The Most Expensive Household Items to Move


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In consideration with the move, one always has to move with proper planning and yes of course a better implementation of the same as well. Moving with the things is always a risk, and it is because the things that have been packed at the source, there is no guarantee that they will reach the new destination safe and secure.

Well, in many past articles, we have mentioned moving is a risk, and it is because of this only. If you are lucky then you might get each and everything in exact same position as it was packed at the source and in case you are not then you might receive the things in two broken pieces at the destination.

Knowing about the possible damages before starting something helps a person to face it efficiently. In this article, here we are going to highlight about the most expensive household items for the move.


Piano is one amongst the complicated things to deal with. While if you are moving then packing and moving of the piano becomes tough, and it is because of the size of the same. Special care is required for the same. For the safest handling, hiring specialized items move is also a service, but this again increases the budget of the move.

Flat Screen TV

A flat screen TV is also something complicated to pack and move. The size of the flat screen TV and the sensitivity of the same, includes it amongst the expensive item to pack and move during the shifting and more than that, specialized moving services is required for the same.

Valuable Paintings and Mirrors

Antique items like paintings and mirrors are also counted as amongst the costliest things to move and pack during relocation. Due to the sensitivity of these items they need extra attention and care and this is a reason, it is tough to handle and expensive too.


Due to the big size of the mattress, it is complicated to handle them during the move and hence they need special attention during shifting. The special attention hence needs extra money and therefore, it turns out to be an expensive process.


Packing and moving of rugs is also a tough task to handle. And, as the complexity level in handling the same increases, this automatically raises the value of moving the same.

So, these are a few of the expensive items to pack and move. To have the safe transit of these items, approaching the best packers and movers in the area is required; who would give the safest experience of shifting.

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