The Ultimate Guide to Relocating to the USA from India


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Are you moving from India to the USA? If yes then sit back and relax. I need 5 minutes of your time so that you can read this ultimate guide to relocating to the USA from India.

Relocating to the USA has been a dream of many people from all around the world. Every year a large number of people not only from India but also from other countries relocate to the United States of America (USA). The country offers world-class infrastructure and living facilities to its residents and migrants as well. People from different nationalities move to this developed country for great living, excellent education, and a prosperous carrier.

If you are one of those people who has decided to relocate from India to the USA then it is likely that your relocating process is safe and hassle-free. There are multiple things that you should take into account before relocating to this developed country. In this ultimate guide to relocating to the USA, you will learn and understand the procedures of moving to the United States from India. In addition, this guide will keep you on the right track. So, have a look at the below-mentioned tips and plan your move to the USA accordingly.

12 Things to Consider When Moving to the USA

1. Research, Research, and Research


If you are planning to move from India to the USA then you must conduct preliminary research. This will help you understand many things about international relocating procedures. Research about the United States as much as you can. If you are moving to this developed and powerful country in the world then research the available job opportunities. Research the city in the USA where you prefer to live in. Accommodation, infrastructure, facilities, environment, education, and job opportunities should be on the top list of research about the USA. Research on the process of VISA application process and apply for the same early as it may take time. In addition, you also need to research finding international moving companies, shipping procedures, etc. If you are willing to sell your current property before moving to the USA then you also need to research about the same. It would be a wise decision to create a timetable and a checklist so that you can do the right things at the right times.

2. Reasons for Relocating to the USA


What are the reasons for relocating to the USA? Do you really need to move to the United States? Or, do you really want to get settled in the USA? You should also analyze these things. There can be various reasons behind moving to the US. Different people have different reasons. The main reasons behind relocating to the USA are excellent job opportunities, business establishment, world-class infrastructure facilities, and high-end lifestyles. Different localities and regions of the United States of America may have different facilities and lifestyles. Hence, you must research the same before making any final decision. If you are moving to this powerful country for a better job opportunity then you must find a proper job by appearing for an interview in a US-based company. It is mandatory for the USA Visa application. If you are relocating to the United States for business purposes then there can be a different process for the US Visa application. So, find the actual reasons for your moving to the USA and research about the same thoroughly.

3. Getting the US Visa


The US Visa is one of the most important documents that you will need for entering into the land of the United States. You cannot think about relocating to the USA without a US Visa. Getting a US visa can be a tiresome, worrisome, and time-consuming process. Most of us get irritated with the time-consuming process of getting a US visa. But if you can make it easier by getting ready for the same as early as possible. Hence, you should apply for it as early as possible. Before you apply for a USA visa, you need to find the actual reason for your move to the United States. It is imperative because mentioning the appropriate reasons for moving, you cannot apply for a US visa. Once your visa application for moving to the USA gets approved, the National Visa Centre will see the procedure then and provide you recommendations for the official visa application and interviews. If you want to get settled in the US permanently then you can get a Green Card to become a permanent resident.

4. Getting Temporary Accommodation


After getting your US visa, commence your planning for relocating to the United States. After entering the land of the USA, it is likely that you will need temporary accommodation such as a hotel or a holiday rental on an immediate basis. It is recommended to book your temporary accommodation in the US earlier so that you cannot get any difficulty once after landing in the land of this powerful country. Having temporary accommodation like a hotel will save a lot of your time. In addition, it will help you find appropriate permanent accommodation. There are several property management companies or property deals that may help you find the accommodation of your choice. You may also research thoroughly on the internet.

5. Things to Do at Your Current Home in India


There are several things that you need to take into account at your current home in India. Important things to do can be paying out the outstanding bills, disconnecting subscriptions, disconnecting utility services (cable, internet, phone, electricity, gas, etc), transferring postal details, and notifying your known ones about your international move to the USA. In addition, you also need to prepare all the required and important documents for your international move. You need to keep documents like passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, ID proofs, and medical records.

6. Shipping Belongings from India to the USA


Before the actual day of moving from India to the US, you also need to make the appropriate arrangements for shipping of your household belongings. There are a number of international packers and movers companies in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and other major Indian cities that provide services for international relocation. You need to find the right and reputable international moving company that can ship your household belongings safely to your desired location in the US. A legitimate international moving company may also guide you in paper & documentation. They may also help with your customs clearance. Keep in mind, you should always hire container shipping services for relocating to the USA from a trustworthy, licensed, and reputable international relocation company. Research on available international moving companies. Collect and compare rates from different companies before making any decision. You can find a trustworthy and legitimate international moving company in India for moving to the US from

7. Submit an Application for the Social Security Number


Social security number is one of the most important things you will need after reaching the US. Hence, after relocating to the United States, don’t forget you submit your application for a security number. You can apply for this at the time of the US visa application. If you don’t’ have applied for it during the Visa application then submit an application for it after reaching the US. A social security number will allow the government to keep the track of your earnings in the USA. In addition, it will check your eligibility for the retirement benefits. There is the local Social Security Admin Office where you will need to submit for social security number. You will need to bring proof of your service in the United States.

8. Open a Bank Account in a US-based Bank


Opening a bank account in an American bank is one of the most important things you need to do once you moved to the USA. Having an American bank account is imperative. Without an American bank account, you may get into trouble with paying your bills and receiving your salary. So, open a bank account in one of the American banks that comes with a debit card. A debit card will facilitate you to pay for anything without carrying cash in your pockets. Important documents to open an account in an American bank are ID proof, passport, social security number, immigration documents, etc. After opening a new account in any American bank, you can easily transfer funds from your old bank account.

9. Finding Home in the US


Make a decision correctly whether you need a rental home or have your own property in the US. After reaching the land of the United States, you must quickly find appropriate permanent accommodation. There are several property management companies and property dealers in the US that can help you find a home as per your requirement. It is suggested to research available options for accommodation in the US before making the decision to find a rental home or buy a property.

10. Get a Health Insurance


You must get health insurance after relocating from India to the United States. Health insurance and healthcare needs in the US can be obtained from hospitals. It is imperative to get health insurance because it will cover any charges for health issues. Some companies and organizations also offer health insurance to their employees. So, you must check it before opting for third-party health insurance. If your employer is providing you the health insurance schemes then you don’t need to get any additional health insurance.

11. Make Arrangements of Utilities in Your US Home


It is likely that you will need utilities in your new home in the United States. Once you have settled in your new home then research the best utility services for your home. Get electricity, phone, internet, and gas connection from a trustworthy vendor. Get quotations from different service providers to compare their charges and find the best utility services that match your budget and specific requirements.

12. Be Familiar with the US Laws, Rules, and Regulations


It is one of the most important things you need to know after relocating to the US. Every country has different laws and rules & regulations. Hence you must get familiar with the US laws so that you can enjoy hassle-free living ahead. Try to know what is allowed and what is restricted as per the US laws. Follow the rules and regulations strictly.

Final Words

I hope this guide to moving to the USA will help a lot. By following the instruction and guidelines in this article, you will enjoy a safe, hassle-free, and amazing experience of relocating to the United States. There can be several other things that you can find during your research for relocation from India to the US.

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