Essential Moving Tips for Newlyweds

Moving tips for newlyweds

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Just married? Dreaming to set your new home in a new place? Thinking of making a move? If yes then this blog will prove to be a boon for you. It discusses some of the important moving tips that will help you in moving without any worries and hassles.

True that it is exciting to commence a new life with your partner but the fact that it includes a lot of challenges, cannot be denied. With marriage, comes the responsibilities and more duties not only towards your partner but to your household too. Moving is one such big task that has to be carried out with utmost perfection.

Go through the tips that are mentioned as under to make your move easy-

Moving tips for newlyweds

Advance planning

If you are planning to make a move to another city or state, then you have to plan things well in advance. You will have to take a survey of your entire house and then decide whether you need to hire a professional moving company or you can handle all the moving tasks on your own. The decision should be taken keeping in mind the various moving phases including packing, loading, transporting, unpacking, and unloading. Also, it involves difficulties and stress. If you are ready to manage it all on your own, then you are good to go. Else, you should not give hiring a professional household shifting company a second thought. This major planning has to be done well in advance.

Make a list

You should make a list of what is to be carried and what can be left behind. For this, you will have to create a list of all your belongings, though not in detail, the purpose of this list is just to make you aware of the quantity of stuff that is to be relocated. To make a well-organized list, you should take every room by its turn and write the number of items in it, in the list. This will give you an idea of the number of goods that you actually have.

Start early

After you are done with your planning, it is time to start packing your goods. If you think that you can pack it all at the eleventh hour, then you are absolutely wrong. You need to have an ample amount of time to pack each and every room much prior to moving. Do not wait for the last minute to grab in everything. This way, you might end up forgetting your essential items. Also, make sure to keep a bag of essentials separately with your routine items including a toothbrush, medicines, a pair of clothes, required toiletries, and others. This bag will help you in the initial days after you have shifted.

Take wedding gifts

For you, your wedding gifts should be the most important items that you must not overlook. All those gifted kitchenware, appliances, draperies, books, sports equipment, wall frames, and other personalized gifts should be given priority while packing the goods. It is better not to leave anything behind, even those wall clocks, crystal hangings, wind chimes, and other decorative items. All this can adorn your new home and, of course, will save your money in buying the new stuff.


Whatever you do, make sure that you do it in teamwork. It is the right time to show your teamwork qualities. If your partner is counting the number of personal belongings, make sure to help by listing down the items on paper. In fact, you can divide the rooms between both of you and decide which rooms are to be packed by you and which ones by your partner. Sharing the responsibility will ease things up and you both will be able to pack things more efficiently.

Hiring the right packers and movers

Packing and loading your household goods on your own might turn into a nightmare if not done in the right manner. To avoid such a situation, you must hire professional packers and movers. To hire one such packing company, you will have to do a little research on the internet and shortlist the best available household shifting companies. To find out the best, read their customer testimonials, check out their range of services and contact their customer support team to know the price estimates. If you think the company offers all the moving services that you require and fits well in your budget, then there should be no second thoughts. You should call the company right away and start with the moving process. Make sure that the chosen company offers moving insurance facilities too, in order to not make you incur financial losses. The warehouse storage offered by the company would just be a cherry on the top.
So, it is time to settle in your new home and start a new living.  Happy married life ahead!

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