Post Diwali Cleaning – Top 7 Tips to Clean Home After Diwali


Diwali, the festival of lights, is around the corner. It is India’s one of the most important festivals that is celebrated across the country with great zeal and enthusiasm. It’s not only a big festival for Hindus, but also other communities such as Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists.

The festival involves extensive festive activities such as home cleaning, home decoration, lighting up the home with colorful diyas & candles, designer rangoli making, and cooking up a range of Diwali delicacies. We worship Goddess Laxmi on the Diwali night. Thereafter, we distribute sweets among dear ones.

Children and teens enjoy fireworks and crackers. Houses across the entire country look their best during Diwali, and a lot of effort goes into setting up for this grand occasion and great festival.

Why is Post-Diwali Cleanup Necessary?

The entire nation is looking forward to this festival eagerly. You, too, are very excited to welcome this biggest festival. You are making your best effort to make your home spotless. After all, you want to welcome Goddess Laxmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity.

What’s next on the Diwali is over? We often realize the mess in our houses after the continuous days of festivities. One of the main reasons behind the mess created after the Diwali is bursting crackers and fireworks. Many households across India mark their joy and happiness by bursting crackers and fireworks. But we should avoid these activities because they leave not only a trail of the mess but also create pollution. They are risky and can harm anyone if adequate attention is not paid.

Parts of burnt crackers, waste paper bits, dispersed rangoli, sweet boxes, and torn gift wrapping papers are all reminiscences of Diwali. How can I forget the messed-up kitchen and stains of oils here and there? There is certainly instant cleaning is required after Diwali. Keep in mind, post-Diwali cleaning is much easier than pre-Diwali cleaning since you have already done cleanups at your home before the festival. If there are few stains and dirt at your home, then you don’t need to worry at all. By making little effort, you can make your home thoroughly neat and clean.

Post-Diwali Cleanups – 7 Quick Tips to Get Started

1. Take Down the Decorations


Diwali is a much-awaited festival of the year. It is a festival of lights and dazzling the home with some extraordinary decorations. People across India make an extraordinary effort for Diwali decorations. They decorate their home with several décor items, such as paper colorful lightings, store-bout décor items, homemade décor items, creative rangoli, flower garlands, colorful paper strings, designer lanterns, string lights, diyas, and candles.

Once the festival is over, you actually need to remove all the decorations properly before getting started in the real cleanup. Make time to take down all the decorations. Remove all the decorative items such as bandhanwar, wall hangings, flower garlands and mango leaves hanging from doors and windows. Removal of paper strings, string lights, diyas, and candles also should be on the top priority once the festival has ended.

2. Broom of the Entire Home


Once the removal of all the decoration is ended, it is time to throw away that clutter. Thoroughly broom your home and dispose of whatever clutter has been gathered in your home, continuous days of Diwali celebration and fun. How can I forget the rangoli you have made at the entrance and other areas of your home? Broom away the rangoli so that it does not scatter to make your home filled with dust.

3. Mop the House Clean


You have done brooming your home. You have finished a big assignment indeed. After brooming has been done, what’s next? Mopping the floor is required to make it clean. Floor stains are common and visible during Diwali. Your floors may be stained from Diwali Diya spills, rangoli colors, and specks of dust.

So, it is imperative to mop the floors really well to make your home neat and clean. If you have burnt crackers on your roof or just outside the home, then you may find cracker stains on the floors. So, you also need to clean the same. And brooming and mopping are the best ways to do the same. I recommend using a liquid cleaner and a mop to clean your house.

4. Remove the Stains of Oil Spills from the Floors


Remove the oil stains can be an arduous task for you. Sometimes it is difficult to remove the oil stains by just brooming and mopping. If mopping the floor does not work, then what you should need to remove the oil stains? Here is the hack. You might have vinegar at your home.

If you don’t have it, then buy it from the nearby store. Prepare a solution of vinegar and water. Pour the solution on the floor where you see the stains. Thereafter, rub it using a cleaning cloth or a scrubbing brush till the stains go away. For the rest of the home, use the solution of a liquid cleaner and ample water to wipe the home clean.

5. Dispose of the Cracker Remnants & Remove the Stains


The sale of crackers is banned in Delhi NCR, as it is a major factor in increasing pollution. The bursting of crackers is not an illegal act. Crackers and fireworks are still bursting in many parts of the country. But we must avoid it and also make people aware of its adverse effects. Bursting crackers may also injury a person physically. If you have burnt crackers and fireworks on Diwali, then make sure to dispose of all the firecracker remnants. Thereafter, wash the place thoroughly with water to make sure there is no residue of flammable material. Use a liquid cleaner or bleaching powder to remove the hazardous remnants and cracker stains.

You can easily remove the crackers’ stains after Diwali by using the bleaching powder. Bleaching powder is one of the widely used agents for cleaning. To remove the stains made by crackers, take bleaching powder and spread over the stains. Leave it for 2 or 3 hours. Then wash it off with ample water. Stains are gone and because bleaching powder is efficient in removing not only cracker stains but also other types of rigid stains. You can also use bleaching powder to remove the stains of oil spills.

6. Clean Up the Kitchen Thoroughly


You may find a lot of mess in your kitchen after Diwali. You may find things at sixes and nines in your kitchen because of continuous cooking up Diwali delicacies. There can be lots of stains here and there in the kitchen, including cook tops, sinks, and floors. The very first thing you need to do is that rearranging your kitchen shelves. Keep all the items in their respective places.

Once the rearrangement is done, start removing the stains. Use liquid cleaner or bleaching powder to remove the hard stains. If the stains are difficult, then rub it with a scrubbing pad and then wipe off clean. Thoroughly clean the gas stoves, cook tops and other parts of your kitchen.

7. Clean Up Your Cupboards


Diwali is not complete without new outfits, accessories, and makeup. We always want to look our best on important occasions. You and your family members may be opening the cupboards frequently, trying different outfits and other things. You may find your cupboards in a state of the absolute mess after the Diwali festival is gone. So, it is imperative to rearrange the cupboard after the festival is over. If required, wash or wipe outside the cupboard thoroughly before getting started to rearrange the items and outfits inside. Carefully, rearrange your jewelry boxes and makeup kits, and put them back in the closets of your cupboard.

Over to you

Give a try to these quick cleaning tips after Diwali to clean your home. If you have some more ideas, then don’t forget to share the same in the comment box below.

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