Packing and Moving Tips for Fragile Items


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Packing and moving all our belongings is a long process, and we have to plan for it as early as we decide to shift our residence. While leaving our abode and moving into a completely new place make us anxious, but at the same time, we have to think about shifting our belongings with having enough peace of mind.

Belongings ranging from heavy furniture, household stuff, vehicles, electronics, kitchen appliances to books, we have to handle each of the stuff very carefully. One should be more careful when it comes to packing and moving fragile items.

In such a situation, you can ask for help from the professional packers and movers service providers, and you also can initiate the process on your own.

Fragile Items Packing Moving Tips

Don’t over-pack things

While packing the breakable items we worry that they might get damaged during shifting, and we end up over-packing them which makes the moving procedure problematic. No matter whether you are doing the shifting on your own or with the help of the packers, you should not overload things. Use cardboard boxes and focus more on wrapping things individually that can prevent them from breaking.

Things you need

The packing cushions, packing peanuts, foam sheets and bubble wraps are your saviours while packing and moving the fragile items. Have a sufficient stock of these items. You might need more than you think you need. Get plenty of old crumbled papers. You can use the old newspapers too. They also can prevent breakable items from breaking.

Work smart

Do the packing in a tricky way. While packing the plates, put a foam sheet or bubble wrap between every two plates. If you are putting the plates in a cardboard box, then make sure that you are putting them in a flat way, and before putting them into the box pack them with a foam sheet overall. While packing other stuff it is advised that the packing box should not be stuffed, but while packing fragile things there should not be any extra space in the packing box as it might cause damage.

When packing glasses

The glasses should be packed completely differently from any other breakable thing. Get enough old unnecessary papers and crumble them and then put them into the glasses, mugs, cups and wrap the outer part with bubble wraps. Before putting them into cardboard boxes, fill the boxes with packing cushions or packing peanuts.

When packing lamps

While packing the lamps, first separate the lampshade and the base. While the base can be packed and put in any other box, you have to be very careful with the lampshades. Get enough papers and foam sheets to pack the shades and then put it gently in a box full of packing peanuts or else, you can put the shades into a small cardboard box tightly that will prevent it from getting damaged.

Now you know the basic tips for packing and moving your fragile belongings, and you also can hire professional packers and movers for help.

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