10 Highly Effective & Lesser Known Ways to Get Rid of Lizards


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In this article, I am going to talk about “how to get rid of lizards”. There are several ways. You may also know some ways to get rid of lizards or geckos from your home.

But in this article, you will learn potent and less-known ways to get rid of lizards from any type of premise or building. Whether you wish to get rid of lizards from your house or your shop and office, you will find these tips truly effective. 

The presence of lizards in the home can make you frightened, like cockroaches. I am pretty sure that you enjoyed my earlier article –

If you have the presence of lizards at your home then you don’t need to fret at all. There are certain efficacious tips for getting rid of lizards from home or office permanently.

Brief information about lizards

Lizards or geckos are found across the world. They are reptiles, with over 6,000 species. They can be spotted in houses, gardens, parks, and jungles. Lizards found in homes, offices, or other human-made structures are called “common house lizards”. They are also known as the Pacific house geckos, the Asian house geckos, wall geckos, house lizards, or moon lizards. Plus, they can be spotted in different colors and sizes.

Lizards feed on insects and bugs. And hence they contribute to our ecosystem by keeping a balance in the environment. Most lizards are not harmful but still many people especially children or women are horrified. They may bring problems to your home. Their eggs and droppings will make your home dirty and may transmit diseases such as Salmonella. So, sometimes it becomes necessary to get rid of lizards from the place you are living or working.

There are several techniques and methods that you can use to get rid of lizards from your home or office. You can choose between a natural remedy and a chemical remedy to your lizard problem. There are many lizard control products available in the market you can purchase for the purpose. But before attempting any natural or chemical-based lizard control product, I would suggest you try preventive measures to eradicate the root cause. For better result you can also get pest control in your city.

Here, I share you with 10 lesser-known tips for keeping lizards at bay. And I am very excited for that.

10+ Potent Methods to Get Rid of Lizards

1. Lower the temperature of your room


One of the best and easy things you can do to repel the lizards from your home is lowering the room temperature. Remember your biology class – Lizards cannot survive in cold climates. They cannot regulate their own body temperature. So, this is the hack. Lower down the temperature to make house geckos uncomfortable. Keep the room chilly around 22 degrees centigrade at least. This will work wonderfully and keep lizards at bay.

2. Do not leave food uncovered


You must know that exposed food is a favorite of geckos (lizards). This habit will help lizards breed in your home. This is also not a good habit at all. Leftover food will different types of pests and bugs such as ants, cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes. And obviously, lizards will also come there as they feed on insects and pests. So, you must avoid this habit.

3. Check the place under the sink and clean it


Under the sink is the place which is considered as a favorite place for geckos to hangout. It is the place where they also prefer to lay their legs. They usually like the place which is dark and damp. And under the sink is that place indeed. One of the best reasons for living lizards under the sink is the availability of food and water for them. So, check this place regularly, clean thoroughly, and keep it dry.

4. Seal the cracks on doors, windows, and walls


The cracks on the walls, doors, or windows serve as a fine hideout for lizards. They can also sever as entry points for those geckos that you want to get rid of. So, what you need to do is sealing every crack on the windows, doors, and walls of your home. This method will also stop other pests from entering your home. Plus, this will make your home neat and clean.

5. Keep cats at your home


Get a cat. What is the hack? Well, let me tell you. Cats are natural predators of geckos or lizards. Thus, having a cat in the house can help you get rid of lizards and rats as well. Apart from lizards, cats can also help you reduce the population of rats (rodents) in your home. So, you may consider this way to keep lizards at bay from your home.

6. Use eggshells to repel lizards


Don’t be surprised. It is true. Eggshells are a popular hack to keep lizards at bay. All you need to do is placing the eggshells in the corner of your home, on windows, or in the locations where lizards are frequently seen. Let’s now understand the reason behind it. Eggshells contain sulphur that has a strong smell. The smell of the eggshells will make the lizards assume that there is a bird (the lizard’s natural predator) nearby. And hence, lizards won’t enter the area. Plus, sulphur found in eggshells may cause a burning sensation to the lizard’s abdomen. So, using eggshells can be a great way to keep lizards away from home.

7. Use shallots or onions repel geckos


You might have shallots or onions in your kitchen. You should know that shallots are a great repellent for lizards and other pests. Plus, they are an eco-friendly way to keep lizards at bay. To keep lizards out, cut or grind the shallots and place them in the corner of your home, on windows, or in the locations where the appearance of lizards is often seen. This method will work like using eggshells because shallots or onions also contain sulphur.

8. Use garlic or garlic juice mixture to repel lizards


Garlic also contains sulphur. It has a very strong smell which is not liked by lizards at all. Lizards don’t enter the area where the smell of sulphur/garlic is. You can place garlic clove or crushed garlic in the entrance areas, in the corner of your home, or in the location where they are found commonly. You can also use garlic juice mixture spray to make the lizards run away.

9. Use naphthalene balls (mothballs or phenyl tablets)

use naphthalene balls

Keep the naphthalene balls (mothballs or phenyl tablets) in the corner of your home, on windows & doors, and in the hiding areas of the lizards. Due to the strong smell of the phenyl tablet, lizards won’t enter your home. You can also place mothballs (phenyl tablets) inside your wardrobe or cabinet.

10. Use lizard repellent spray


Use lizard repellent spray. You can easily find it at departmental stores or supermarkets. Spray the liquid where lizards often come or stay. This will deter them from coming. Existing ones will also run away. You can also use homemade lizard repellent spray. Create a mixture of vinegar, water, lemon juice, and chilli powder. Spray the content onto the lizard infested surfaces. This will deter lizards from the surfaces you have sprayed.

In Conclusion

Lizards are one of the very common household pests. They are found almost in every home. And there are several ways to keep them away from the house. Killing the lizards are not recommended.

Instead, you should use the way to keep them at bay. I have mentioned several unique ways to get rid of lizards or geckos naturally. Pick the methods(s), you are most comfortable with. Professional pest control service may also help you get rid of lizards. Also know, lizards eat insects and bugs. Hence, they are very good to have around your home.

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