15 Trickiest Questions to Ask Packers and Movers


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Discover the essential questions to ask packers and movers for a hassle-free relocation experience.

Packing and moving the things by self is never easy. When you want the full comfort in relocation, then it is a good decision to hire the trustworthy name for the task. When a person is investing money on packing and moving services, he always wants that his investment should be made in the right decision. He never wanted to invest the money at the wrong place. This is the reason it is suggested to choose the packers and movers only after deep research.

Once, you are satisfied and convinced completely, then only you should hire the mover for the shifting task. In this series of hiring the best moving company, we are here presenting a relief to you. We are presenting here 15 trickiest questions to ask packers and movers. Well, these are not the normal questions, but these are the tricky questions which would allow you to make the right decision in this regard.

Always make sure that you hire the company once you are completely satisfied with the same. Check out the questions to ask packers and movers and also the reason why you should ask the same. Knowing this, you would always make the right decision regarding your moving and shifting.

1. What is Your Actual Experience?

It is a very tricky question that you should ask your mover. Their actual experience is different from their year of establishment, so you should make sure that you are calculating the right experience of the company.

2. What is Your Favourite Domain?

The services of packers and movers are divided into many parts. Few serve in commercial relocation, whereas few specialize in household goods shifting. Before you hire the one, it should be best to know from them about their favourite domain.

3. Can You Provide Some Reference?

Be smart enough to ask your moving company about the past reference. A company which can do this without any hesitation could be trusted for the future business. Check and verify the reference before moving further.

4. Do You Have Branch in Destination City?

If you are changing your location, then it would be an additional aid for you if the moving company has branch in the destination city. In such a case, contacting them for any grievances would be easy.

5. Do You Have Dissatisfied Customers?

The moving company would not tell this by their own, so you have to ask them this. Ask them if they know about their dissatisfied customers and try to know the answer too.

6. Is There Any Negative Review About the Company?

A company which is ready to tell you about its flaws could always be trusted. If a company tells you about the negative reviews, then it means that it is authentic.

7. How Do You Manage the Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews and testimonials are common; the biggest task is that how they are managing the same. In case, you find that the company has negative reviews, ask them how they satisfy the customers who are not happy with the services. It will give you the idea about the company behaviour.

8. How I Can Check the Authenticity of the Reviews on Your Website?

Companies have loads of reviews on their website. You cannot trust them all because finally they have the access to publish it at their website. Ask your moving company as how you can check the authenticity of the reviews that are published in their website.

9. What is the Classification of Your Price Slab?

Budget is one of the important considerations for the move. You should unhesitant ask the moving company about the classification of the price slab. Knowing this is important as it will make you clear about every investment.

10. Is The Price Negotiable?

This is also one of significant questions to ask packers and movers that will help you to save money. Ask your moving company very smartly if the prices are negotiable, or it is final and cannot be changed.

11. Do You Have Option for Customizing Package?

The charges of packers and movers are always very high. There are few companies that provide the option to customize the package due to which you can save some money. Ask your moving company if it provides any option like this.

12. In Case of Loss to Property How It Will Be Compensated?

Many uncertain things can happen during the move. You should ask the moving company as what is their plan in such cases. What if any loss to your property happens during the move? How the company would compensate the loss caused.

13. How Long It Will Take to Solve the Grievances?

You should briefly enquire about each and every step. Ask them as how long they will take to solve the grievances.

14. You Provide Third Party Insurance?

Enquiring about the insurance is one of the most important questions to ask packers and movers for you. You should ask them about the insurance policy. Ask if they provide the insurance, or it is third-party insurance. Also ask them about the procedure for claim.

15. Any Reference of Past Grievances and How You Solved That?

This is one of the best questions which will help you to select the best moving company for the entire task. Ask them if they have any reference from the past in which they have solved the problems of the customer. This will aid you to make a better decision. If a company adequately solved the issues and concerns, then it can be trusted for the task.

Taking the services of packers and movers in shifting is one of the finest decisions. But, the decision need to be cross-checked and examined too. Before making your final decision with the moving company, you should ask and enquire that it is fit for the task or not. The set of 15 questions to ask packers and movers which have been mentioned here would aid you to choose the right company. These are the tricky questions which will let your way to the right name. The company that could adequately answer all questions should be hired.

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