Vastu Tips for Home to Bring Positive Energy, Prosperity and Better Life

Looking for Vastu tips for moving into a new home? If yes then your search ends here. Check the below given Vastu shastra tips to bring positive energy, and prosperity in your new home.

You finally got the one. The key of your new house! You’ve all the required preps and arrangements for entering into your new home. You have also finalized an auspicious day for moving into a new day. If you have not yet finalized the day for an auspicious day for moving into a new home) then you can check here – Shubh Muhurat for Grih Pravesh.

Well, you will also need to perform Vastu Puja at your new home before entering into your new home. Vastu Puja is a little different from Griha Pravesh Puja. It is performed to eliminate all the negative energy from the house and to bring happiness, prosperity, health, and betterment in life.

To convert a house into a home it is imperative to have peace and happiness in the family as it gives you the ultimate peace of mind in your life. So, if you are going to shift into a new home then you must perform Vastu Puja before entering into the house.

In this article, you will learn some useful Vastu Tips for your new home that may include:

  • Kitchen Vastu Tips
  • Bedroom Vastu Tips
  • Vastu Tips for Main Gate of House
  • Vastu Directions for Sleeping

What is Vastu Shastra (वास्तु शास्त्र)?


Vastu Shastra (वास्तु शास्त्र) literally means the “Science of Architecture”. And yes, it is. It is a traditional Indian system of architecture that mainly focuses on the art of building a pleasant setting of the place where we live or work in. How we keep objects at our home or office is also a Vastu.

Many people believe that Vastu (वास्तु) term is derived from Vastu (वस्तु – object). In ancient times, the layouts of Hindu temples, towns, palaces, buildings, cities, gardens, roads, shops and public areas were built according to the Vastu Vidya (principles of the Vastu Shastra). It is imperative to have a Vastu Shastra Puja before entering into a new home.

Vastu Puja is done by most people from Hindu communities who are entering into a new home or buying a new plot. Today’s science also believes in Vastu Shastra. If it is performed well then it will produce the advantages of all the five elements of nature – called “Panchbhoota”.

It is said that if the Vastu Puja is performed well before entering into a new home then it creates a way for the healthy, wealthy and prosperous way of living. By taking care of Vastu of the place where you are going to live in, you will do the right things to eliminate Dosha and negative energy from your home. And it will bring positive energy, happiness, and prosperity.

What are the Five Elements of Vastu Shastra?


According to the fact established in various Hindu scriptures, everything in nature made up of five basic elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. The human body also consists of these five basic elements that are collectively called the Panch Mahabhoottatvas”. Each element of Panch Mahabhoottatvas plays a vital role in our life circle.

  • Earth (पृथ्वी): It is known for providing smell and shape to our physical body.
  • Space (आकाश): It is responsible for producing sound in our body.
  • Fire (अग्नि): It stands for the presence of desire, hunger, and heat.
  • Water (जल): it works as a support for the presence of blood and other fluids in our body.
  • Air (वायु): It works to provide the feel of touch in the body.

These five elements play a vital role not only in our life but also in providing the touch of Vastu to our homes or offices. To live healthy and wealthy in this universe, it is imperative to keep all these five basic elements of the body in unison.

Additionally, in order to keep positive energy in our home, we need to take care of these 5 elements of Vastu Shastra. Let’s understand in detail about these five elements of Vastu and how they are important for keeping us in a healthy, wealthy and pleasant environment.

1. Earth (Bhumi or Prithvi)

The earth is one of the five basic elements of Vastu Shastra that has the greatest energy present. Due to the gravitational and magnetic field present in the earth, this element can affect everything in this world including living and non-living ones.

The shapes, locations, designs, and orientations that you choose actually affect the amount positivity in your home. According to Vastu Shastra, everything should be dealt with the utmost care from purchasing the property, flat and apartment to looking about the quality of the soil at that location.

So, you must take care of this important element of nature before purchasing your new home. Vastu Puja may eliminate some Dosha of your property. Bear in mind, that the Earth is the most important element of the nature that can influence our everyday lives.

2. Air (Vayu)

Air is called Vayu in Hindi. It is also an important element of the nature that is considered to be the soul of the living on the Earth. Without this element, you cannot think of human existence on the earth. Air comprises various gases and all gases are imperative and essentials of human existence on the Earth.

