Hiring Packers and Movers Bangalore for House Shifting

The process of house shifting is a time-consuming and complicated affair. You might face difficulties in handling the shifting process. Luckily, you have professional Packers and Movers Bangalore for house shifting that can make the process a lot easier and hassle-free.


There are several professional Packers and Movers in Bangalore to choose from. You can choose the one to move your household belongings from one place. But you need to be very careful and attentive in choosing one of the best and experienced Packers and Movers companies available in the city. It is imperative because you will never like to feel cheated on hiring expensive relocation services. Also, you will never like to move with a dishonest moving company that is involved in scam schemes or fraud activities.

The prime concern for house shifting should be how to choose the best and legitimate Packers and Movers in Bangalore. You must understand how to detect fraud companies and how to protect from the moving scam. There are certain ways by which you can detect fraud companies and figure out the best and legitimate Packers and Movers Bangalore for house shifting.

Here are some tips that might help you choose the best Packers and Movers Bangalore for house shifting. Whether you are moving down the street in the city of Bangalore or moving from Bangalore to another Indian city, these tips will be highly effective.

Create an inventory of your items

How much household items you have to move is something that will affect many things on your house shifting. It will affect the overall relocation cost. Furthermore, it will affect the decision of hiring the right and perfect Packers and Movers in Bangalore.

If you have very few items to shift then you can consider for DIY moving. With the help of your friends and relatives, you can shift your belongings in your family car. But if you have lots of household belongings and moving for a long-distance, then you must consider moving with professional Packers and Movers in Bangalore.

Hence, knowing how much items you have to shift is imperative. The best way to know the same is creating an inventory. Make a list of everything that you need to shift. Get rid of those items you don’t want to shift. Throw away junks, donate old belongings or sell surplus items. The fewer items you will have to shift, the less moving cost you will have to pay.

Get references from your near and dear ones

One of the best ways figure out the best and legitimate relocation service provider in Bangalore is getting recommendations. Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors for the same. Make sure these folks have hired moving services in the past.

Since you know these people personally, it is more likely that they will never give you incorrect advice. Listen to them carefully. They may suggest you some good names or also warn you for hiring house shifting services from a particular moving company.

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Hopefully, you will be able to gather information about some of good Packers and Movers in Bangalore for house shifting, after getting recommendations from your near and dear ones. Don’t be in a hurry. Keep these companies in the pipeline for further research and investigation.

You must cross-check the credibility of a moving company even if it is recommended by one of your close friends or relatives. The experience your fiend has gone through you will also get the same experience is uncertain.

Take the advantage of technology and the internet

If you are unlucky to have references from your near and dear ones then you don’t need to worry at all. Take advantage of technology and the internet. The internet has simplified our life. It has been one of the best tools in the world to find information about anything. Using the internet you can find the good names of available moving companies. Search on Google with right keywords to get the list of top Packers and Movers in Bangalore.

Remember, most legitimate moving companies have their websites. Check the different pages of their websites such as profile, about us, contact us and testimonial. This will give you an initial idea of whether the company is legitimate or not.

If the company website does not have the complete address details, then you should not consider it in your list. Check the testimonial page to know what their customers about saying. It is possible that there can be fake testimonials and customer reviews on their websites.  So, cross-checking is imperative.

There are several review and rating website where customers write reviews and giving rating for the services. Mouthshut.com, Trustpilot.com and SiteJabber.com are popular review and rating sites where you can explore the reviews and ratings on professional Packers and Movers in Bangalore.

Try to understand whether reviews are fake or genuine. You can detect the same by reading all the reviews of a particular moving company. If the company does not have even a single negative or bad review then chances are that the company has manipulated the review system by putting fake or paid reviews. Facebook reviews and Google reviews can be also effecting.

Explore social media platforms

Different social medial sites also can be effecting in choosing the right and perfect Packers and Movers in Bangalore for house shifting. The popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not hidden. They have made their access in every home. Explore your social media platforms and online communities to know about some of the best options available in the city. You can ask for references from your social friends.

You can simply put your concern as a status on your Facebook or Twitter handle. For example, you can write “Hi friends, I am looking for a reliable Packers and Movers in Bangalore. Can you suggest some good names available?” You can also chat with your social friends regarding the same.

Finalize a list of top 5 Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Many experts suggest that you should start doing research with top 10 Packers and Movers in Bangalore. But again it will create a mess for you. Have multiple options is good but too much is not advisable. The more options you will have, the more confusion you will get on making the decision. Hence, I am suggesting you to do the research with 5 Packers and Movers in Bangalore.

Create the list of top 5 moving companies along with their complete details, such as the company name, office address, phone number, and email number. Make sure you have shortlisted these top packers and movers after investing your precious time in getting references and doing online researches. Now you have 5 options to choose from. The real research starts from here.

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Verify credibility and background

Don’t trust a moving company just because it has been recommended by one of your relatives or close friends. Cross-check the same on your own. Invest your time to verify the different credentials of movers on your different parameters.

Doing the same will protect you from getting scammed by fraud or dishonest packers and movers companies. Keep in mind, you must make sure that your packers and movers are licensed, registered, insured, experienced and reputable.

