The Ultimate Guide to Make Intercity Relocation with Family a Breeze


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Intercity relocation with family from one city to another is not a breeze, especially if you have lots of household belongings. If you are thinking intercity relocation with family process is a piece of cake then your completely wrong.

The complexity level in the process of intercity relocation is high. There are chances for damages to goods while handling or in transit. There is also a risk of an injury to a person who is handling tasks like packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.

Lifting heavy furniture may give back pain. The entire process of family home relocation is complete trouble. So, how will you make your upcoming family relocation a breeze?

There are so many things to take into considerations while relocating from one city to another. You need to ensure that your move is not stressful for you and your family as well. You will need to take special care of your kids.

I completely understand your concern and so, I have put together some great tips to support you pack and move family belongings correctly and relocate to your new city without hassle and stress.

Consider to Hire Packers and Movers Before You Do Anything for Intercity Move

You  need to hire packers and movers as soon as possible before you do anything for intercity relocation.

Early booking will help you hire the best quality service at cheaper rates.

You should think about hiring door to door relocation services for a family intercity relocation.

Door to door relocation services offered by professional packers and movers can give you a safe and hassle-free city to city relocating experience.

There are so many professional relocation companies or movers and packers in different Indian cities that offer door to door intercity relocation with family services.

Most people crave for the door to door intercity relocation service providers to make their upcoming home safe and hassle-free.

In whatever cities of India you want to find a professional movers and packers company to hire door to door intercity relocation with family services, they will give you standard price estimates or quotes, based on your specific requirements.

You can count on Moving Solutions to book the highest standard of services for intercity relocation with familyand other relocation requirements as well.

When you will use Moving Solutions to hire intercity shifting services then you will receive references or free quotations of top 3 pre-verified movers and packers to compare and choose from.

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Steps to Relocate to a New City – Before the Move

There are several tasks you need to do before the move. Learn more below.

Actions to be Made When Relocating with Family

If you are a working professional then I suggest you take 2 or 3 days off from your work. Utilize the time in researching your new city, searching your home, neighborhoods, and facilities around.

Here I am giving you a few points that you must take into consideration on intercity relocation with family.

* Make sure your new home has all the basic facilities

Before relocating to a new city, make sure your new home/apartment has all the basic facilities. Basic facilities like regular water supply, adequate parking space, 24-hour electricity, parks for your children, and security guards. Also, ensure that you get all these basic amenities at a reasonable cost/rent.

* Make sure your new locality is safe

Living in a safe neighborhood is the first choice of everyone. So when relocating to a new city make sure that your chosen new locality is safe and well-connected to your workspace, hospitals, malls, and other infrastructures.

* Locate a good school for your children/kids

It is quite possible that in a family home relocation is your children will be also moving. You might need a good school for your child/children. So, before relocating to your new city find a good school that provides not only a good education but also the bus facilities to and from your locality.

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Actions to be made to pack and move smoothly

This the toughest and most challenging part of the relocating process. You will probably wonder where to start, what to do first, how to do, etc. Here I am sharing some tips.

1. Hire the Best Packers and Movers on Intercity Relocation

To hire the best and trusted packers and movers, you need to research. You can begin with collecting recommendations from your near and dear ones, spend a lot of time on the internet.

Or, you can simply use Moving Solutions to book the best and dependable movers and packers company that will take care of all your relocation requirements.

Keep in your mind: Moving Solutions’ partner packers and movers are licensed, registered, and experienced. They offer the best quality relocation services at affordable rates. They also have positive customer reviews with good ratings.

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2. Make Inventory/Inventories on Intercity Relocation

It is one of the most imperative actions you need to make before booking the packers and movers in Moving Solutions. Create an inventory of all the household items including every family member’s items that need to be packed and moved by professionals.

Don’t include jewelry, personal diaries, photo albums, cash, documents, etc in the inventory of items to be packed. Also, don’t include perishables on the list.

When hiring moving services, packers and movers may ask you the inventory of items to be shifted. Based on the inventory shared by you, they will estimate and give you a custom moving plan.

3. Get Rid of Unwanted Items to Lighten the Load on Intercity Relocation

It is also one of the most important actions you need to do before hiring moving services. This will also save you money.

You can do this task when making the inventory of items. You may have some items that you don’t want to shift. Or you have some items that you don’t use in the future.

It is a better idea to get rid of such items. Moving with a fewer or limited number of items will make your life easier.

Plus, it will minimize the cost of relocation. You can donate old clothes or items to a charity before moving to lighten the load. You can also arrange a garage sale to save money on moving.

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4. Pack important documents and valuables on your own

Certain items are not allowed on relocation. It means, no moving company will pack and move valuable things like documents and valuables on own.