For healthy living on the earth, it is imperative to have a balanced amount of all the gases that assemble the air. The air element is also important in the science of Vastu. So, it is important to take care of the directions of windows and doors at home so that you have a sufficient flow of air throughout the home.

3. Water (Jal)

Sea, Ocean, River, and Rain are important sources for water (Jal) on the earth. According to the science of Vastu, a home must have a suitable direction of the sources of water. This element is the part of the North-East direction according to Vastu Shastra.

Hence, it is imperative to make sure that water supplies and sources at your home are located in the North-East direction. This direction is also auspicious for building the water bodies like the bathroom and swimming pool at a home.

4. Fire (Agni)

The fire (Agni) is also an important part of Vastu Science. It belongs to the South-East direction. If you are constructing a new house then make sure that your kitchen faces southeast direction. Vastu Science strongly recommends that geysers, kitchen, and fireplace should be located in the southeast direction.

Sun also symbolizes the Agni, and it is an important part of our existence in this universe. It is the primary source of life and energy and hence it also influences the Vastu of a house.

5. Space (Akash)

Space has no limits or boundaries. It is infinite and limitless. According to Vastu Shastra, it is one of the most important elements of our existence on this Earth. It is associated with our sense of hearing.

Vastu recommends that your house should be open to outer space. The light must enter into the central space of a home. Any disturbance in the space element may also create hindrance in the growth and prosperity in your life and home.

What are Vastu Shastra Directions?


The direction is an important ingredient of the science of Vastu. It is imperative to take care of different directions when constructing a building or purchasing a flat or apartment. There are chiefly four directions namely, East, West, North, and South.

But there are also four sub-directions namely Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. All these directions play a vital role in our lives. Each of these directions has its own significance and may influence a person’s life and home environment.

The direction of the main door, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom matter a lot, according to the science of Vastu. So, when constructing a home or purchasing a flat or apartment, you must take care of directions according to Vastu. Consulting a Vastu Shastra expert can be a good idea. By taking care of directions of your home according to the Vastu Shastra you can allow the adequate flow of positive energy.

vastu direction and importance

Main Directions


1. East

According to the Vastu Shastra, the East is the fundamental and first direction. It is also scientifically true because the Sun (the main source of energy) rises in the east and showers a great amount of energy upon us. The Sun is considered to offering us different types of energies including happiness, joy, prosperity, and vegetation.

The East is a very important and powerful direction. It is believed that this direction belongs to Lord Indra. Lord Indra is considered to be the Kind of Heaven and a very powerful deity. He is known for offering us power, prosperity, growth, rain and much more. Hence, you must be very careful about the East direction when choosing a home.

Make sure the eastern part of the home is open so that the light can enter properly in your home. Make this direction properly clean and clear so that there is no hindrance in entering the light in the room. Don’t construct a staircase, toilet and a storeroom in the east direction of your home. Having hindrances in the eastern direction of a home will bring negative energy.

2. West

According to the Vastu Shastra, the West direction is responsible for bringing a great amount of stability in life. Vastu also tells that this direction is associated with Lord Varun who is known for bringing in good luck, fame, and rain. The direction is administrated by the Saturn Planet.

Vastu tells that a home must not have any big opening in the West direction because it can cause immense drainage to the energy. If there is a bigger opening in the Western direction then energy coming from the eastern direction will never stop in your home. So, don’t keep any entrance or open a secondary gate in the western direction as it can cause damage to any prospect income.

3. North

The North direction is associated with Lord Kuber who is known for keeping us wealthy and prosperous. This direction is administrated by Budha Planet that is considered to be the direction of wealth and career. Vastu recommends keeping this direction more open, light and beautiful. You also need to keep this direction open so that the great flow of energy coming from the North Pole can enter your home.

4. South

Usually, the South direction is considered to be an evil direction. But according to Vastu Shastra, it is not actually the case, it is, in fact, the one where the energy coming from North direction gets accumulated. The South direction is associated with Lord Yam, the deity of death according to the Hindu belief.

The direction is administrated with the Mangal Planet. Vastu recommends not having a bigger opening in the south direction as it can cause problems bigger like death. Building closed places in the south direction will bring prosperity at home and keep away the rule of death from your home.


