7 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Hiring Movers

7 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Hiring a Moving Company

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Making a move is surely a challenging task especially when you don’t have an assistance of a professional moving company. But, landing up with the finest of fine packers and movers in your city is also not a cakewalk. When you browse through the internet, you get details of hundreds of moving companies, which makes you even more confused about which one to hire. You must know that not all these companies are reputed and genuine. To find the authentic one, you will have to do a bit more research.

Before you hire any particular packers and movers, you must look out for the red flags. Red flags for a company means no hiring of it. Go through the below discussed points-

7 Red Flags of Movers to Look Out When Hiring Packers and Movers


The first red flag of movers is the company being unlicensed. You must know that it is mandatory for a moving company to have a license of the state in which it is operating. A licensed company runs all its services legally whereas, there is no surety of the same when it comes to the unlicensed one. You must always hire the one which is regulated by the state. Also, keep in mind that an unregulated, illegal and unlicensed might offer you cheaper price quotes in order to allure you, but you have to be extra careful and wise.


If you find that the moving company that you are planning to hire is not insured then it has to be a big NO for that company. This is one of most common red flags of movers. A good company always keeps itself insured in order to be protected from any kind of lawsuits. Also, an insured company ensures that you are paid for the damage caused to your goods during transit. You must know that an uninsured company will not be in a position to pay for your losses.

Average reviews

It is important to take out time to read the testimonials of the moving company that you are thinking to hire. While going through the reviews, if you see that the majority of them are average or against the company then there is no point in hiring that packers and movers. The reviews should be genuine and should be positive. However, one or two negative reviews among the other positive ones, is absolutely fine. Thus, do keep your eyes on the company’s reviews.

Demand upfront fee

If the packers and movers are demanding an upfront fee then you need to give hiring it a second thought. This can also be one of red flags of movers. The company which asks the customers to pay the full amount much before the moving is complete is most likely to be a fraudulent company. A legal and reputed never asks any upfront fee and charges only after the moving project is successfully done. So, stay away from the scams and do not hire one such company demanding an upfront fee.

Offer too good estimates

When a packers and movers offer too good estimates, homeowners usually get attracted and hire them. However, you must think about it rationally. A genuine company would never offer you a price estimate without taking a survey of your goods, calculating the distance between the starting point and the destination and considering the other factors. On the other hand, a fraud company will make all the possible efforts to make you buy their services, with no guarantee of desired results.

No contact with drive

It is important that the moving company offers you the contact details of the driver, so that you can contact him while your goods are being transported. If the company fails to provide you the same, then it is one of the biggest red flags of movers and packers. In order to keep a track of your goods, it is essential to have the driver’s contact details.

Unmarked moving trucks

Does the moving company that you are planning to hire have marked trucks or not? Legal companies always have marked moving vans and trucks and not the generic. If you see the full company name, address and other details of the movers on their moving trucks, then it is good to go with that. On the other hand, if you find nothing and no dedicated moving trucks then it is better not to hire that company.

After you have noticed these red flags of movers, you will be able to choose the best available packers and movers. Once you have landed up with the most authentic moving company, you can rely on it and rest all your moving worries on it. It will handle it all.

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