The Ultimate Checklist: Top DIY Packing Tips for House Moving


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Master the art of DIY packing for a successful house move by exploring the best tips and tricks on packing household goods for moving home.

When you are planning for household move, then you should give yourself enough time to organize the things properly, especially when you are packing and moving by self. In case, there are packers and movers to handle the requirement of shifting then you can relax and move ahead but not everyone can get their services because of the charges.

When it comes to the comfort in shifting we want them by our side, but when it comes to their charges the people they do tend to choose the another way of doing things by your own. If somehow you have to pack entire household goods by yourself, then there are certain points that you have to consider for the same.

In this article, we are going to highlight the best DIY packing tips that would make the task easiest for you and of course, it will end up at a successful note as well.

16 Best DIY Packing Tips for You

Start Early and Stick to Moving Checklist

The mantra for successful DIY packing and moving lies in a good planning and more than that a better management. Managing the time in the best way can only help you to achieve your goal of successful move. To reach the target of your move, make sure that you start the process as early as possible. Keeping adequate time frame of a month for the preparation of move can help in achieving the target well. Other than this, make sure that you stick to the moving checklist and follow the special order as designated or decided.

Make Inventory of Household Items

Everything that you possess need not be taken at the new place. It is not only a good economic decision but would also save you from carrying unwanted load as well. When you pack household items by yourself, make an inventory of the things that you want to pack for the move. Having an idea about what to move would aid in picking the packing supply accordingly.

Collect Packing Supplies

Once you know about the items that you would be carrying along with you, you should collect the packing supplies accordingly. Remember, the safety of move depends on the packing material. So make sure that you do no compromise with the quality and quantity of the packing supply. There are companies that rent packing supplies, you can contact them. It is a better option than investing in packing material.

Get Different Size of Moving Boxes

Not everything that you own would be packed in the same moving box. So, it is better that you should get different sizes of moving boxes. Other than the boxes for moving, you should get other required things that are required for packing which includes bubble wrap, tapes, labels, vacuum bags, wardrobe boxes, etc.

Get Specialty Wardrobe Boxes

There are special wardrobe boxes which are efficient in carrying the entire wardrobe content safe and without damaging the shape. Getting these boxes would aid you in safely packing the wardrobe content safe and secure.

Involve as Many Family Members as Possible

Moving is a tough task and definitely one cannot do the things by your own. It is not a solo act and help is always required. When it comes to packing and moving the household goods, then there are many complex items that need assistance of many people. If you are not hiring packers and movers, no big deal, you should get the involvement of the available resources. Involve as many family members as possible for the task.

Do Not Pack Hazardous Items

There are certain items that cannot be transported during move. So, when you are packing the things, make sure that you don’t pack such items.

Pack One Room at a Time

Getting into packing each and everything on the same time would create a mess by the end. You should concentrate one room at one time, then only it would be helpful. In this way, you can give your full concentration for one room and hence things would be packed efficiently.

Pack Essential Box

You need a first night box in which the essential items would be there. Having the things that you might require during shifting time should be packed in the essential box. Having the box handy would solve all moving related worries of yours.

Learn Assembling of Furniture Before Disassembling

There are big and bulky furniture that you cannot carry in the same size and hence they need to be disassembled. Before you try your hand in disassembling them you should first learn how to assemble the furniture, then only it will help.

Label Boxes Properly

Labeling is another important rule of DIY packing that you cannot ignore in any case. You should label the boxes properly so that, it may be handled properly at both the ends and the content of the box should reach the destination safe as well.

Pack Fragile Safely

Fragile items should be packed and moved with acute safety. Using multiple layer of packing supplies would ensure that the fragile would reach to the destination safest.

Pack Heavy Items in Small Box

The heavy items should be packed in small boxes. This is necessary because in this way the box could be lifted easily. Putting many heavy things in one large box would make it tough to move the same.

Don’t Over Pack

Don’t just stuff the things in a moving box. Over packing is never a solution. Pack adequately and efficiently.

Keep Packed Stuff at One Place

While you are packing the items of your home, make sure that you place the packed stuff at one place so that the other items may not get disturbed by the same.

Get Insurance for Expensive Items

Moving is a risky process and hence to keep the unwanted risk at a bay you should get a proper moving insurance.

These are few of the efficient DIY packing tips that will help you to have the safest ever DIY packing and moving. Follow the tips and experience safe relocation of goods.

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