Four Easy Ways to Downsize Your Home while Moving


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One of the critical decisions of life is to downsize when you are moving. Moving is complicated and adding more items to relocate to the new place. Not everything that you possess needs to be carried to the new destination.

Downsizing is important because in this way you can get rid of the unwanted goods. What is the use of carrying that old broken sofa to the new place when you know you are not going to add it to furnishing? Unwanted items create hassle and it is a financial loss as well.

It is better to leave the unwanted goods then and there. But, the biggest question is that how to do that. If you are moving to a small space as compared to the old one then downsizing becomes an obligation.

It then becomes a tough decision as which item to carry and which one to be left behind. If you are planning for a move then you should take this decision wisely. Before downsizing there are few questions that you need to ask yourself. I am going to mention them here.

Question to Ask Yourself before Downsizing

Q. Do I Really Need These Items?

The first question that you should ask to yourself before putting the item for packing, is do you really need them. Many times it happens that we unnecessarily keep things at home just because we are attached with them. But, moving is the time when you need to throw the unwanted things. Analyze if you really need them at the new place and then pack.

Q. Is The Item Valuable?

You should analyze the value of item. For instance, if you are moving an old sofa to the new place which is damaged, then you are sheer wasting your money on this. Only the items that are valuable and would be used at the new place should be carried. Else leave it there only. You can also earn some money out of it, if you will sell the items there only.

Q. How Much Would It Cost Me to Transport This?

Now this is a very crucial question which you are supposed to ask yourself. Transportation cost is high especially if you are moving your things to a long distance. For instance, if you are planning for car transportation to a new country then you need to shed more pennies for the same. If the transportation cost is higher or somewhat equal to the money of vehicle then it would be better for you to leave it there and get a new one at the new place.

Q. What Is the Value of the Item at Next Place?

This is a tricky thing. You need to analyze the value of the item that you are carrying. For instance, if you are moving somewhere where electronic items is costly then it would be better for you to carry it along with you.

4 Tips to Downsize

Here we go with the tips that will help you to downsize your home while moving.

1. Put All Items Together

If you want to know which item you don’t want to carry then you need to put them altogether. Once the things would be in front of you then only you can value the items and come to a conclusion which one are required. You need to make harsh decision that time. So, don’t hesitate to do that.

2. Make a List

Make a list of the items that you want to carry or that you would be carrying at the new place. You should make a list as per the space at new place. Once you are there with the list of items you can strike off the unnecessary ones. This is how you can make downsizing easy.

3. Organize Your Time

Downsizing is a decision that takes time. You need to decide on each and every item. So, if you want to do it without any pressure, you should organize your time accordingly. With adequate time in hand, you can organize your things well and can make a decision which item should not be packed.

4. Leave Large Furniture Behind

Carrying large furniture is a mess. It would be better for you to leave the large furniture items behind. This will lower your stress, and you could save time, energy and money as well.

The Bottom Line

Nothing is easy in moving. If you don’t want to face the complications of shifting, then it would be better for you to make a plan and move according to that. Downsizing is one of the important steps of relocation. You are supposed to manage each and everything accordingly.

A tough decision needs to be made for the process. You should analyze for the things as which are valuable and which can be carried. If you have a clear idea, then only you can proceed with the safest kind of relocation. Carrying the things that you are not going to use at the new place is never a good decision.

If you want to move hassle-free, then only go with the things that you are going to include in the furnishing of the new home. Everything would be managed well and successfully if you carry fewer items. The fewer the items, the lower your stress would be. You can call the professionals for assistance.

Having packers and movers by your side for shifting the things can also help you in making right decision. Because through them, you would know about the cost of transportation of a particular item, and accordingly you can decide which one is to be removed from the list.

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