How To Pack Your Books While Relocating


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Relocating!  As soon as you hear the word, the thought of packing and shifting your belongings makes you worried. If you are a book lover and have a large number of books on your shelf, then book shifting must be the first thought in your mind.

The bibliophiles are usually very much concerned about their books, and they don’t rely on others when it comes to packing and moving their books. They often think that their books might get torn, dog-eared or lost while moving into another place and that’s why they prefer packing them on their own.

So make sure that your books are packed with proper care before relocating. Follow some tips for packing your books.

Pack in segmentation

Don’t pack books in a haphazard manner. Try to make a segmentation according to the size, type, and genre of the books. Keep each and every segmentation separate and put them in different packaging boxes. For example, you can put all the novels together while placing the educational books separately.


Once you are done with packing, label all the boxes with different names or numbers because that will help you to find the books easily. Even unwrapping and reorganizing the books would be easier if you use labels.

Handle with care

Start packing with having enough time in your hand. Use spacious cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, waterproof sheets and carry bags. Don’t stuff books in a single box.  While placing the books in the box, no book should be folded, bent or placed at an angle. Always lay them flat in the packing box. Keep naphthalene in those boxes to keep insects and worms away, and seal the boxes with tape after placing the books.

Keep urgent readings handy

Before moving and packing your books, always keep the urgent reading materials completely separate than other books because finding a single book in the bunch is not easy. If you are a student or preparing for any examination, try to keep the reading materials, books in your hand because you might need them now and then.

Reduce the unnecessary books

Although it is hard to eliminate books from your shelf but, there are books which are lingering, and you’ve read them so many times, or you left them unfinished as you lacked interest in the midway. It is the right time to say them goodbye. Before starting your packing you can hand them over to your friends, or you can sell them out because there is no use for storing the unnecessary books while shifting.

Packing and shifting your books is now hassle-free if you follow the aforementioned suggestion, and you also can contact to if you are about to move into a different city or state. We’re glad to inform you that we provide services in different cities of India, and we shift all your belongings with care.

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