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Technology is evolving to give a great boost to businesses of all sizes in India and the world. The Packers and Movers industry in India is no different. By leveraging technological advancements, a relocation company can enrich the customer experience by being 24×7 accessible online, providing self-serve capabilities, gathering and answering to customer queries, and much more.

There are some packers and movers companies or relocation service booking portals that are geared up with technological advancements and tools to offer low-cost relocation services and real-time solutions to customers. A few decades ago, the scenario was different. India’s relocation industry was an unorganized sector. Moving from one place to another was a stressful, daunting, and challenging task, involving substantial manpower requirements. But nowadays, technology has metamorphosed the shifting process and made it organized, safe, and hassle-free.

Unfortunately, the Indian relocation industry is still facing several obstacles. It is because not all packers and movers companies or relocation portals are leveraging the technological advancements. They are still following conventional methods. There are many companies that are still handling relocation operations through a poorly trained workforce and using mini trucks overloaded with riskily-tied household items. This is indeed a matter to be concerned about arriving at the destination place on time and safely.

Moving Solutions, a relocation service booking portal, has come into the market and metamorphosed the face of the Indian Packers and Movers industry. It has opted for new trends and technological advancements that are driving transformation in the Indian relocation industry. Here are a few newest trends and technological advancements, Moving Solutions has opted for.

The Integration of Chatbot

First of all, you need to understand what exactly a chatbot is. A chatbot is a computer program or artificial intelligence (AI) software that is designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. We have implemented a chatbot on our website which helps us to offer seamless customer support services. The best part of our chatbot implementation is we are able to respond to multiple queries at the same time.

Nick Bostrom, the author of the popular book ‘Superintelligence’, looks at a future where machines will become smarter than humans. Watch this TED Talk Video on AI,

The Integration of WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp has been a powerful tool for business growth. Nowadays, more and more people are using WhatsApp for conversation. And hence this can certainly benefit a business. It has been one of the most preferred tools for connecting businesses and their customers. Moving Solutions is leveraging the power of WhatsApp for business, Moving Solutions has integrated it as its website. Through this, customers can easily connect to Moving Solutions representatives and get instant solutions.

Instant Online Estimates

A few decades ago, people had to make their efforts in searching nearby packers and movers companies for a solution to their different relocation requirements. But nowadays, the scenario is completely different. Moving Solutions is geared up with a quicker, smarter, and easier tool for facilitating their customers for instant booking of one of the best-match nearby packers and movers. Through this portal, customers can receive free quotes from multiple pre-verified and qualified companies. Customers get estimates instantly via SMS and Email. They are also instantly called by the referred companies. If required, movers will prefer to conduct a pre-move survey to give not-to-exceed binding estimates.

Instant Fair Pricing

The relocation industry has several concealed charges in the overall process of shifting. More often than not, dishonest moving companies entice the customer with low estimates and later bill for a huge cost in the form of extra loads, more time consumption, more manpower involvement, extra works, disassembling, or anything else. This type of circumstance extremely pesters customers. But with instant fair pricing, Moving Solutions ensures a reasonable and realistic price to their customers. The company uses an innovative online tool to assess the volume of goods and the distance between source place and destination place and then provide instant fair pricing. It also provides a rate chart for different types of shifting circumstances that help customers plan moving budgets accordingly.

Online Moving Cost Calculator

Moving Solutions has integrated an online moving cost calculator. It is an innovative tool that helps customers to approximate the cost of hiring shifting services of professional packers and movers in their respective cities.

Write and Read Reviews

Online reviews are a major driver of the business that takes place across India and the world on a daily basis. Approximately 90% of people first like to read online reviews before making a purchase or booking services. It is because online reviews give customers a clear picture of what they expect from the businesses. Moving Solutions understands the importance of reviews well.

And hence, it has implemented an online reviews section at this site. There is a separate tool for writing online reviews where customers can write their experiences and also read previous reviews for making decisions. The review system is reinforced with technology and hence cannot be manipulated by fake reviews.

Customers who want to write reviews about a particular moving company get an OTP verification code on their phones. After submitting that code they can proceed with writing the reviews.

The Bottom Line

Moving Solutions deeply understands the importance of technology. And hence it is levering its benefits and providing excellent services to customers all across the country. The company is also working on the integration of several other tools such as digital payments, a real-time vehicle tracking system (with the collaboration with companies that have GPS-enabled transport vehicles), and online training for their partner packers and movers companies.

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