1. Northeast

According to the Vastu Shastra, the Northeast direction is an amazing part of a building or an apartment. This direction is associated with the tremendously power Hindu God, Lord Shiva (Mahadeva). And the corresponding plant of this direction is Vrihaspati. For this reason, the northeast direction is known for providing wealth, health, prosperity, knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment.

Vastu recommends that one must not build a toilet in this direction of a home or apartment. Having a toilet in this direction can cause problems for the health of the members of the family. It is also advisable that one must not build a storeroom and bedrooms in this direction. Putting a fire source in this direction is also not recommended according to Vastu Science as it can cause accidents.

2. Northwest

The Northwest direction is associated with Vayudev and administrated by the Moon Planet. It is considered to the direction of the wind and hence anything should not be kept in this direction. This direction is known for providing career growth opportunities.

According to the science of Vastu, one must not make wrong use of the Northwest direction as it can result in creating uncertainty and distraction of mind. Not following the Vastu recommendations for this direction can also bring a lot of restlessness in the members of the family.

3. Southeast

Lord Agnidev is the deity of the Southeast direction. He is related to the powerful element of fire. This direction is administrated by Shukra Planet. According to the Vastu Shastra, most of the fireworks are associated with the Southeast direction. It is advisable that geysers, kitchen, and fireplace should be located in the southeast direction

4. Southwest

The Southwest direction is associated with the demon Niriti and the Rahu planet. Vastu strongly recommends to take care of this direction and use it properly in the right ways.

If you will use this direction carefully then it will bring health, wealth, confidence and strong life. If you make bad use of the Southwest direction then it will affect the spheres of your life in the reverse direction.

Why is Vastu Shastra Important?


There is a great importance of the Vastu Shastra in our life. The importance of the Vastu may vary in a variety of way person to person and location to location. You know well that Vastu Shastra is a traditional system of architecture and it is primarily associated with the direction of nature.

There is a total of eight directions comprising of 4 main directions and 4 sub-directions. Each direction has its own rule and regulation can influence our life significantly as per Vastu. Making the right uses of directions and taking care of them according to Vastu recommendations will bring happiness, positivity, health, wealth and prosperity in your life and home. On the other hand, not taking care of Vastu Shastra directions may result in an impact in reverse order.

If you want to take the best advantage of Vastu Shastra then you must take care of your home according to the recommendations. If you want to buy a new property including land or apartment, then make sure that they are as per Vastu recommendations. Performing the Vastu Puja may help you eliminate the Vastu Dosha from your home.

What are the Importance & Benefits of Vastu or Vastu Puja?


There are plenty of benefits of Vastu or Vastu Puja. Some major benefits you can get are the following.

1. Gives the Ultimate Peace of Mind

A house or apartment built using Vastu Shastra brings the ultimate peace of mind. And hence it can keep residents mentally alert, strong and revitalized throughout the day. As you know well that Vastu focuses on five elements of nature, hence it will make your home environment well-organized with the proper entrance of air, water, and positive energies. A well-organized home shall give you the ultimate peace of mind.

2. Brings Wealth (Prosperity) and Health

Money is an important factor in living in this world. You cannot survive in this commercialized world. A home built according to Vastu principles will help in bringing the wealth and prosperity in the family. You can observe tremendous growth in money and income. And, this will make you able to buy various necessary elements of your life that will ultimately bring happiness.

The practice of Vastu Shastra is also known to bring health to the family. It will optimize the flow of positive energy by incorporating healthy essentials in your home. You also know well that health is wealth. A healthy person will be capable to earn more money and bring prosperity in the home.

3. Brings Happiness and Harmony in Home

The practice of Vastu Shastra will bring happiness and harmony to the home. It will amazingly change the state of being worried about the future. This will bring positive energy and keep you mentally alert and strong all through the day. You and your family will be live in an environment of happiness and harmony.

4. Enhances Spiritual Knowledge

Vastu may help in bringing a sense of spiritual awakening and knowledge in the lives of you and your family members. The practice of this ancient system will invisibly teach every member of your family the less of being strong mentally and physically as well. By becoming mentally and physically strong a person can strengthen their inner knowledge as well.

