7 Things to Consider Before Planning Business Relocation


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Business relocation can be a tricky task as a lot of intricacies are involved. A corporate move needs to be tactically planned and well coordinated.

You need to be aware of a certain step-by-step guide to have a transparent business relocating plan. Clients, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders should be taken into consideration as they are the working force behind any organization’s success.

Corporate relocation can be a daunting task if not planned articulately beforehand. The involvement of so many people, especially in the case of medium and large-sized business, makes it even more challenging.

A business relocation is considered in lieu of bigger market area, better employee pool, less real estate expenses and more amenities, or getting into the right place for a better work environment.

So, before planning for a business relocation, you must pay heed to the following things:

7 Things You Must Know Before Business Relocation

1. Impact Upon your Business

Office shifting should be carefully thought-over as it is going to have a direct impact on your corporate image and identity. The work will also eventually get affected. The pros and cons of shifting should be a matter of concern.

2. Accessibility to Clients

The clients should be at the benefiting end. They shouldn’t be the one suffering. The clients at the new office location should be easily accessible, and a prior notice should be sent informing them about the office shifting.

3. Officials Response

Every person directly or indirectly involved with the organization should be aware of the corporate relocation. There must be transparency in the communication process and all the information they require must be delivered to them on time. An informed brigade of employees can render prime solutions. Their opinions should be welcomed, and the business relocation should be a work of unison. The office shifting decision should be supported by the majority mandate.

4. Scanning the New Office Area

You must plan a visit to the new office place to have an understanding of the layout. The new office area shouldn’t be too small or too big for your company.

The office space should be carefully examined in order to have an idea of the decor, the chamber settings and layout of the new office design. Business relocation is also an opportunity in disguise to re-design your work area. You might have to draw a blueprint of the area and revise cubicles accordingly.

5. Preparing a Budget for Office Shifting


Office shifting can be a fairly expensive affair. You must analyze the different packages offered by packers and mover companies and see which one fits your requirements and your budget.

You should have a flexible budget for office relocation, as sometimes going for cheaper options end in unprofessional mayhem. Business relocation involves personal data and documents to be shifted in full privacy and in good care, so trusted and professional packers and mover should be contacted.

6. Lesser Work Load

Business shifting should be done at a time when the market is generally slower. Employees shouldn’t be bombarded with heaps of work in the midst of the shifting process. You should be considerate and plan for office shifting in the months when the market is facing a downtime.

You should plan accordingly how your business is going to operate during the move and ensure you can afford a few days non-operation while the office gets set up in the new location. While corporate shifting, make sure to arrange the key departments first so that they start functioning first and the work will catch-up pace within no time.

7. Revise and Update Company’s Insurance

An update from the Insurance team will be required on the new location and the fresh and updated inventories in the name of the organization. Business Relocation involves legal aspects, and so such documents must be carefully filled and updated. The officials should be contacted about the major changes to assist in legitimate functioning.

Although challenging, business relocation can also be seen as an opportunity to moving into a more reliable and market-oriented area. If communicated well among its employees and clients, it might as well be a platform to strengthen bonds. Office shifting might sound tiring, but it can be seen as a new venture, a new journey to lead to success.

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