How Important are Packers and Movers Reviews?


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Reviews on packers and movers are important for both – moving companies and customers. One thing you must take into account is word of mouth is something that can make and break a business. Today’s customers are smart enough to identify scammers as they have some of the best tools to check reviews and ratings for businesses. And legitimate businesses are also leveraging from the review system by maintaining a review system and getting genuine reviews and ratings from their customers.”

How important are customer reviews to people who are looking for services of packers and movers? Very important, as they matter a lot. A genuine and legitimate company of packers and movers will not like to afford to ignore online reviews and ratings.

If you are looking forward to hiring a local moving company then it is recommended that you must check reviews through various sources such as Google Map aka Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews,, Trustpilot and SiteJabber. These are some popular online places that present user-generated reviews and ratings for various businesses and services.

As a smart user, you would like to research and read the reviews before you first interact with any person that owns or manages a moving service business. This will help you keep away from scammers or fraud moving companies.

It is imperative to check packers and movers reviews and ratings for customers to receive quality and legitimate relocation services.

You may be surprised to know how important reviews and ratings are. There are manifold benefits in forms of better experience, quality services, and affordable rates. You should know that online reviews impact buying decisions for a large volume of customers.

Many sources say that reviews impact the purchase decision of nearly 93% of customers.

Packers and Movers Reviews Matter a Lot

There are several factors that influence a customer’s decision to purchase services or products. Nowadays, customer trust in businesses is fading gradually. No customers prefer to make any decision without making sure that the business is indeed trustworthy. For example, if a customer is looking for a company of local packers and movers then they might like to check their reviews and ratings from different sources before making any decision.

Generally, customers trust references from friends, relatives, colleagues or neighbors, no matter how robust your business marketing technique is. When it comes to hiring a company of packers and movers then you will ask your friends and family with the aim to get quality recommendations. What if you don’t find even a single known person that may offer you recommendations for services you are looking for? In my point of view, you should count on online reviews and ratings.

What do reports say about online reviews?

According to BrightLocal, 86% of consumers go online to read reviews and explore ratings for local businesses. Nearly 91% of customers between the age group of 18-34 consider written online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

The report also says that consumers invested time in reading an average of 10 online reviews before feeling good to trust a local business. It means customers looking for moving services will read approx. 10 packers and movers reviews of different companies before making a decision to hire the required services.

You should check the latest reviews presence on various sources. If a company of movers and packers does not have the latest reviews then it might be its business is fading. A report says that nearly 40% of customers only consider recently written reviews – written within 2 or 3 weeks. 18% of customers also check reviews from last year.

The survey by BrightLocal also says that 89 % of customers read businesses’ responses to reviews. It means a company of packers and movers should also respond to what reviews they receive from their genuine customers.


Packers and movers ratings are also vital

Apart from reviews, customers also check ratings. Thus, you need to check not only written reviews but also the ratings, given by customers. Generally, businesses are scaled on a 1 to 5 rating system. It is advisable that you should prefer to trust a company that has at least 3-star ratings. A finding suggests that 57% of customers will only use a business that has 4 or more star ratings. Another source says that 3.3 is the minimum star rating for a business.

Don’t trust a company with all good reviews

Don’t trust a company of packers and movers that does not have even a single negative review. Do you think they can be a genuine business? I don’t think a moving company can be genuine if it does not receive a few negative comments or poor ratings. Chances are that packers and movers had manipulated the review & rating system with fake reviews or paid reviews. More often than not, scammers use this technique to trap and fool their innocent customers. If you find too many negative comments or poor ratings again you should not trust them. You can check with how businesses respond to negative comments. A genuine and legitimate business will respond to negative comments politely with assurance to resolve grievances as soon as possible.

Where to check packers and movers reviews?