5. Brings Peace and Love in Relationships

A house is not a home until and unless there are peace and love in the relationships of their dwellers. Vastu plays a vital role in bringing peace, harmony, and love in relationships among dwellers of a home.

6. Helps in Carrier Growth and Provides Encouraging Career Opportunities

The practice of Vastu plays a vital role in helping carrier growth and providing new career opportunities. It will help in finding the right career opportunity as per the skills. It is highly effective for working professionals and students.

7. Makes people mentally strong

The practice of Vastu is highly effecting in making people mentally strong. A strong person by mind and by heart can bring happiness to their family and home. They will live in perfect harmony and find strong bonds among family members.

These are only some of the benefits and importance of the practice of Vastu Shastra. There are a lot more benefits of Vast that you can reap by the best practice. It is always advisable to consult an expert in Vastu Shastra before doing the practice of this ancient science of architecture.

Vastu Tips for Home That You Should Know and Practice

Vastu Tips for Main Gate (Home Entrance)


The main gate is the main entrance of a home. It is the most important portion of a home from where we enter our homes. According to Vastu, it is also the entrance for all the energies including positive energy and negative energy. Hence, you must focus on constructing the main gate in the right direction (according to Vastu Shastra) so that only positive energy can enter your home.

While constructing a new home, also ensure for the main gate is at the right place in the right direction. Apart from the main gate, you should also build the entrance of other rooms in your home according to the Vastu principles.

Here are some Vastu tips for the main gate (entrance) in a home

  • Decorate entrance gate with flowers, OM and swastika.
  • If possible, use teak wood for making the gate.
  • Make sure there is not any wall in front of the main gate.
  • Make sure the entrance is East or North of the building.
  • The main gate should bigger than other gates inside your home.
  • The main gate should be strong than other gates inside the home.
  • Keep the entrance clean and clear. Make sure there is not any clutter at the entrance.
  • Don’t put garbage or dustbin at the main entrance.
  • Don’t build any water tank in front of the main gate.
  • Never build a temple in front of the main gate.
  • Make sure that the entrance gate opens inwards.
  • Make sure to have proper light at the main gate.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen


No matter what type of home you live in, no matter it is a villa or an apartment, your home is incomplete without a kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. At the same time, it is also considered as one of the vulnerable parts of the home. So, it is advisable that you must take care of it while choosing the direction of the kitchen in your home.

According to Vastu Shastra, the location and the direction of a kitchen matter a lot. It would be certain the best decision to take the advice of a professional Vastu expert to know what can be good for your kitchen and how Dosha, if any, can be eliminated. A professional expert will help you by giving you the right information about kitchen Vastu.

Kitchen Vastu typically focusses on the following.

  • Direction and location of the kitchen
  • The direction of the kitchen entrance
  • Kitchen window direction
  • The direction of cooking stove & gas cylinder placement
  • Kitchen sink direction
  • The direction of the refrigerator in the kitchen if any
  • Colors of the kitchen

Important kitchen Vastu tips based on direction and location

1. Entry door

Recommended Direction: East, West or North
Advice: Kitchen door should not be made in the corner

2. Windows and Exhaust fans

Direction: East
Advice: Bigger windows should be in the East and the smaller ones should be in the South.

3. Sink and Water Filter

Recommended Direction: Northeast
Advice: All the sources of water like water filters must be kept in the Northeast direction.

4. Gas Cylinder & Gas Stove

Recommended Direction: Empty cylinder in Southwest direction and cooking gas in Southeast direction.

Gas Stove Placement: Keep the distance between the wall and the cooking stove. A person that cooks should face the east side.

5. Storing Racks and Shelves

Recommended Direction: South or Western wall of the kitchen

6. Refrigerator

Recommended Direction: West, North, South or Southeast
Advice: Don’t place the refrigerator in the Northeast direction. You can place it in Southwest direction ensuring a considerable distance from the corner of the room.

7. Other Kitchen Electrical Appliances (heater, Ovens, Microwave, etc.)

Recommended Direction: South or Southeast
Advice: Always avoid keeping these appliances in the Northeast corner of your kitchen.

