Where to Donate Old Clothes in Chennai?


Decluttering home before moving home is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted items and surplus items that you don’t want to transport. This will help you minimize the loads of moving and cut down the cost of shifting.

The best way to declutter your home is by donating old and surplus items to a charitable organization or NGO that accepts household stuff. There are many charitable organizations, social welfare societies, and NGOs in the city of Chennai where you can donate old and new household stuff before moving.

Here is a list of some of the popular organizations that may accept your household stuff.

NGOs & Places to Donate Old Clothes in Chennai

Goonj Foundation, Chennai

Address: Goonj Chennai, Shiv Parvati Kalaynam Mandapam, Plot No.25/26 Door No: 4/558. Viduthalai Nagar Main Road, Sunnambukolathr Kovilampakkam, Chennai-600117.

Contact: Jigisha (7338940067)

Head Office Phone No: 011-26972351, 41401216

Website: www.goonj.org

Email: mail@goong.org

How You Can Donate: You have to go

What Can Be Donated: Old wearable clothes, new clothes, surplus usable items, packaged grocery items, pen, pencils, notebooks, and other stationery items.


An online portal to connect you nearby NGOs in your city.

Phone No: +91 91483 95101

Website: www.happieesouls.com

Email: info@happieesouls.com

What Can Be Donated: Old & New Clothes, Toys, Furniture, Books, Notebooks, Pencils, Utensils, etc.

How You Can Donate: They will come to collect your items from your place


Donateinkind.in is a platform to promote donations in kind to orphanages, old-age homes, children’s homes and other charitable institutions serving the underprivileged. These organizations seek donation of used goods like clothes, toys, computers, books, textbooks, food, bicycles as well as other things like leftover excess food, meals, groceries, utensils, medicines, stationary etc..


What to donate: Through this portal you can donate leftover food, fresh food, fruits, regular meals, old clothes, multiple items, used computer/laptops, new & old toys, sanitary pads & napkins, books, notebooks, pencils, and a lot more.

Udavum Karangal (Myhelpinghands.org)

Address: 460, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106

Email: udavumkarangal@gmail.com

Phone No: +9144-26216321, 26216421, 26222161

What you can donate: Food, Old Clothes, Used Computers, New & Used Bicycles, Used Books, Used Textbooks, New & Old Toys

Give India (Giveindia.org)

Giveindia.org is India’s largest and most dependable giving platform for donors. With contributions of over 300 crores made to its 200+ trusted NGOs, its giving community of 1M+ donors has impacted the lives of 4M+ people across 23 states . You can also donate your household items through Giveindia.com. It will provide you choice of 200+ organizations to donate to. By donating through this portal you will receive instant e-receipt on every donation, to claim tax. You can donate here things like food, old clothes, used computers, new & used bicycles, used books, used textbooks, new & old toy.

Website: www.giveindia.org

Email: info@giveindia.org

Call us : +91-7738714428

Your local packers and movers in Chennai may also provide you information about the places where you can donate youl stuff.

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