21 Bedroom Decoration Ideas: How to Decorate a Bedroom Elegantly


How to decorate a bedroom” is one of the most critical questions searched over the internet. To help you decorate your bedroom beautifully, I am sharing here some exciting ideas and tips. You may also like to read my previous article: Simple Yet Splendid Ways to Decorate Living Room.

A bedroom is not just a room where you sleep, but it’s a place for relaxation. It refreshes your mind away from the world and worries. And that’s why bedroom interior design is crucial, which can provide an instant feeling of relaxation. If you want to decorate your bedroom, then here are a few tips that will help you decorate your bedroom gorgeously.

The first thing that meets the eyes is the colour you have used to paint your bedroom walls and the colours of the carpets, bed set, etc. These should be soothing in pastel colours so that you will get a relaxing effect. And not only the colour of the walls but also several other things that you need to take care of while embellishing your bedroom. Most people want their bedroom to reflect their favourite colours, feelings, and collections; let’s know how to decorate your bedroom.

21 Bedroom Decoration Ideas and Tips

1. Choose a Subtle Shades

Most of the interior designers suggest not to use a dark colour for the bedroom. Of course, they mix-match the paint colour with another home décor in your bedroom, but you are not going with any professional’s help, so select soothing shades. This way, you never go wrong with choosing the colour for your bedroom walls. You know that the gentle hue of blue, light green, and lavender is considered serene, and that’s why perfect for your bedroom. You can opt for toasty browns, deep pomegranate, or topaz for the cosy and comfortable room.

2. Don’t Forget the Ceiling

People say that a home is made of four walls, but the fifth one is your ceiling, which completes the house. Do you always see a bland, blank surface whenever you lie down on your bed? That’s because you have overlooked your ceiling. Many suggest keeping the ceiling always white, but you should use the lighter version of the wall colour to paint your ceiling.

Another splendid way to decorate the ceiling is to use a stencil or wallpaper. You can add architectural elements as mouldings in the ceiling or apply a decorative paint treatment. Installing a ceiling medallion is also a great way to call attention to the ceiling, especially with a light fixture.

3. Try to Keep Everything Simple

You know what your bedroom is meant for, so it should look simple, sophisticated, cosy, and elegant, regardless of what style of decorating your bedroom you choose. It would be best to keep at least 3 feet gap between the wall and bed and keep 2 feet gap between the bed and side walls or the furniture like tables and dressers. Think about how to perfectly set the bed so that you can walk around the bed, get from the closet to the bathroom, etc. It would be best if you only kept the things in your bedroom that you’ll need. The rest of the items should be placed in other rooms or living rooms. Mainly what you will require in the bedroom is a bed, bedside table, a chair, closet or cupboard, and a dresser are the most important things.

4. Pick the Right Furniture

Do you think you need a sofa in your bedroom? Or is it a couch that you may need? Well, that all depends upon your requirements. Keeping furniture in your bedroom is entirely allowable, but you must know what type of furniture you should keep in there. The furniture that fits the room is what you should choose. Do not buy heavy furniture for your bedroom; an enormous bed and dresser is not suitable for a small bedroom. Also, while selecting the cupboard, keep the size of the ceiling in your mind.

If you have a large bedroom, then you should choose the furniture that fits it. You can add a pair of chairs also with a tea table. For this, you can select big or large furniture in sizes as the small one will look lost in that large room.

5. Have Enough Storage Space

It feels good when you don’t see a mess around you. To add just a serene feeling, store things out of your sight. It would be best to get something to keep goods for you without making the room look messy. Get bedside tables with drawers there. You can hide plenty of goods. You can also use a trunk and storage bench underneath the bed, where you can keep your extra sheets, pillows, and blankets. Another way to store your goods, like books, reading glasses, etc., is to get a headboard with built-in shelves or sliding panels.

6. Have a Private Nook

Well, you have complete privacy as it’s your bedroom. You should create an intimate reading or lounging area, where you can comfortably sit on a chair and footstool in any corner of the room. Most of the love to have in their bedroom is- having a window seat under the bedroom window so that they can enjoy the view and let the natural light come inside the room.

7. Get the Right Curtains for the Windows

Get your window beautifully dressed with beautiful curtains to add colour, texture, and softness to a bedroom. It is always good to have curtains that filter lights, and you get a natural sparkling bedroom in the day. But to maintain privacy at night and block morning lights, you can combine opaque roller blinds that can be pulled down when needed.

