Simple Yet Splendid Ways to Decorate Living Room


Looking for information on “how to decorate living room? If yes, then, in that case, your search ends here. Read this article till the end to learn some excellent living room decoration tips.

If you are planning to decorate your house or have just shifted to a new home, the first thing on your list should be your living room. You might be excited to place everything together and create a gorgeous look. But, to make such a look, you have to consider the paint colours you will paint your walls, furniture you already have, what else you need, and how to arrange and accessorize it.

And even before this, you must figure out what decorating style you want for your living room. For this, you can search for some photos or pictures of living rooms. It can help you select the best decorating style for your living room and then buy the right home décor items. To help you to get started with your décor style, read the tips we have shared for you: –

Arrange Furniture


It can be a daunting task, especially when you do not know how to do it. But some easy-to-apply principles work splendidly in filling an empty room with your furniture. Just follow the following points, and you realize that arranging furniture is not too difficult: –

  • Choose a focal point.
  • Give a few inches of space in between the back of the furniture and wall.
  • Position sofas and chairs facing each other and make conversation area.
  • Create a clear path so that nobody would be tripping over furniture and will walk with no difficulties.

Choose the Rugs


You may find it challenging to get it right in your living room, but there are many advantages to having an area rug. It is not only good in appearance and styling up the spaces, but beyond that. And if you think that, you must have an area rug in your living room, then use the following tips to choose the perfect rugs:-

  • Rugs help in noise reduction. If you think your room has a slight echo, then lay down an area rug and listen to the difference. If you think the carpet is working correctly in reducing noise, then it’s the perfect one for you.
  • Check if the carpet is softer and more comfortable to stand on.
  • Check its warmth.

Decorate Walls with Artwork


Empty walls make the living room look incomplete. But, this doesn’t mean you should fill every inch of your wall; instead, look carefully for the best artworks to create an enticing and cohesive look. You don’t need to buy an expensive one for this; in fact, you can make one by yourself. If you think you need artwork to complete your living room look, then you can opt for the following artwork ideas: –

Type of DIY Art

It’s not essential to buy the expensive ones, be a little creative and make one of your artwork. Here are some fantastic ideas for your living room artwork: –

  • You can frame the pictures of your children’s drawings or artwork.
  • Frame pages of vintage books or, you can use antique maps.
  • If you are an excellent painter, then draw some sketches or paintings and get them framed.
  • Make four to five frames and hang them on your walls.

Where to Hang Artworks

Now, you must think about where you should place the artworks you have created. If you have a fireplace mantel, then this is the best place to hang living room artwork. And if not, then use the following spaces:-

  • Above the sofa or couch
  • Near a window
  • Over a mantel
  • Around a mirror in the living room



Undoubtedly, this is the essential element of any room. But unlike your kitchen and bathroom, the living room has no specific purpose for lights so that it can be placed anywhere. It provides a vital function and plays a vital role as a decorative element for your living room.

Type of lighting to use in Living Room

  • Overhead lighting is mounted to the ceiling like track lighting, flush mounts, pot lights, etc.
  • Chandeliers and pendants are the hanging light fixtures that can add style and drama to your living room.
  • Go for table or floor lamps that are usually placed where light is needed, mainly next to a chair or sofa.
  • You can also install dimmer switches to every single light source, which changes the mood and saves energy and money.

Paint Color


There are many things that people can go wrong with while styling up the living room, and if there’s one thing that most people do wrong, it is choosing the wrong paint colour. The colour you have selected may not go with the home décor you have. So, it is advisable to buy expensive items first; then you can choose a colour based on the things. Here are a few tips for you to choose the right paint colour for your living room and make it look gorgeous: –

  • Make sure everything matches, but not really. Mix match things like the colour of the curtain, paint colour, etc. Just make sure everything looks good together.
  • People say that dark colours are not for small rooms, but you can go with a dark colour. Light or neutral colours are used to make the room look larger. If you want to do that, then use a light colour.
  • Homebuilders use white colour to paint the ceiling, but you can use different colours on your ceiling to give a dramatic look.

No matter what part of the living room you are working on, ensure you know their ideal measurements and the size of the space. And if you have any problems, you can consult any interior designer to know the rules. Maybe the rules offer good guidance, but ultimately it’s your choice, and you also need to find what will work best in your space and be pleasing to your eyes.

We have some other unique living room decoration ideas for you all—a simple yet splendid way to upgrade your living room.