While making an inventory of items, find important documents, and keep them into a safe folder. Also pack jewelry, collectibles, and items of sentimental value on own.

Don’t place these items on the truck as these items are irreplaceable. So, be careful.

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5. Prepare a box of essential items

It is one of the most important actions to be taken before moving. You can step to this action in the last.

Pack a box with essential items such as medicines, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, tissue paper, hand sanitizer, first-aid-box, mobile/laptop charger, water bottle, towels, etc.

Mark the box with the appropriate tag such as Open Me First Box or Essential Box.

Your moving checklist

  • Research your new city – neighborhood, accessibility, school, hospital, infrastructure, etc
  • Make your new home/apartment has all the basic amenities
  • Hire the right packers and movers from
  • Create an inventory of items that you want to relocate to a new city
  • Get rid of unwanted items – garage sale, donation or throw away
  • Pack important documents, cash, jewelry, valuables, etc on own
  • Pack an essential or open-me-first box with essential items

Tips for Moving with Kids/Children

Moving with kids or children from one city to another can be one of the most challenging and stressful events of your life. Kids to be dealt with care before moving.

You need to make them clearly understood why moving to a new city is important for your family. Talk to them calmly. They may also help you with little relocation tasks.

Here are some tips that I would like to share with you.

  • Talk to your child/children as soon as possible.
  • Tell them calmly why it is important to move to a new city for your family.
  • Tell them the benefit of moving to your desired city and talk about good facilities available at your new place.
  • If you talking to teens or kids who can understand you, include them in your discussions. They will feel esteemed and give you valuable suggestions.
  • Allow your kids to do some jobs such as making an inventory of items, labeling boxes if you will be packing on own.
  • Follow your regular routine and spend quality time with your kids. Help them in drawing or play with them.

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Moving Checklist for Interstate Moving

Moving out of state will bring you more tasks than moving from one city to another within the same state. Hence, I am sharing here some important tips for interstate moving that might make your interstate move a breeze.

1. Pay your dues, if any

Before making relocating out of the city or state, make sure you have paid all your dues such as a gas bill, electricity bill, society bill, rent, etc.

2. Transfer DTH connection

Consult your DTH service provider and ask for DTH relocation services. Most DTH companies provide services for relocating DTH from one city to another. So, get your DTH service transferred to your new location.

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3. Transfer your LPG connection

If you use the LPG gas connection then make sure you have transferred it to a new agency available nearby to your new place. You may need to furnish the following documents for the same.

  • Residence proof
  • Identity proof
  • Gas regular & gas book
  • Gas subscription/ termination Voucher
  • Transfer request letter mentioning your consumer number, current address and new address

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4. Register your vehicle (bike & car)

If you have a bike or car and want to transfer to your new city then you also need to get it registered in the new city.

Different Indian cities have different rules and regulations regarding vehicle registration.

So, research before beforehand.

5. Collect your children’s transfer documents

If you are moving with kids/children then your kids may be also moving with you. And hence, you will need to find a new home for them. Also, you will have to collect the transfer documents of your children before intercity relocation with family.

When seeking admission of your children into a new ask, you will be asked for records from the previous school. You may need documents like transfer certificate, migration certificate, mark sheet, etc. Collect these documents earlier for moving out of a state.

Steps to Settling into New Neighborhood – After the Move

Settling into a new home comprises of much more than just rearranging furniture, home appliances, and enrolling your children in new schools. There are will several other tasks you will need to do after moving to your new city.

Here are some tips that can make you feel comfortable after moving into your new home.

1. Get your home deep cleaning, inside and outside as well

After relocating to your desired city, it is imperative to get your new apartment/home deep cleaning (inside and outside as well). You can do this hard part on your own or hire professional home deep cleaning services.

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2. Get pest control service

You will never like pest infestation at your new home. So, it is best to get a pest control service just after moving into your new home.

You can either hire pest control service through Moving Solutions or its partner portal

Get Pest Control also provides services for home deep cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, sanitization services, etc.

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3. Check major home appliances

Professional packers and movers do their best to protect household items against damages in transit. However, the minor scratch may happen to some items.

Chances are your home appliances that may have been also damaged during the move. So, it is imperative to check the same after the move.

You can claim insurance and fix them before arranging and installing them at your home.

4. Unpack boxes on your priority

Don’t open all the boxes just after moving into your new home. It may create an unnecessary mess. Open only necessary items and essential boxes or boxes that you have packed. Start with kitchen items and bedrooms.


I hope these tips for intercity relocation with family were useful for you. If you found this article useful then thank me by sharing it.

Here are a few hand-picked articles to help you to learn more about hassle-free relocation.

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