9 Tips for Choosing the Right Packers and Movers – You Can’t Afford to Miss


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Relocating from one place to another is something that has always made people scared. It is not only because of difficulties in doing packing & moving tasks, but also the risk of damages of goods. Obviously, poor packing and improper handling of goods will cause damage.

This is why people nowadays are preferring to reckon on professional Packers and Movers so that they can get rid of moving difficulties and ensure the safety of goods. Packers and Movers (also known as Movers and Packers) are skilled professionals who have the expertise to pack everything (be it household items or commercial goods) efficiently and move the goods safely to the desired location.

If you are moving from one city to another with your family then obviously you will have lots of household belongings. You will like to shift all your belongings to your new destination doorstep.

You cannot afford the damage of goods, you have accumulated over the year with your hard-earned money.

So, you might need to hire professional Packers and Movers for assisting you to pack your household effects and move them safely to your new residence.

The internet has revolutionized the ways of people for anything. Whether it is booking a movie ticket or a holiday package, many people prefer to go online to book the same. So, you can also book the required service of professional Packers and Movers for your move using the internet. With the advent of the internet, it has been easy to select the right Movers and Packers for house shifting or any other type of relocation.

If you search for Packers and Movers on Google (the world’s most used engine) you will find more than thousands of them. Again, you might be confused. The list of professional Movers and Packers available online is quite long. You can check the same by searching online. This will end up in surprises. You don’t know which company is affordable and which one is reliable.

How can you check their reliability and affordability? How can you check their experience and expertise? What are the parameters you should adhere to? Again, you don’t know. Okay! No problem. To help you select the best and trusted Packers and Movers (let’s say it Packers and Movers in Pune), we have jotted down 10 useful tips which you cannot afford to miss.

Look for the best not the lowest priced at all time

You know well how you need to compare quotes (offers) from various Packers and Movers. It is a great idea at all times. But, there is something you need to keep into account. It is always better to think about choosing the best and trusted ones comparing the movers and packers who offer you the lowest price estimates.

The lowest estimate can be one of the tricky ways of shady movers. Such dishonest movers can get your moving requirements in their hands and demand more money before releasing your belongings.

Packers and Movers with high-budget quotes are expected to be more concerned about a precise estimate. Legitimate moving companies will never be ready to give you the price estimate without knowing the volumes of goods and making a pre-move survey of belongings.

Fraud packers and movers deliberately underestimate the weight and volume of your belongings and give you low-priced quotes, and further demand for more money saying you they will not deliver the belongings until you pay whatever they demand.

So, you need to be careful. Don’t get trapped in the trick of shady movers and packers just because they are offering low-priced quotes.

Check reviews and ratings of Packers and Movers online

Reading reviews about packers and movers (moving companies) is one of the most vital things you need to do. It is a type of research that tells you about the nature, behavior, and background history of a moving company you are about to hire.

So, go through reviews of moving companies to know about them, their reputation, and credibility in the market. There might be some fake reviews, but not all reviews are fake. There can be some genuine reviews that will be a key determinant on hiring Packers and Movers.

Google Reviews, Mouthshut, Trustpilot, Facebook Reviews, and SiteJabber are some authentic sources for checking the reviews and ratings of companies.

Select the genuine and legitimate reviews

When you go through the reviews and ratings of Packers and Movers on some review websites, make those reviews are genuine and legitimate. For a single moving company, you might come across about 100 to 500 reviews.

However, the prime concern here is whether those reviews are genuine. There might be some websites where users log in and post non-genuine reviews just for getting payments based on the number of reviews. You must avoid such websites.

So, stick to those websites that present you with unbiased reviews from authentic users. While checking Google reviews or Facebook reviews about packers and movers, also make sure what unsatisfied users are saying. Try to figure out what are the pains of consumers and why they are posting negative reviews.

Also, try to understand the way packers and movers companies are responding to those negative feedback. If a moving company does not have even a single negative review again it is not a good sign for being legitimate reviews.

Chances are moving companies are manipulating the same with paid reviews. So, always go through the genuine & legitimate reviews. Genuine reviews will help you to make the right decision on hiring the best and trusted Packers and Movers for your move.

Find reviews about Movers and Packers from your region

Checking legitimate reviews of genuine consumers is a good thing you need to do. Furthermore, you should also ensure that you get reviews from your area. Checking neighborhood reviews will give you insight into hiring the most reliable Packers and Movers.

Start conversations with the users. Ask them how their experience was with the moving companies. If you are careful in your inquiries and check the genuine reviews while choosing your packers and movers, you would be safe.

Visit the offices of movers personally

Remember, legitimate Packers and Movers have their own established offices. Visit their offices personally to see their infrastructure and clear your doubts, if any. Take them into questions and try to understand how well they respond to your questions.

You can request them to show you their license. You can ask them about their previous customers. It would be better if they have their offices also in your new destination. If they have also had their office in your new destination, you can easily deal with concerns after the move.

Get rid of unwanted items before getting estimates from movers

Make yourself very clear about the number of items you want to shift. If there are items you don’t use or don’t want to shift, get rid of them before getting estimates.

A garage sale is a great solution for getting rid of unwanted items. There are also some online portals where you can sell your old stuff. Furthermore, you can donate your usable stuff to a charity.

Invite Packers and Movers to do pre-move survey & get estimates

If you don’t get into the trap of a possible moving scam then you must invite Packers and Movers to do a pre-move survey. Once the pre-move survey is done, packers and movers would be able to give you precise moving estimates.

While movers come to your home to do the pre-move survey, don’t hide even a single item. Show them each and every item of your household so that they can give you an accurate cost estimate for your move.

Make sure, you get the estimate in writing. Furthermore, go through the estimates thoroughly before signing the final agreement and make sure there are no hidden charges.

Ensure whether your packers and movers would offer insurance (in case of intercity shifting)

You won’t like to see damages of goods once packers and movers transfer them to your new destination. This is why you need to plan your move with one of the credible Packers and Movers that offer you insurance. Although, packers and movers take utmost care of your belongings.

However, there are chances that some of your valuable items could be damaged in transit. Hence, hiring packing and moving services from a reliable moving company that also offers appropriate insurance to your things is always the best decision you can take.

Ask for any free service is available, don’t hesitate.

Many professional packers and movers companies offer free add-on services to customers who hire their core services. Don’t hesitate to ask your movers, if they can offer you any free service. For example, you can ask for free storage of your household belongings for a couple of days.

Hope you enjoyed these tips on choosing Packers and Movers. Follow the above-mentioned useful tips and make your relocation a safe, and hassle-free one.

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