Housewarming Gifts Ideas – 12 Practical & Thoughtful Griha Pravesh Gifts


Looking for some great housewarming gifts ideas? If yes this post is for you. Keep reading it…

Moving home from one place to another is generally one of the most stressful times in an individuals’ life. But shopping for the best housewarming gifts (Griha Pravesh gifts) does not have to be. Moving into a new home is also exciting. There is something so great about making the new house your own home. But, the complicated moving process may also ruin the excitement and can be overwhelming.

You can help a person genuinely in easing their transition by offering a thoughtful and practical housewarming gift. You can find several unique housewarming gift ideas over the internet but finding the right gift can be tricky, however.

When it comes to choosing the right and perfect Griha Pravesh gift, many people often get confused. They fail to decide which items they should present. You should present something the new homeowners will truly enjoy. If you are well aware of the lifestyle and choice of your loved ones and friends then choosing the right housewarming gifts for them can be easier.

However, you should consider buying a practical and thoughtful housewarming gift so that they will truly enjoy it. In this article, I am going to giving you information about some stylish, aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful housewarming gifts that will liven any home. Have a look at them.

12 Griha Pravesh Gifts That Host Will Love to Receive

1. Silver or Gold Plated Brass Puja Thali Set

Gold Plated & Silver Plated Brass Puja Thali Set

If you are looking for something new, thoughtful and practical housewarming gifts ideas then gifting a gold or silver plated brass puja thali set is a great idea. Lets say, you have a budget between Rs 1500 to Rs 4000 then you can easily purchase a beautiful gold/silver plated brass puja thali set and gift the same to the new homeowner.

If the brass puja thali is not silver or gold plated, then you can find a perfect set at cheaper rates. I think, gifting silver or gold plated brass pula thali set will be a nicer idea than of gifting a normal brass puja thali set. But the choice should be always yours.

2. Religious Idols and Frames

Lord Ganesha Idol for Housewarming Gift

Griha Pravesh or housewarming is an auspicious ceremony. A homeowner celebrates it with religious and Vastu rituals. Even they choose a Shubh Muhurat or auspicious date to enter into their new home. For this region, gifting a religious item, especially an idol or statue of a god or goddess can be a great idea.

You will also prefer to gift an item that is auspicious and can bring good luck and positivity to the new homeowner. Lord Ganesh is widely honored as the powerful remover of obstacles. He is the god of beginnings and worshiped at the start of Hindu rituals and ceremonies.

So, gifting a statue or frames of Lord Ganesha can be good Griha Pravesh gifts for a Hindu family. You can also gift a frame or statue of Lord Krishna, Radhe Krishna, Goddess Laxmi and combination of Goddess Laxmi & Lord Ganesha. If you are going to gift a Christian family then you can gift them religious idols such as the statue of Jesus, Holy Family or Mother Jesus.

3. Religious Books

Sri Mad Bhagwad Gita

Gifting a religious book on a housewarming ceremony can be also a good idea. It is similar to gifting a statue (idol) and a frame of god and goddess on housewarming parties.

There are many types of religious books available in the market to choose from. You can choose from Ramayana, Geeta, Gurbani Book, Bible, and Quran depending upon the religion of the new homeowner.

4. Lucky Plants

Lucky Plants for Housewarming Gift
Lucky Bamboo Plants for Housewarming Gift

Feng Shui says that some lucky plants can bring wealth, health and love to a home. So, you can consider lucky plants as your Griha Pravesh gifts. There are plenty of lucky plants that are used as gifts. Some of the popular ones are money plant, lucky bamboo, snake plant, jade plant, tulsi (basil), potted orchids, peace lily, palms, rubber plant, and spider plant.

If you will ask me to choose from different types of lucky plants then I will recommend you to choose lucky bamboo as your housewarming gift. According to Feng Shui, a lucky bamboo in a home brings immense luck at home. If you want to bring good health and wealth in the life of a new homeowner then gifting a lucky plant will be the best housewarming gifts ideas.

5. Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes for Grih Pravesh Gift

It is believed that a wind chime in your home can bring positivity and happiness. They attract positive energy and quash bad luck. For this reason, wind chimes have been one of the most popular auspicious items in Indian families. There may not be scientific proof to validate the benefits of hanging wind chimes in a home. But Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui validate the same. You can check Feng Shui Tips and Vastu Shastra Tips for shifting into a new home here.

If you are looking for something unique as a housewarming gift or grihapravesham gift then you can consider wind chimes. By offering a wind chime on a housewarming or Griha Pravesh of your loved one, you are actually wishing them a healthy, happy and lucky life.

There are different types of wind chimes available in the market to choose from. Some popular types are metal wind chimes, ceramic wind chimes, and wooden wind chimes.

6. Dinner Sets

A beautiful dinner set

If you are looking for a practical housewarming gift that the new homeowner can use later then you can consider dinner sets as a perfect gift. Dinner sets have always been a popular gifting item especially during grihapravesham or housewarming ceremonies.

There are a variety of different types of dinner sets are available in the market. You can find a dinner set with a price ranging from hundreds to thousands of rupees. Bone china dinner sets, melamine dinner sets, porcelain dinner sets, and ceramic dinner sets are very popular as housewarming gifts ideas. If your budget is good then you can also consider silver or silver-plated dinner sets to someone who is hosting a housewarming ceremony.

7. Flower Vases

A Beautiful Flower Vase

A flower vase is one of the most popular gifting items in India. It is a decorative container in which artificial or even fresh flowers are kept. It is generally made of ceramic or bone china materials.

Every Indian household has a flower vase either in the living room, bedroom or dining room. Hence, gifting a beautiful flower vase on a housewarming ceremony can be a great idea. So, if you are looking for a beautiful, thoughtful and affordable housewarming gift idea then you can consider flower vases.

8. Table Lamps

Designer Table Lamp for Housewarming Gift

Gifting a table lamp to your loved ones on their housewarming celebration is truly a thoughtful and practical gift. This is the gift that the new homeowner will never forget to use. They can use it as a home décor item.

Moreover, it is also a practical gift that they can use in their study room or bedroom. When you will explore the local markets in your area you may find a variety of designer table lamps. You can also go online and brown shopping portals like Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon to buy designer table lamps.

9. Photo Frames

Griha Pravesh Gift – Photo Frame

Decorating the living room with framed photos has been one of the most popular activities among many homeowners. For this reason, gifting a set of beautiful photo frames can be a good idea.

If you think buying a set of photo frames does not suit your budget then you can also gift a single photo frame. If you will present a set of photo frame or a single photo frame for decorating the new home, you are actually providing significant aid to the new homeowner.

10. Silver & Brass Utensils

Silver & Brass Utensils as Housewarming Gifts

If you are looking for a practical and thoughtful item to gift to the new homeowner then you can consider to gift them silver& brass utensils. In this category, you will find several items to choose from.

Silver & brass plates, silver-plated brass bowls, gold plates brass glass set, pure silver tea cup sets, silver-plated brass tea cup set, silver or gold plated brass cutlery set, and even puja thali are among most popular housewarming gifts ideas.

11. Cups and Saucers

Designer Cups & Saucers Set

If you are looking forward to aiding to the attraction of the kitchen of the new homeowner then you take a minute to think about gifting a beautiful set of cups and saucers. Cups and saucers are always among the most popular housewarming gifts ideas, especially in India. It is because they are day-to-day use items. They are also an affordable option as compared to silver/glass plated brass utensils and puja thali sets.

You can impress the new homeowner by gifting them different styles of cups and saucers. One of the best examples can be gifting a set of silver-plated brass cups and saucers.

12. Electric Appliances

Electric Appliances as Griha Pravesh Gifts

Electrical appliances are making their space in homes rapidly. Iron Box, Mixer Grinder, Juice Makers, Toasters, and Blenders are some popular electrical appliances. They are very useful and productive.

So, gifting an electrical appliance can be very thoughtful and practical housewarming gifts ideas. If you have more budget, then you can also gift microwave oven, coffee makers, electric kettle mixer-grinder-juicer, air cooler, and refrigerator.

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