8. Get Several Lighting Options

Having dim lights in the bedroom is good to create a cosy and romantic mood, but it is good to layer the lightings throughout the bedroom. Keep small lamps for small places like to focus light on reading and other activities. For this, you can keep a bedside lamp with a movable arm. The lights should be adjustable with a dimmer, and do not forget to install a separate switch for each light so that you can be selective and light only the area you want.

9. Create a Place to Relax

Your bedroom should be a real getaway where you can relax. So, try to keep everything like computers, television, exercise machine, and other electronic items out of the bedroom. And you would love to have such a room dedicated to sleeping, reading, and romance. 

So, these are the primary way to decorate a bedroom. If you follow these steps, you will get a relaxing and cosy bedroom for yourself. But, let’s see the other ways or the other things you can use to decorate your bedroom without spending too much.

Style Up Your Bedroom without Spending a Lot of Money

10. Bring in Plant

Plants are the best and natural way to enhance the look of your house, thus, your bedroom. Bringing in a bit of greenery in your space can make the overall room look a lot nicer. But, make sure that you are a responsible person who can take care of the plants.

11. Use a Mirror

If you have a small bedroom with no space for the dresser or you think a dresser will cover most of the area in your bedroom, then you can use a mirror. Just hang it on the wall where it will bounce more light around the room, which can help to make a room look bigger and brighter.

12. Build a Wooden Headboard Palette

It’s straightforward to find salvaged wood in an old building or, you can get it from your neighbours as well. Just use it to make a headboard for your bedroom. It will give a unique look to your bedroom without spending too much of your time and money on it. Also, it will make your bedroom feel warm and cosy.

13. Use Some Wall Art

A bare wall is perfect for those who want ultra-minimal bedroom interior design, but for others, it just makes the bedroom’s overall look a bit dull. To add some drama to your wall, you can hang one big piece of artwork and then put other few small items interestingly around it. Or, you can go to a gallery wall. If it’s out of your budget, you can get creative with DIY printouts of pictures from the internet.

14. Lighting is a Game Changer

You can play better games to enhance the look of your bedroom with lightings. Overhead lighting is good, but do not make it only the light source in your bedroom. Get a table or floor lamp in your room to get light coming from different heights. It can also help in creating a romantic mood at night.

15. Set Down a Rug

Placing a rug on your bedroom’s floor gives soft, warmth, and texture to the floor. You can put down a carpet and then place a piece of furniture on it. Throwing a rug anywhere in the house can be a game-changer. Or, you can also use multiple mats in just one place to add pattern and visual interest.

16. Paint it with White Color

Those who have a small bedroom can use this trick to make their bedroom look bigger and brighter. Even those with a large bedroom can go with white paint colour as it never goes outdated and always looks modern.

17. Add Scenic Wallpaper

If you are not sure about the wall paint colour, then add some drama and make it fun and adventurous for you by using scenic wallpaper or; you can also give a 3D effect in your bedroom to give the effect of having a larger room. Adding scenic wallpaper in your bedroom will bring more colour and personality to your bedroom.

18. Display Pictures on Wall

Indeed, you don’t need framed pictures to display on your walls. You can directly display the images on the walls to make them look beautiful. This way, you can interestingly decorate your room, use the pictures without frames and arrange them in an exciting pattern like a heart shape or circle, etc.

19. Use Masking Tape

How about decorating your bedroom door with masking tape? It would be an excellent idea for those who can’t spend too much decorating their walls and doors. Just use different colours of masking tape to create all sorts of exciting shapes and designs.

20. Curtains that Make a Statement

You may not know this, but the curtains in your bedroom can make a significant statement. Not only for filtering lights, but it adds warmth and makes space look finished. Whether you want a bit of privacy or just add fun and drama to your area, decorate your bedroom with curtains. But, make sure you buy the curtains in contrast with the wall colours or the colours that match perfectly with the wall colour and transform your space into a chic and cosy retreat.

21. Make Some Changes in Your Bed and Bed Frame

There are a few changes you must do in your bed, for instance – place a mirror as a headboard, add a dramatic look by painting your bed frame, place many cushions on your bed, change the bedding, have a headboard shelve where you can store your books, flower vase, etc.

Ending note…

Professional interior designers suggest keeping the bedroom interior design minimal, and it should always be neat and clean. But, do not forget to add some change and drama to your bedroom with every season or when you shift to a new home to make it exciting and adventurous for yourself. But, this shouldn’t be done so frequently that you won’t be able to get used to the sight and sounds and make it comfortable for you. Otherwise, it will induce restlessness instead of a relaxation unit. So, follow all the above-discussed tips to decorate and enjoy your bedroom interior design.

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