter to the family members of the shop or showroom owner. The owner of a shop or showroom works hard for the prosperity and success in the business. But sometimes, they don’t get expected results even after doing a lot of hard works. Applying these key Vastu Shastra tips for shop and showroom may bring great result – bringing happiness, profits and financial stability in the business. If you are going to open a shop or showroom then apply vastu tips during construction.

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