7 Essential Tips for Packing Clothes When Moving


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When you are moving, then definitely you are blessed with the opportunity of introducing some fine changes in life. When it comes to women of the house, they actually don’t know how many clothes they have. Until and unless they start packing clothes for the move.

Dealing with the last-minute clothes packing for move can create a panic. Hence it is required that one should start things as early as possible. Following a proper strategy for packing your clothes for a move would aid you in facing this tough challenge. This way, you could do it at the best time too.

Staying in front of closet and thinking how to pack and what to pack for a move can be a big challenge. It is always required that you should think about the safest way to transport the clothing.

Being aware about the scenario and having a strategy always aids in doing things better. In case of packing clothes as well, a good strategy is needed. Here we are listing few effective tips that will surely help you to pack clothes for the move.

Ultimate Guide to Pack Clothes for Moving

Start with Mission Cleaning

Definitely, there may be many items that are torn apart, old, or you have not used them since ages. As you have not used those clothes for a longer time then there is a probability that you would also not use them in future too. So what is the use of carrying those unnecessary items to the new place.

Take moving as an opportunity to get rid of the clothes that have been just occupying a big space in your closet and you never wear them or have worn in the recent past. So, scan your closet properly and go through each and every cloth and make out what really deserves to go to the new home and what has to be buried there and then. Taking unwearable clothes is unnecessary burden to self only.

Now, once you sort out the load of unnecessary clothing, a big question is what to do of that stuff. There are two options that you have. You can either donate the clothes at orphanage and old age homes or to the needy people and the second option is selling your clothes. If they are in good condition, then you can get something out of your trash for sure. In doing so, you can reduce the moving cost and can save yourself from unnecessary trouble too.

Make Estimate of the Amount of Items You Want to Move

Now this is something much essential. You should be aware of the amount of items that have to be moved. Making an estimate of the clothes that you would carry along with will aid you in making other necessary arrangements. This is necessary because this will further help you in calculating the estimated amount of packing boxes, bags, suitcases and trolley bags that you would be using for the task. If you have suitcases in your vicinity then there is no use of carrying them empty, use them for carrying clothes. You can even pack the fragile items in a suitcase to provide additional cushioning.

There are comfortable and handy wardrobe boxes that you can very easily get from packers and movers. You can use the wardrobe boxes for carrying your hanging clothes, and transport them without damaging the original shape. Apart from this, there are also vacuum seal bags that you can use to store clothes safe, and also they will occupy less space. One thing that you have to consider while unpacking is that, you should not over pack the moving boxes. If you stuffed things in the box, then it will ultimately increase the load unnecessarily. In case, you are packing things by your own then using small e boxes would be a great favor for yourself as you can move them easily.

Gather Packing Supply

After making an estimate of the clothes that you would be moving, then comes the second important step of gathering the packing supply. Depending on the need, you have to collect them. Making use of boxes, cabinets and drawers for packing and moving the clothes is a smart idea.

Prepare Outfit for Moving Day

For you and your family members, you should prepare outfits for the moving day. Apart from this, packing one or two set of clothes in the first night bag is also necessary because in this way you can pack the other clothes that you won’t be using during the move.

Pack Out of Season Clothes First

A smart tip for packing clothes is that, you should always start with the clothes that you are not using presently. Pack the off-season clothes first, as this will save you from the last minute hassle.

Pack Shoes Separately from Clothes

Don’t consider shoes in the same category as your clothes. Pack the shoes separately from clothes and make sure you transport them in the boxes as it may save them from losing their shape. In case you are packing them in a box, then don’t stuff shoes forcibly as it may harm the original shape and size.

Don’t Rush to Unpack Everything on Same Time

Once your things reach to the final destination, then there comes the responsibility of unpacking the stuff. A smart idea is that, you should not rush to unpack everything on the same time. Give yourself time and space, and unpack only the essentials first.

Don’t work hard but work smart and the same you have to follow while packing your clothes too. The tips that we have mentioned here for packing clothes for move would effectively help you in the task. If there are packers and movers, then also you have the task of purging the load. A very important point you have to remember is that, you should pack only the essential items and leave the other things behind. Having a strategy and a plan of what to pack would efficiently help you in dealing with the situation well.

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