How to make your move eco-friendly?

Make Your Move Eco-friendly

Planning to move to a new city? Have a long to-do list in hand? For sure, you must be having a millions of tasks in hand if you are all set to move. But, have you thought of making your move eco-friendly? If not then it is the time to think about it now. According to a study conducted in UK, a home moves makes an approximate of 16.8 kg of carbon dioxide emission. Yes, this is almost equal to the energy of a light bulb which is kept open for around 54 days.

It is important to take care of the environment and do what contributes to its betterment and not ruin it. Below discussed are some of the ways in which you can make your move eco-friendly. Read on further to know about them-

Ways to make your move eco-friendly

Cook and consume

Before you start making the final move, you should start emptying your kitchen cupboards, drawers and shelves. You should try to consume food items, so that they are not wasted. Many a times, homeowners leave the food behind which is later thrown and thus, wasted. The idea behind this is to utilize food, which you can also do by donating the food to the food banks or the local charities that you know. You can check internet to know about the different charities that accept surplus food. Some might even be ready to collect from your door. According to the reports, tons of food is wasted every year and only fills the landfills.

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Shed goods’ weight

More the volume of goods, more will be the moving trucks used, which in turn will leads to more fuel consumption. Thus, you should try to keep your goods to a minimum level and you can do this by discarding and donating the items that you no longer need. The clothes, furniture, books, toys, shoes, DVDs and other goods can be given to friends or to the ones in need. You should carry only what you think is highly important. This way, you will contribute to a better environment.

Choosing the right carrier

It is in your hands to enquire about the type of carrier that the packers and movers will use to transport your goods. You should try to hire the company that uses low emission EEV standard moving vans or trucks. EEV stands for ‘Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicles, as they are absolutely eco-friendly and contribute by cutting down on emissions. A reputed mover will give complete information to you regarding the same.

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Right wrapping

While packing your goods, you should put emphasis on how you are packing them. You can enquire about packing materials that are eco-friendly from the packers and movers that you have hired. The packing material like bubble wrap is highly biodegradable and contributes to a better environment. These wraps can be used to pack the fragile items like vases, glassware and other breakable items. In addition to this, you can use old magazines, newspapers, and other clothing items to pack your goods. For packing, try to use material that is already available with you.

Keep the price quotes simple

If you haven’t given it a thought, give it now. When you call a multiple packers and movers to your home, to take the home survey and then calculate the estimate prices, much fuel is consumed in traveling. Instead, you can try to look for companies that do a video surveying, as this will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the air. Thus, avoid calling 4-5 movers to your place. Act smart and save the environment from depletion.

Therefore, you should keep all the above discussed points in mind and do what is eco-friendly. If you are thinking about ways of choosing the most appropriate moving company then you must go through the following-

3 Ways to hire the best packers and movers


The moving company that you are planning to hire should have experience in the moving industry. More the number of years of experience, more professional and perfect their work would be.

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Price quotes

The rates and charges of moving should be in accordance with the market standards. You can compare the prices of different packers and movers and then make the final decision.


The reviews by the customers who have already availed the service of that moving company will give you a clear insight of the quality of its works. You can read the testimonials and know about whether the company fulfills its claims or not.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your phone, reach the best packers and movers India and get yourself moving. It is the time to go green and make your shifting absolutely environment-friendly. Good luck!

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