Decorate Your Living Room with Plants


If we talk about the latest trends, then greenery is all over the charts. People search for plant décor to style up their living space. Undoubtedly flowers are gorgeous and one of the best home décor items, but adding real or faux greenery in your living room is the best way to bring the outside in, no matter what season it is. You cannot underrate having plants as part of your living room décor. Indoor plants can make your living space more breathable and relaxed, and of course, this is something that will never go outdated or change anytime soon.

Place a Large Plant Next to the Sofa or Couch

You can place a large show plant just next to your sofa or couch in the living room because this is the place that is easily neglected or remain empty. So, you can try this idea to enhance the look of your living room.

Use a Bench

And for this, you must use different plants, sizes and pots. Placing just a single pot on the table will seem unimpressive, so why not use a bench full of plants in your living room? This way, you can create a volume and have a cabinet effect.

Use a Shelf

It could be an excellent plan to decorate or embellish your living room with plants on shelves, but you should not dedicate the entire rack to particularly placing plants. Instead, you can mix it up and keep books, decorative items, along plants on the shelf.

Use Pots

Several types of pots are available in different sizes; you can choose beautiful pots to decorate your living room or paint the existing pots.

Highlight the Corner

You can decorate the corner of your living room using a large plant. Or, you can use small plants of different types to decorate the corner using plant holder stands.

Have Hanging Plants

One of the most fantastic ways to decorate your living room with different plants is to have hanging planters in the living area. You can either use a few small planters or a single hanging planter to give a gorgeous effect.

Try Floating Greenery

It would give a classy look to your living space. Just use a glass bowl or glass vase and water and use the plants that need no soil to sustain. It will give both modern and bohemian Interior.

And to make it easier for you, we have a few recommendations of top low maintenance indoor plants that are perfect for the Indian climate: – Aloe Vera, Flamingo flower, Areca Palm, Money Plant, Indian Basil, Jade Plant, Ferns, Areca Palm, Ladies’ Slipper Orchid, Snake Plant, and Green Spider Plant. 

Style Up Your Living Room By Installing Wallpaper


You may not find installing wallpaper easy, but this is a game-changer. It is a versatile design element that can completely change your living room; whether you want to decorate one wall or the entire room for a bold look, wallpaper can add personality to an interior.

Types of Wallpaper You Can Use in Your Living Room

Liner Wallpaper

Liner wallpaper or lining paper is used for hiding wall defects and minimizing repair costs. It is made from paper or fibreglass, which can be a base for delicate wallpaper types, or you can use it alone. You can also paint it on your walls. But the wallpapers are very easy to apply and remove.

Printed Wallpaper

People who want to give a vibrant look to their living room use printed wallpaper. Such wallpapers are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Use the digitally-printed wallpaper to save on the expanses of hand-printed designs.

3D wallpaper

This type of wallpaper gives the illusion of added depth. It would trick the eye but also delight the viewer by creating the illusion of more space.

Custom Wallpaper

In today’s time, you don’t have to look here and there for the type of wallpaper you desperately want for your living room; you can customize one as per your choice. There are many online sites that design custom wallpaper. You can create your wallpaper by giving them the picture or illustration you want to print, and they will print your wallpaper.

Make Your Living Room Look Brighter and Larger Using Mirrors


People use a mirror to add a decorative touch to an interior, but placing the mirrors in your living room can make the space feel brighter and more prominent. This s is the best thing to use when you have no idea how to fill the wall space in your living room. It adds lights where you need them without even installing a physical light. Here are some excellent ways to use mirrors of different styles to style up your living room.

Pair of window-like mirror

You may not quickly get this type of mirror, but if you have seen it somewhere or you can place an order, then get a pair or large window-like mirrors for your living room. This type of mirror brings a sense of balance to a neutral living room design.

Circular decorative mirror

If you have a dark room, nothing can create the best effect than the circular mirror with shiny frames when it reflects the light through the dark curtains. The frames can be of similar tones in the cushions and lampshade.

Multiple mirrors

Only one mirror is obviously good to spruce up the space, but when done right, multiple mirrors can not only enhance the look of your living room but can also spread lights in the darker areas of the room. Either buy identical frames mirrors or, you can mix-match mirrors with different décor items in the room. 

There are some things in common for good living rooms. But the way you choose to design your living room must fit in with your taste and personality. There are endless possibilities and ideas to decorate your living room but, the above-discussed points are the right way to decorate your living room. If you are looking to shift into your new home, you can hire the best packers and movers through

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