General Vastu tips for setting up the kitchen

  • As per Vastu, the best flooring material for the kitchen is mosaic, marble, and ceramics.
  • The best colors for the kitchen as per Vastu are red, orange, chocolate and yellow.
  • Avoid using black color in your kitchen.
  • Vastu recommends Southeast direction for kitchen construction. The alternative direction is the Northwest part of the home. No other directions are recommended.
  • The kitchen built-in Northwest direction affects the health of female members of the family.
  • Sink placement should be in the Northeast direction. There should be a considerable distance between the sink and the cooking gas.
  • If your kitchen is large enough to have a dining table then place it in the northwest direction. Never put the dining table in the center of the kitchen.
  • Vastu recommends water flows in the kitchen from Southwest to Northeast.
  • The dishwasher should be in the Northwest direction.
  • The exhaust fan should in the South or Northwest direction.
  • The kitchen must not be adjacent to the bathroom.
  • Make sure your kitchen’s door does not face the door of the toilet.

Vastu Tips for Wealth, Prosperity and Financial Growth


When you buy an apartment or home then you should ensure that your new home is built with rules and regulations of Vastu Shastra. If it is built accordingly then it will bring positive energy and keep away all the negative energies. Ultimately, it will also bring wealth, prosperity and financial growth in the family.

So, when you move to a new home, you must take care of the rules of the Vastu. If there is any Dosha with your new home, then you should consult a professional Vastu expert that may tell you better how to eliminate Vastu Dosha.

If you will live in a home where there is no Vastu Dosha, then it is more likely that your home will be filled with positive energy. And it will promote good health too apart from bringing prosperity and financial growth in the family.

Vastu puja is highly effective when entering into a new home. It will eliminate Vastu Dosha (demerits. There are several pieces of evidence, I have personally observed when inauspicious buildings have been worth living after Vastu Puja. Vastu puja will help you not only in financial growth but also in other fields of your life.

Five elements of nature (Earth, Space, Fire, Water, and Air) located in your home will decide the success, prosperity and wealth. If your home is Vastu compliant or you have performed Vastu puja to eliminate Vastu Dosha then it will bring more wealth and prosperity in your family.

Here are some Vastu tips for wealth and prosperity

  • Color northern area of your home or office in blue. Avoid making use of red shade.
  • Don’t make a kitchen or toilet in the northern direction of your home. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home. If it is placed in a northern location then it may cause a loss of money.
  • Don’t put dustbin, mixer-grinder, washing machine and broom in the northern corner of your home. (If you don’t follow then it may unknowingly drain away all your wealth.)
  • Having a money plant at home is known for bringing money and prosperity at home. But in which direction you keep it matters a lot.
  • Vastu suggests keeping a money plant in the north corner of the home. It is also advisable to keep the vase of money plant green as it helps in better career opportunities and prosperity in an individual’s life.
  • Make the entrance of the home with the utmost care so that no problems can enter. An entrance built with Vastu advice will help earn goodwill in society. Don’t make entrance sloppy or messy.
  • If your home entrance in Southwest then it will help keep away various financial problems.
  • If you home entrance in North direction then it will bring more and more money and carrier opportunities.
  • Entrance in the East will bring peace while entrance in the western corner will bring prosperity and wealth. A south-facing entrance is also beneficial.
  • Vastu suggests building a kitchen in the South or the Southeast direction. Use pastel colors or shades of pinks, orange and red in the kitchen.
  • The work table and drawing room should be in the Northern part of the home. It will keep a healthy flow of money.
  • The western side of the home should be colored in yellow or white. This side of the home is also beneficial for keeping safe.
  • Use West and Southwest areas of your home for saving or for studies.

Vastu Tips for Education and Academic Growth


Vastu compliant home is also known for bringing in more concentration in students. Students will excel in their education and examination if their home is built as per Vastu Science. Here are some tips you can follow.