There are several online platforms through which you can check the reviews and ratings of business including packers and movers companies. Some of the most popular places are:

google & facebook reviews
  • Google Map
  • Facebook
  • Trustpilot
  • SiteJabber
  • Mouthshut

Apart from sources, several independent portals provide a listing of top-notch packers and movers companies along with user-generated reviews & ratings. You can check the same with sites like:

Reviews are also important of packers and movers

It’s no secret that checking “packers and movers reviews” is vital for customers. Reviews are equally important for packers and movers companies that are offering relocation services. If you are a person that owns or manage a company of packers and movers then make sure you are leveraging the benefits of online reviews and ratings. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth, it can make or break a brand.

If you are not making efforts to encourage your customer to leave their experience online then you may gradually lose the customer base. Your business may suffer from a great extent. As a genuine and legitimate company of packers and movers, you must create or maintain a process to encourage your customers to leave reviews about your services. Additionally, you also need to monitor the reviews. If you are getting any reviews for your business then it is likely that your customers are not completely satisfied with your services. It means your service needs improvement. Take it as an opportunity to try to improve your customer service so that you cannot get more and more negative reviews affecting your business.

Tips for checking packers and movers reviews

  • Read reviews and check ratings through trusted sources such as Google Map, Facebook, and Trustpilot
  • Don’t trust a company that has excessive negative reviews and poor ratings
  • Don’t trust a moving company that has not even a single negative review. It might be manipulated.
  • Don’t trust a review site that itself has poor reviews in the market.
  • Consider trusting a company that has at least 3.5 ratings and a good number of positive reviews
  • Also, read the negative reviews and try to understand what problems customers have faced
  • Read the latest reviews first. You may also check reviews from past years for better research.

Tips for packers and movers to create & maintain the review process

  • Ask your customers to leave their experience online
  • Don’t waste your money in paid reviews. Customers are smart enough to identify fake reviews.
  • Monitor the reviews and respond to what reviews you receive
  • Don’t always expect good reviews and ratings only.
  • Take negative review as an opportunity to improve your service quality
  • Share positive reviews online that you have already received
  • Create review space on your site to leave reviews
  • Also, encourage customers to review of Google Map and Facebook
  • Ask the customer in person to leave reviews and ratings

How can packers and movers avoid negative reviews?

There are some tips that may help packers and movers improve customer experience and get more and more positive reviews. Here are some tips from HubSpot.

  • Use customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis
  • Identify rate and response for customer grievances
  • Do analysis of customer’s dissatisfaction on regular basis
  • Improve customer experience and focus on quality to minimize customer churn

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why packers and movers reviews are vital to check?

Ans: It is vital to check packers and movers reviews before hiring services because it helps you hire genuine and legitimate company of movers and packers for shifting requirements. You will receive completely hassle-free and safe relocation experience by hiring a legitimate relocation service provider. So, it is recommended that you must check reviews and ratings of movers and packers before you hire the services.

Q. Are reviews of movers and packers helpful in getting the best shifting services?

Ans: Yes, reviews on movers and packers will give you an idea about credibility, experience and reputation of packers and movers that you want to hire for your move. It can be one of main metrics for hiring a reputable and reliable moving company.

Q. What other factors should I consider when hiring movers and packers?

Ans: Apart from checking reviews and ratings, you should also verify licensed, registration and experience of packers and movers before making a final decision. Reviews and ratings will give you an idea about market reputation and service quality of moving companies. Thus, it is recommended that you should also verify different credentials of movers and packers.

Q. How to identify fake packers and movers reviews?

Ans: Many scammers or fraud companies use unethical ways to get good reviews and ratings for their services. Generally, they waste their time and money in paid reviews. If a company of movers and packers has 500 reviews with only 5 start ratings then it is a time to think about it seriously. Chances are moving companies have secured these reviews and ratings by the means of unethical practices. To learn more, also read: How to Detect Fraud Packers and Movers and Prevent Moving Scam? In this article, I have covered the following key areas:

  • Different types and signs of moving scam schemes
  • Common scams and frauds done by Packers and Movers
  • Trustworthy Ways to Prevent Scams Done by Packers and Movers

The bottom line

Online packers and movers reviews matter a lot. It is beneficial for both customers looking for packers and movers, and companies offering services of packers and movers.

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