First of all, make a phone call to every company you have on your list. Try to understand the professionalism of movers while phone interaction. If a particular company is talking with you in an unprofessional manner then you need to avoid it.

If a company answers the phone calls by just saying “hello” or “movers” or “packers and movers” then again you need not trust it. A real moving company will say hello but also say the real company name. For example, Hello Sir, This is ABC Packers and Movers. How may I assist you?

Personally visit the offices of every movers and packers to do further digging into their credentials. Take them into questions. Ask the right questions. Don’t hesitate to ask anything you have in your mind. Asking the right questions will help keep you safe and protect you against being scammed by rogue movers and packers.

Verity the background, previous work, and market reputation of packers and movers on your own. Make sure, your choose moving company is not only licensed and registered but also experienced, reputable and dependable.

Ask the right questions with packers and movers

Q: For how many years are you working in the industry?

The purpose of this question is to know whether the company is experienced or not. Moving an experienced company is always preferred.

Q: Is your company properly licensed and registered?

By asking this question you can know if the company is licensed and registered or not. If the company is saying they are registered and licensed company then don’t forget to see the original documents. A real moving company should not hesitate to show proof.

Q: What type of liability coverage do you provide?

More often than not, professional packers and movers companies provide two types of insurance coverage – goods transit insurance and all-inclusive insurance. Goods transit insurance will cover the damages happened during the transportation only. All-inclusive insurance will cover the damages happened during the entire shifting process. So, it is imperative to know whether your movers and packers will provide insurance coverage or not.

Q: Are your employees properly trained to handle the relocation process?

The purpose behind this question to ask is making sure that the expert moving crew will be handling your move. Ask the company about what types of training they had given to their employees. You can ask them to show a video clip of their training session.

Q: Are your employees are background checked and police verified?

Ask movers to show the copay of police verification. If they don’t have or hesitate to show, then chances are they have not done background verification of their employees.

Q: Can you show me your transport vehicles?

Insist on your movers to show you their transport vehicles such as trucks or tempo. Make sure they have proper transport licenses. Check the license copy. See the truck carefully and check if the truck has a logo, company name and phone number on the sides. Keep the mind, if a company cannot afford the cost of a log or company name how they can be legitimate service providers.

Q: Do you have the necessary tools and equipment used in moving home?

Insist movers to show you what types of equipment or tools they will use to simplify the relocation process. A real company will be happy to show you the same. If the company does not want to show you, then chances are they don’t have the necessary equipment and tools for handling relocation job. And you should not move with such company.

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Q: What types of packing materials do you use to pack household items?

More often than not, legitimate packers and movers always use new boxes, cartons and packing materials. But in some complaints also have been reported that movers cheated the customers using torn boxes or used packing supplies. The purpose of asking this question is making sure that your movers will be using new and good-quality packing supplies.

Q: Are warehousing & storage facilities available?

If you are looking for the temporary storage of your household belongings then you must make it clear before finalizing the services of a moving company. If they are offering warehousing & storage services then you should insist them to who their warehouse. Also, ask how this will affect the final price.

Q: Can you show me references of your previous customers?

It is one of the most important questions to ask packers and movers. This will give you an idea about the company’s reputation in the market. So, just go and ask. A real company will be extremely glad to share the details of their previous customers. Don’t just trust in their words. Cross-check the same with their customers. Furthermore, you can read online reviews of your chose company.

Q: Are you willing to conduct a pre-move survey?

A pre-move survey will give a precise moving price estimate. A good moving company will always like to conduct a pre-move survey before giving you the final estimate for your move. If a company is hesitant then you should hire it.

Q: Are you willing to put every commitment in writing on your company letterhead?

With the help of asking this question, you can keep yourself at the safer side. A genuine and legitimate moving company will never deny the same. They will be happy to put their commitments in writing. They will provide you estimates in writing as well.

There can be several other questions you can ask packers and movers before hiring their services. Use your common senses and ask the right questions to verify the credibility of Packers and Movers Bangalore for house shifting.

Narrow down the list

You have started your research with top 5 moving companies. Now the time has come to narrow down the list. Make sure you have at least the top 3 companies in your final list. Now, you have top 3 best Packers and Movers Bangalore for house shifting. Again, you need to choose the perfect one from these best companies.

Insist movers conduct pre-move survey and get in-home estimates

Invite the representative of every company to your home on different days. Let them conduct the pre-move survey. Make sure they are doing the pre-move survey thoroughly. They will create the list of items that they will be shifting. Then they will provide estimates. Make sure you get the estimates in writing.

Compare the estimates and choose the best

Now you have the best quotations from top 3 best Packers and Movers in Bangalore for household goods shifting. Compare the rates and charges carefully. Make the decision to choose the best-suited one. Before singling the final agreement (contract) make sure you have thoroughly read the same. Don’t sign a blank contract. Make sure you will get sign the final contract paper printed on the company letterhead.


I hope that ideas aforementioned in this article will help hire the best Packers and Movers Bangalore for house shifting. If you think these steps may consume your precious time then you may consider hiring the same from a trusted relocation service booking portal. You can trust Movingsolutions.in for the same, as it is one of the leading and trusted portal of professional packers and movers companies. Through this website, you will have an option to choose from pre-verified and qualified packers and movers companies in Bangalore. This will save you a lot of time.

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