  • The eastern side of the home is suitable for students.
  • Students pursuing higher studies should sit facing in the North direction.
  • Studying facing in the East direction is the best for all students.
  • The entry of the study room should be in the North, Northeast, East, Southwest or the Northwest direction.
  • The place where your child is sitting for study should not come directly under any beam of light.
  • Don’t leave any mirror uncovered in the house.
  • Place painting of pleasant beauty of nature, as it will bring more and more positive energy in your home.
  • Place the study table in a position that your child faces in North or East while studying.
  • A student should not study facing the South direction at any cost.
  • A study table should not be placed near the wall of the room.
  • According to Vastu, pointed furniture or any obstruction can cause a deep fall in the concentration level of students. So, keep the edges curved.
  • Where there is a place to study for your child, there should be an open space. This will bring new ideas to your child. There should also not be any door or window behind the back of the child.
  • Do not place bookshelves near the Eastern wall of the room.
  • Do not hang bookshelves over the study table.
  • Keep the study table clutter-free. There should not be a pile of books and other items on the study table. Clutter on the table will cause a deep fall in concentration and also bring negative energy.
  • Place a wooden chair in the room. Make sure the chair is padded with cotton cushion. This act will bring or add more positivity to the room.
  • Use bright lights in the study room or the place where your child regularly study. Bright lights may break the concentration level of your child. But also make sure, there is the appropriate light for studying. If there is not the appropriate light in the study room then your child may lack various elements of intelligence.
  • Vastu recommends that there should be natural light into the room during the day time. Make sure that the shadow of your child does not appear on the study table.
  • Place a light in the left side to bring energy and concentration.
  • Make a study room for your child vibrant and cheerful. In a vibrant and cheerful environment, your child will concentrate on study well. Don’t use any dull or dark colors to paint the children’s room.
  • There is a very close connection between music and study. Goddess Saraswati is the deity of both – Study and Music. For this reason, make an arrangement for soothing music in your child’s room so that they can study well and focus on their studies. This shall be helpful.
  • Put a small aquarium on the study table. This act has a very positive influence on the concentration level of your child.
  • Make sure that your child sleeps keeping his head in the West or the South direction. Any person never should sleep keeping head in the North direction. It is also scientifically prohibited.
  • Always keep some newspapers and other reading materials near the study table of your child. They may need it.
  • Place any type of certificate or the trophies of your child on the Southern wall of the study room.

Vastu Tips for Career and Career Growth


Vastu of a home also affects the career and career growth of a person. A home built accordingly Vastu will give positive boosts to your career. Here are some Vastu tips that you can do with the aim of a better career and career growth.

Vastu principles for Students

  • Always choose a study table of regular and popular shapes such as a rectangle or square. Don’t get fascinated with the table built in an irregular shape.
  • Keep in mind the size of the study table. Make sure that the study table should neither be too large nor too small.
  • Place study table in the North or East direction of the room. It will give you better ways of concentration in study. Make sure the face of the table is in the Northeast.
  • Have some distance between the wall and the study table. This will create some space for the energy to regulate.
  • North, East, and Northeast directions are suitable for keeping the study materials and books.
  • Don’t keep anything in the middle of the room. Keeping things in the middle of the study room is not considered as auspicious, as per Vastu.
  • Always keep the study table clutter-free. Keep essentials only on the table. Clutters on the table will create unnecessary stress that will cause the drainage of energy.
  • Windows in the study room should be in the North or Eastern direction.
  • Keep the lamp on the Southeastern side of the study table.
  • The study room should be painted in light colors. Always avoid dark colors in the study room. Light colors work as a great source in bringing positive energy and good ideas in the mind of the student.

Vastu principles for Professional

 Professionals including writers and intellectuals should have their sits along the walls.

  • If you are operating an office from your home then make sure that the working space is not adjacent to your bedroom.
  • Place sharp-edged tables in the conference room of the offices.
  • Arrange the sitting space in the conference room away from the main door.
  • Have high back chairs. Vastu recommends that professionals will get better results in their assignments or projects if they sit on high back chairs.
  • Don’t sit in such a way that your back is toward the entrance of the room.
  • Make sure the desk is of a rectangle or square shape. Always avoid making use of irregularly shaped desks.
  • Vastu recommends using wooden desks. If there is a glass table then make sure to put in the Western direction.
  • Put a crystal on the desk as it brings cheerfulness and financial growth.
  • Make sure the south corner of the building has adequate light. Make sure maximum light enters the room.
  • When sitting on the desk, make sure your face in the North.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Good Health


Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that focuses on bringing positive energy, mental peace, financial growth, wealth, and health. A home built according to the science of Vastu will bring good health and help in giving a positive result in the various areas of your life.

Here are some Vastu tips that you can practice for good health and healthy living.

