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One of the major concerns associated with the move is that, how much you are going to pay for the same. You can set up a small budget for shifting but you cannot be sure always that you are going to spend only the amount that you have set for the budget. There are many surprise expenses that you might meet during the process of shifting. It is better to be prepared for the same.

If you are planning to handle the process of relocation, better to be prepared with your budget. You should have a proper knowledge about the expenses that you might encounter during the shifting process. While preparing for the move, you should be financially prepared for the moving process too. Budget is the most important consideration of shifting.

There is a very important article, where we are going to share with you each and everything regarding the budget and financial management of move. Knowing about the things, it would become easy for you to self-calculate manage the finances accordingly.

How to Estimate Moving Cost

The most important consideration is that, how to do the things. How to estimate moving cost is a big question for many and we have the answer to the same. First of all understand that the cost of shifting is not dependent on a single factor. There are multiple factors that collectively decide on the final charges of shifting.

For estimation of moving cost, you need to know about those factors. Moving load, distance and required moving services are the basic factors affecting the rates. How much you want to move, to which distance and the moving services you would be taking to complete the process; these all collectively adds on to your moving budget.

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Hidden Moving Costs You May Encounter

There are few certain expenses that you don’t know would be coming towards you. Shifting is expensive process because there are many miscellaneous charges in relocation process. It is necessary to be aware of the things and expenses that you might meet unwontedly.

Packing Supplies and Packing Services: Packing is one of the complicated things in moving but in the meantime it is important too. If packing section of move is ignored then it means you are going to lose a big part of your valuables. Items that are not packed well could not reach to the next destination well. There are people who leave packing casually and they regret for the things later on. You should spare adequate money for packing services as at any point of move you have to spend on this. More than this, you can never be sure how much you need to invest on packing supplies.

Disassembling/Assembling Charges: Carrying large and bulky items is not easy. This is a reason it is suggested to disassemble it during the moving process. But, as it is said that nothing comes for free so, you need to be ready to invest on assembling and disassembling charges. This might come as an additional expense and something that you could not quote down on your budget of shifting.

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Storage Charges: If there is time for you to get possession of new home and in the meantime you have left the old property then it means you need a place where you can store the things for time being. It is called storage unit. Other than this, some unwanted circumstances can also arrive when you would need a storage unit. You have to be prepared for such expense during the shifting process.

Value Added Service Charges: There are many fancy and value added charges that the moving company would implement on you. This may include the staircase charges, the handling charges, the overtime charges, etc. You should spare some money for this section as well.

Specialized Items Packing and Moving: If you are moving with special items like a giant piano or antique then get ready to spare something extra for this. In most of the cases, movers would charge extra for such things. If things are complicated or are big in size then might be you have to pay extra for it.

Types of Moving Estimates

Now, come to the different types of moving estimates that the moving company might propose to you. Having knowledge of this is important as this would let you easily compare and hire the company that is financially sound for your task. Below are the types of moving estimates proposed by moving companies.

Non-Binding Moving Estimate: This is the most common type of moving estimate. It does not bind the moving company to the quotation they have provided. The charges may increase or decrease as per the scenario of the last day.

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Binding Moving Estimate: It is the exact amount that you are supposed to pay to the movers. There is no addition and subtraction to these charges. At the end, you could not encounter any surprise charges.

Binding-Not-To-Exceed Estimate: Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate guarantees that you won’t be paying more than what’s stated on the estimate. But, if the final cost is lower than the estimated one, you are not obliged to pay the stated amount.

The Final Takeaway

This is the best packers and movers calculator that you would hardly find anywhere else. We are hopeful that now you understand well the moving charges and the factors that affect the same. You should be prepared with everything that you might encounter during shifting. The financial planning during move will help you to come out of any type of complication.

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