  • The location of the bathroom is very important for a healthy living. Don’t build a bathroom near any auspicious zones of your home. A bathroom near the Puja room or any auspicious area may have a very bad effect on you and your family’s health.
  • Putting Vastu salt, crystal, and lucky plants near the bathroom will keep away the negative vibrations coming from the bathroom.
  • Make use of bright colors in your bathroom. This will keep away the bad environment around the space.
  • Keep the door of the bathroom always closed.
  • The elderly members of the family should live in the Southwest direction of the home for good health.
  • Take your meal facing towards North or in the East direction.
  • For good health and healthy living, your kitchen should be in the Southeast direction.
  • The kitchen in the Northeast direction brings a lot of health-related issues, especially in women.
  • Keep some source of water in the Northeast direction of your home.
  • Keep the green color on the Northeast side of your home. It will help to keep you balanced with your health.

Also consider these Vastu tips

  • Vastu also talks about sleeping patterns. When sleeping in the bedroom, make sure that your head is in the Eastern or the Southern direction.
  • Keep any electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and video games away from the bed while sleeping. Keep in mind, such electronic gadgets are responsible for bringing negative energy to the home. This will affect the health of family members.
  • Keep the bed at a distance from the wall of the room. If you place the bed just near to the wall then it will bring in a lot of negative energy in the home.
  • Create enough space between the kitchen and the bathroom. Don’t build a bathroom and kitchen side by side. Vastu suggests that if the bathroom and kitchen are close then it will spread negativity in the home.
  • Vastu suggests that you should not utilize the space under the staircase. You should never build a toilet or the kitchen under the staircase.

What not do:

  • Don’t sleep with beams of light exposing directly.
  • Don’t put iron stuff beneath the bed as it may result in several health-related issues.
  • Don’t plant a bamboo tree in the home. It is not auspicious to have in the home. It may cause the bad health of the family members.
  • Make sure there is not any functional room below or under the toilet or the kitchen.
  • Don’t keep your laptop uncovered.
  • Don’t keep your mirror exposed. Exposed or broken mirror may bring a lot of health-related issues in the home and family members.

Vastu Tips Remedies – Tips to Remove Vastu Doshas (Demerits) in a Home


If you are moving into an apartment or a flat then it is quite possible that your new home is not built according to Vastu Shastra. In today’s flat or apartment culture, finding a Vastu compliant home is a very tricky and challenging task. In fact, it is about to impossible task to find a flat or an apartment that is built according to Vastu recommendations.

So, it is imperative to perform Vastu Puja so that Vastu Dosha (demerits) can be eliminated. There are certain simple ways to remove the Vastu Dosha from a home. Vastu puja is one of the most effective ways for that. Here are some Vastu tips remedies and tips for Vastu puja that may help you in the most significant ways when it comes to remove Vastu Dosha.

Vastu Puja Tips to Remove Vastu Dosha from a Home/Apartment

  • Conduct Shri Ganesh Puja – Lord Ganesha is the Lord of Beginnings and also known as the Remover of Obstacles. If you perform Shri Ganesh Puja before entering your new home then he may remove all the Vastu Doshas from your home.
  • Conduct a Grah Shanti Puja every year. It will help you in keeping away negative energies and bad effects from your home.
  • Organize Agnihotra Yagya, Shantipath & Navagrah Puja to remove Vastu Doshas.
  • Chant the mantra – Om Namoh Bhagvati Vaastu Devtay Namah (ओम नमो भगवती वास्तु देवताय नमः) 108 times every Tuesday. This shall help you in a significant way.
  • Offer prayers to Vastu Purush.
  • Perform Rudri Puja on every Monday and Amavasya.
  • Place statue or figure of Lord Ganesha in your home.
  • Build a Puja room in your home. Make sure to lit the Diya every evening.
  • Puja Ghar helps in killing away the effects of Vastu Doshas.
  • Where water pot is kept in a home, light up a Diya every day

What not do do on Griha Pravesh or Vastu Puja

  • Don’t enter into your new home without performing Navgrah Shanti Puja.
  • Don’t skip Grih Pravesh Puja. Make Grih Pravesh on an auspicious day. There are certain days for entering into a new home. You can consult an astrologist or pandit or search online for auspicious days for moving into a new home.
  • Don’t plant a cactus in your home. It is not auspicious.

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